Harvey Keitel – steel in his backbone



Harvey Keitel, another Martin Scorsese favourite, will star in the upcoming mob epic The Irishman along with Robert de Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

Keitel born 13 May 1939 New York is still going strong at 80 with an illustrious career behind him including Tarantino hits and is aiming for a starring role in the Maltese film Just Noise due to start shooting in October.

He has some chart with a maverick Sun Uranus in Taurus in an Earth Grand Trine to Neptune in Virgo trine Mars in Capricorn; and a megaton T Square of a do-or-die determined Mars opposition Pluto square Mercury, Saturn, Venus in Aries. He learnt self-reliance growing up in Brighton Beach with Romanian-Polish immigrant parents, joined the marines at 16 and was a court reporter for several years before switching to acting.

He’s well suited to violent movies with his Mars picking up Pluto and Uranus and Sun in his chart; and a focal point Saturn gives him a hard-edge. Though he’s got some tough times coming up with tr Pluto moving round that T Square till 2024.

Pic: Georges Biard


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