Putin – turning up the heat in threats – security adviser Patrushev uncertain ahead

Duma, Moscow

Putin is ramping up the rhetoric on Ukraine, daring the USA and its allies to try to defeat Russia. He has increasingly cast the war as a battle between Russia and the USA, triggered by  the humiliation of Russia since the 1991 fall of the USSR, and the enlargement of NATO. The reason for the recall of the lower house of the Russian parliament this Friday during the vacation isn’t clear but could be a hint that Putin intends to boost his efforts. The Russian parliament has already pledged to help two Russian-backed self-declared breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine to develop their legal system.

  This may not be hugely significant but the Jupiter in Scorpio on Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05 am, is at 18 degrees and thus in line for the Uranus, North Node, Mars in Taurus opposition on 1st August – and Uranus will oppose the Term Jupiter till mid October. That chart has a Sun opposition Jupiter which will bring luck but also arrogance, over-confidence and a tendency to go too far. Tr Pluto is also moving to conjunct the Term Mars exactly from August 4 to December 10 for the final time which can be ruthless though also trapped, frustrated and enraged – and since the Mars is tied into a square to Uranus it could also potentially be destabilising. Tr Puto will square the Term Uranus exactly in 2023/24 which will be a precarious time for Putin.

 Zelensky’s Leo Moon on a 2pm 25 January 1978 birth time is in the final minutes of 17 degrees and could be 18 and squares Uranus – so it is also being rattled up by tr Uranus now and more so across early August and on.

  The Russia 8 December 1991 relationship chart with the USA has Neptune at this super-sensitive degree catch the tr Uranus Mars North Node opposition in early August – and indeed tr Uranus opposes the composite Neptune now till made October. With undermining Neptune transits as well.

   The USA/Russia 1917 relationship chart is aggravated and blocked with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars throughout this month till early August, and again late year and on and off till late 2023. Nothing easing up anytime soon.

  Putin looks likely to blow himself up with his Ukrainian land-grab in the longer term but it may not be over for months or even another year yet, leaving the poor (and very stalwart) Ukrainians having to suffer more destruction. See previous post 30 May 2022.  

ADD ON: Nikolai Patrushev, Putin’s close ally from his KGB days and his Security Adviser, a possible successor, has been stepping up his vocal support for the Ukraine invasion. He’s also in line for the August 1st fireworks display since the tr Uranus, Mars, North Node in Taurus will square his Pluto exactly. Born 11 July 1951, no birth time, he’s an excitable, short-fused, none-too-realistic Sun, Uranus, Mars in Cancer square Neptune and Jupiter. His Sun square Neptune is moving by Solar Arc to hard aspect his Saturn within months and extending through 2023 into 2024 = panicky, uncertain, pressured, blocked, having to face reality.

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  1. This month’s AA journal has a good article by Sue Kientz making the case for Putin’s birthday on 7th October 1950. It is very hard to know which date is correct. It does strike me as surprising that the time of Putin’s birthday was recorded for the 1952 birth, but there does not appear to be a time for the 1950 one (though in her article Kientz chooses to show the 1950 chart as if it had the same birthtime). Were birthtimes routinely recorded in Leningrad in 1952? I don’t know. In any case, Putin would be quite up for fixing the records to suit his own requirements.
    At the same time, even if the 1950 date is the correct one, what seems to be true is that Putin wants people to think that the 1952 date is the correct one. So you could say that it is the manufactured chart of the Putin-image. If so, you would expect transits, solar arcs, solar returns etc to indicate what was happening to the Putin-image. So for example, the 1952 chart has a Scorpio ascendant with Venus rising, a stellium in Libra in the 12th and Pluto on the MC. In fact, his chart in many ways is the chart of a very successful person (in the world’s terms) which of course, in an awful way, he has been. Uranus is going to transit over his Putin-image Jupiter, as others have written, and in due course will square the MC and Pluto, going back and forth from May 2023 for about a year. Whatever else that may do to him, I don’t think it will be good for the standing of Putin-image, and if it is like most Uranus transits, Putin won’t see it coming at all. It will be something that he had never predicted, and it will take his image by surprise. I don’t think he will be happy about it.
    So we shall have to see by watching the transits etc which chart reacts best to the movements of the planets. I suspect, astrology being what it is, that actually both charts will react! It is surprising how accurate even a wrong chart can sometimes be.

    • It does seem plausible with ruthless Mars midpoint aspects and certain similiarities to the 1952 chart. But you can argue these things round and round. At least the Term charts are known and they work remarkably well.

  2. If we can now trust Putin’s date of birth (thanks Sarah), then this is very interesting:

    “Jupiter in Scorpio on Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05 am, is at 18 degrees and thus in line for the Uranus, North Node, Mars in Taurus opposition on 1st August”

    Putin’s natal Jupiter 19 Taurus. Nodes 18 Aquarius/Leo. Uranus 18 Cancer. Pluto/BML 22 and 21 Leo.

  3. Probably this will grind on until March next year when Tr Pluto squares Levenskys Chiron, also with Tr Neptune applying square to natal Jupiter, Tr Uranus opp natal Uranus and also inconjunct his natal Pluto, although Tr Saturn is sextile his natal Chiron too.

    At the same time, Tr Jupiter will be opposite his natal Pluto, also trine his natal Neptune. But Mars will be going through his first house, anaretic when Pluto enters Aqua after being conjunct his first house Natal Jupiter in Gemini

    Which suggests a culmination of effort resulting in victory or a last ditch stand in light of momentous events which may be out of his control.

  4. Hi Marjorie

    Is Taurus intercepted in 10th House of Putin’s 4th Term chart? Would the Mars/Uranus/Node aspect play out differently in that case?


  5. Thanks Marjorie. Like much else in world news, this is so vitally important – has anyone told the current government and media?!

    I’ve been curious about this Mars Uranus Nodes for a while, and there’s Uranus/Nodes on it’s own too. I noticed that around 17-18 Scorpio seems to crop up in a number of charts for Russia, and for relevant countries too. So, for example, there’s Lithuania 1990, Estonia 1991, Slovenia, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgystan, Georgia – all with Pluto there. Poland 1918 has Sun at 18 Scorpio, while 1989 has the ascendant there.

    The November 16 Taurus eclipse (SS 6 South) is, according to Bernadette Brady, “about being forceful and taking power. It has a manic flavour about it, with great force or strength manifesting in the relationship area.”

    Incidentally, I noticed the new biography of Putin confirms his Libran birthdate, annoyingly I think I tossed the magazine with it in (Sunday Times). Anyway, makes that natal chart potentially more reliable.

    • Jane was the article from Philip Short’s biography an extract of which was in The Sunday Times 25th June 2022? It begins with the sentence below if that’s any help.

      “Vladimir Putin was born on Tuesday, October 7, 1952, at the Snegiryov hospital, close to his parents’ home in Leningrad’s Dzerzhinsky district”.

      • Sarah – that’s the one! Thanks so much! Sometimes I recycle things too quickly. I remember Marjorie saying something like ‘the chart seems to work’, as there’s been quite a bit of debate about his DoB. Biog appears meticulously researched, so hope we can now trust this date.

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