Princess Charlene – rebellious royal going boho + Princess Caroline

Princess Charlene of Monaco, an icon of cool sophistication, has taken the extraordinary step of having a punk half-head-shaved buzz cut. It’s been put down to a new found independence and wish to please herself. Which may well be a precursor to her upping sticks and leaving what has been an unhappy stint in Monaco since she wed Prince Albert in tears in 2011. Twins followed in 2014 in what was rumoured to be part of the marriage contract after she was reportedly persuaded back, having bolted with pre-wedding nerves.

   Born 25 January 1978 12.35 pm Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, she’s a charming Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo with an ‘unconventional’ Uranus in her relationship 7th house. She’s also got a Leo Moon and Saturn in her 4th house of home and family so she will crave a settled domestic life though it will always require effort.

  What is on cue is tr Uranus moving across her Taurus Ascendant now which is the start of a rebellious, defiant few years both in terms of appearance and also behaviour when she’ll go her own way no matter what the reaction. And, of course, the tr Saturn Jupiter move into Aquarius and crossing her Sun Venus will also be prompting thoughts of a new start. Tr Uranus is also square her Midheaven at the moment elbowing her to consider a radical change of direction. 

Through 2021 tr Uranus will oppose her Sun/Moon midpoint (= the marriage significator) with tr Saturn in square. This will put an additional strain on her marriage – with disruptions, a strong sense of separation and facing up to a few realities. But if she is going to go, and her predecessor Princess Grace stayed despite her unhappiness, it’ll be 2022 when tr Uranus square tr Saturn elbows her Moon. 2022 is also the year of her mid life crisis with tr Uranus opposing her 7th house Uranus, so she’ll be seriously reconsidering her life options.

  The marriage always was going to be a grind with a composite unfair-treatment, one-sided composite Mars Saturn trine the Sun Mercury in the relationship chart – she had to give away a good deal of herself in return for a gilded cage. His controlling Pluto falls in her 4th conjunct her Saturn and his wayward Uranus is opposition her Sun Venus; with his intimacy-blocking Saturn in her 8th.  Not ideal.

The marriage chart for 1 July 2011 had a Cancer New Moon opposition a controlling Pluto square a deprived. unyielding Saturn opposition an unsettled Uranus – not a good omen for what followed.

  The relationship chart indicates 2022/23 are the low point with tr Pluto squaring the Saturn Mars for three years and tr Saturn conjunct the composite Sun – and that will be beyond tough going.

  2022 is when Prince Albert’s Sun/Moon midpoint will be under severe strain. This coming year sees the undermining tr Neptune conjunct his Pisces Sun, with his Venus in Aquarius being severely shaken up as well, not boding well for his love life. He’ll be tripping over one disaster after another from mid year and it only gets worse in 2022/23 with a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune; a confusing, uncertain tr Neptune square his 7th house Saturn; as well as a frustrating, enraging, trapped tr Pluto conjunct his financial and emotional 8th house Mars.

   Princess Diana had tr Uranus crossing her Sagittarius Ascendant from 1986 onwards, two years after Harry’s birth, as she floated away from Prince Charles, though their split only came in the early 1990s.

Add ON: Reports suggests there is not a sympathetic connection with Princess Caroline of Monaco, Prince Albert’s older sister.  Born 23 January 1957 9.27am Monaco, she has a 12th house Sun in Aquarius opposition Uranus – and that falls exactly on top of Charlene’s Sun Venus in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo, so it will be a scratchy, uncompromising interface.

   Caroline’s Pluto is conjunct Charlene’s 4th house Saturn so sister-in-the-law will be experienced as controlling and restrictive. Caroline’s Saturn is conjunct Charlene’s 8th house Neptune which again inhibits warmth and a deep connection. In turn Charlene’s elusive Neptune is conjunct Caroline’s Midheaven, making for confusion, and perhaps a hint that Charlene’s starry aura does not sit well with Caroline.

   Their relationship chart has a chilly composite Venus square Saturn; and a disruptive composite Moon Uranus Pluto. It’s a relationship that will undergo many upheavals – starting this year and running on for the next several.   

15 thoughts on “Princess Charlene – rebellious royal going boho + Princess Caroline

  1. She never looks very happy, does she? Interesting about the Uranus transit, I have that going on right now, crossing my ascendant and opposing Venus/Uranus. I haven’t shaved my head yet, although I was rather tempted during lockdown. Trust me to have this transit when a bad haircut would’ve gone largely unnoticed 🙂 So far for me not as bad as the square, but then I never sold my soul…..although as you can imagine, I was inundated with offers from princes and billionaires but my freedom was too valuable 😉

  2. Plus there are cameras everywhere in Monaco. Everyone is under observation 24/7. A cold, strange, rather spooky place (yes, I’ve been there). One senses that lots of secrets lurk beneath the extraordinary surface glamour. What’s that old saying about Monaco…..”A sunny place for shady people.” Indeed. Imagine Charlene knows where all the bodies are buried, so to speak. Would not want to be in her Jimmy Choo shoes. Kind of scary, knowing all that she knows.

    • Charlene had to have known what she was getting into. She lived in Monaco for years prior to her marriage to Albert. Undergoing cosmetic surgery, her conversion to Catholicism. As for the sister-in-law Caroline one can’t help thinking she’d pretty much like to elbow Charlene completely out of the picture.

  3. I’m reminded that Amal Clooney is born a few days after Princess Charlene. The Clooneys have a similar age gap and have twins too. Complete speculation but wonder if they were natural conception or IVF which would fit with a Saturn in Leo placement. Will be interesting to see what happens with Uranus and Saturn affecting both the Clooneys chart in the next year or two.

  4. During my Uranus opposition, age 39, (in Aquarius, opposite Leo)…
    THE one thing I felt compelled to do was shave my head!!
    I never did it, but it was a powerful desire.

    The cutting of one’s hair… and in some cultures.. a WOMAN cutting her hair..
    is a symbol that she is entering a time of deep change… even going against her culture in some way.

    I just never thought I had that great a shape of head!!

    • I’ll add to that…
      Instead, it seems, that powerful transit Uranus woke up my 8th house Uranus by manifesting as a spectacular car accident… 100 km/hr hitting black ice and flipping the car 3 times!!
      I walked away with relatively minor injuries…
      maybe I should have shaved my head to start with!!…

      • Uranus transiting natal NN and Chiron in 8th House Aries (in Dec 2011/Jan 2012): I did shave my head during that winter, and the result amazed me to the point of feeling the subtle and powerful neuroplasticity in sync with an intensive 3-week Buddhist tantra (transformative) retreat…

      • Wow – that’s some story Sandra.

        Was there a consequence from the car accident that you can attribute to Uranus? e.g. being 8th house did it open you up to more intimacy/vulnerability from close relations or even just debt/loans for car or hospital bills.

  5. Transiting Uranus crossed my Ascendant a couple of years and I really can’t pinpoint anything happening due to it. It’s transit through my 12H rid me of every tie I had, so I was hoping uranus would bring something new but … All that said, I was always very expressive / protective of my uniqueness with 10H mars in Aqua/NN – so maybe the transit had nothing left to free me from.

    As for Princess Charlene, good luck to her. I dated a few women born around the time she is. Primarily defined by their Pluto in Libra relationship indecisiveness but also full of Saturn in Leo holding them back. Always found them a struggle to get passed their self-imposed walls – too much logic, not enough heart.

      • As soon as I saw the news, I though: “Isn’t she a Leo Moon?” because I can’t think of a more emotionally significant act for Leo Moon than drastically change their hairdo. Leo Moons tend to hang into their early adulthood haircut. I see this in my “circle” and among celebrities, as well. Queen Elizabet II has had her early 1950’s do all through her life, Julia Roberts might, tops, straighten her mane, Halle Berry always fails when she tries to grow her pixie cut out.

        Another personal anecdote: My husband and I visited Monaco a week before The Royal Wedding on our honeymoon (I remember it was a pain to find a Spring/Summer 2011 wedding date that didn’t look horrible astrologically, Cancer Season was definitely off). I’ve been there a couple of times, and have never like the vibe. It’s not just opulence – I’ve liked many “luxury” locations I’ve visited, and Èze just up the road is one of the places I would like to revisit and stay at longer. But there is a truly bad vibe in that place, excluding Jardin Exclusive, which I learnt was Princess Grace’s favorite place in Principaty. My husband, who has a crazy 8th house, seems to have a thing for “secrets” of Monaco, though. So, we’d just returned home for that honeymoon July 1st, and my Husband insisted watching that Wedding for Monaco views. But even he had to admit it was a strange affair, and felt sorry for the bride.

        • Beyond ghastly place Monaco. Claustrophobic in the extreme. Even the Casino looked shabby the one time I poked a nose in. Even tax savings wouldn’t persuade me to live there.

    • “I dated a few women born around the time she is. Primarily defined by their Pluto in Libra relationship indecisiveness but also full of Saturn in Leo holding them back. Always found them a struggle to get passed their self-imposed walls – too much logic, not enough heart.”

      Or maybe, independently of generational astrology, they just weren’t that much into you? I was born under Saturn in Leo, Pluto in Libra and Neptune in Sagittarius sextile series, so practically all my old school friends, men and women, have this signature, many in stricter sextile even than mine. What’s really striking to me is how many of my school friends got seriously committed early on, and are still together 20-25 years on. Personally, I have “challenging” Moon and Venus, but even with them, I’ve been in a committed relationship for all but 18 months since I was 21. In those 18 months between two long term relationships, I went to a dating spree (this was just when online dating was becoming a thing, and well, I have a strict Venus/Uranus) and yes, may have seemed “indecisive” to some of the guys I turned down, but because they wouldn’t get my culturally conditioned cues (women have also been taught not to be blunt about their wants and needs). When I met my now husband – who is a Saturn in Cancer square Pluto in Libra, tied to several personal planets – there really wasn’t any of this. If anything, it was him taking time to open up and grow into certain things. Luckily, I knew enough astrology by the time we met to give him time.

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