Princess Beatrice – desperately seeking a life



Princess Beatrice is photographed continually at social events but still seems to be struggling to get her life together. Having left her umpteenth job to set up her own start-up company, she is reportedly not making much progress, having been badly affected by the split from long-time boyfriend Dave Clark. And the ongoing argument from her father that she should be given Royal duties isn’t making much headway with Prince Charles either, who feels a slimmed down monarchy is more suited to the modern day.

She really needs a partner with a 7th house Sun Mercury in Leo; and children with Moon Venus in Cancer in the 5th, but domestic bliss seems a while away. She’s in the middle of her Saturn Return this year so might well get her career knocked into shape hereafter. Though her Solar Arc MC conjunct her Neptune in 2018 doesn’t look too sprauncy; nor indeed does Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her MC. And 2019 looks log-jammed with Solar Arc Mars opposition Pluto. So a sticky time ahead.

Her Secondary Progressed Moon moves into her 7th from late 2018 till early 2022, which is often a time people settle down to marriage. In 2019 her Sec Prog Moon will conjunct her Sun which might well be a possibility. And her Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct her 5th house Venus and then Moon in 2018 and 2021 respectively, which should be good for romance and children. But it still looks hugely challenging and pressured around that time.

Prince Charles’s relationship with his brother Andrew looks troubled in 2018/19/20 so that may have something to do with her angst.

There is also from photographs some froideur between Beatrice and the ever-immaculate, slim-line Duchess of Cambridge, who gets centre-stage attention. Their relationship chart is dire with an intense composite power-struggling Sun Pluto conjunction; and a Mars Neptune opposition Moon which will certainly leave one bruised ego and an irritable interface. That link will worsen considerably also in 2018/19/20.

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