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Brigitte Macron, the most likely next First Lady of France (though polls are drawing closer and much hinges on the turnout), was born 13 April 1953 3pm Amiens, France (Astro com BC). She hitched up with her husband Emmanuel when she was 39, then a married mother of three, and he was 16, which is a staggering age gap at that stage, after he appeared in a school play she was producing. His parents understandably took it badly and sent him away to school elsewhere, but the relationship continued. She divorced her husband ten years later and married Emmanuel in 2007.

She has an 8th house Sun, Venus Moon in Aries opposition Saturn Neptune, trine a 12th house Pluto – so undoubtedly a powerful and charismatic personality. She also has an exuberant and determined Mars Jupiter in Taurus with Jupiter conjunct her MC.

He has Sun Venus Mercury and Neptune in Sagittarius which falls in her 4th; and her Aries planets and Mars Jupiter fall in his 3rd so there is undoubtedly a strong domestic and intellectual connection.

Their relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus MC conjunction square Neptune, so it would be loving, ethereal, idealistic but also prone to disappointment along the way. Neptunian relationships are tricky to hold at that head-in-the-clouds stage. A midheaven Sun would certainly put the focus on career, ambition and outside appearances. There’s also a harsh composite Saturn square Mars, and an unsettled Uranus Pluto in the 4th so it won’t all have been sunshine and roses.

She looks stressed over the next three years with enormous pressures bearing down on her as tr Uranus opposes her Saturn into early 2018; and then in 2019/20 tr Pluto squares her Venus, Neptune and then Sun. It will set up considerable challenges in her relationship and possibly on her popularity with her Sun/Moon midpoint catching the tr Pluto square through 2018/19. But she’ll be back on confident top form by 2020 as tr Pluto is trine her Jupiter and following that her Midheaven.

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  1. Anything goes, I guess, with sexual mores in French politics. There’s not only the huge age difference — with Macron a teenager when they began — but also the facts that she was married with three children, and he had recently become a Catholic by choice. According to Wikipedia, at age twelve Macron — raised in a non-religious family — was baptized a Roman Catholic at his own request.
    See extensive story on Macron:
    Site owner Michael Krieger summarizes: “The bottom line is Macron is a total fake. Indeed, he’s almost embarrassingly phony, but will it matter? My feeling is that he will probably win the May 7th runoff, but I don’t think the spread will be anywhere near as wide as everyone is predicting. I continue to think that it won’t be France, but more likely Italy, which will put the final nail in the EU coffin.”

  2. That 3rd house was definitely illuminated when they met and still resonating today. From The Telegraph – The story has been told by Macron himself: “It was at secondary school, through drama, that I met Brigitte. It was surreptitiously that things happened and that I fell in love. Through an intellectual bond, which day after day became ever closer. Then emerged a lasting passion. As often happens with romantic couples, it all started with words. “Every Friday, for several months, we spent several hours working on a play together,” Macron writes. “Once the play was written, we decided to produce it together. We chatted about everything. The writing became an excuse. I felt that we had always known each other.”

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