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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    Sally Yates, former acting Attorney General recently fired by Donald Trump, on Monday May 8 will be testifying at the US Senate regarding former National Security Advisor Lt General Michael Flynn (also fired). Some think this will be devastating to Trump and/or Flynn, others not so much. Any thoughts or astrological insights into this day and its players?

    Thank you!

  2. Hello Marjorie

    It’s the ten year anniversary since Madeline McCann went missing. Is there any interesting astrology on the case?

  3. Good evening Marjorie,
    I see that the Empire State Building is 86 today, opened on May 1 1931, sorry have no time!
    Would you have any thoughts?
    Thank you if you do.

  4. Sorry, Marjorie, yet Another request. Just read that Tony Blair ‘is going to get his hands dirty’ over this election. As if his hands weren’t dirty enough. Does it look possible that he could weasle his way back into UK politics again?

  5. Hi Marjorie, Please would you look at Anthony Joshua. After his stunning win on Saturday night, it turns out he’s articulate and charming too. Very down to earth. He seems the soul of reason, yet typically for a boxer, he stumbled into the sport after a troubled youth. A massively successful future is now predicted for him. As he seems to be always the learner, it may well be achievable. In any event the fight on Saturday was thrilling. Real life Rocky stuff! Thanks.

  6. As a change from crummy politics just been to David Hockney exhibition in London. Do you mind taking a look at his chart …he is an amazing artist who changes and develops all the time. Thanks if you can, Marjorie!

  7. Greetings Marjorie.
    Arab separatism in Ahvaz Khuzestan (iran) seeks to establish an independent state, from what they define as “Iranian occupation”.
    Khuzestan was an emirate known as “Arabistan” before 1924. It was occupied by Iranian Reza Shah in july 1925.
    Ahvaz unrest, protests, riots in April 2005, 2011.

    Will Khuzestan be independent someday?

    • John, I can’t find any sensible dates either in 1924/25, or in 1936 – if you can find them I’m happy to look.

  8. Trump recently said he thought being president would be easier, and that he misses his old life. Do you think he has any regrets, is he really not liking being president?

    • As a businessman and President, he wields power to influence and control. The spotlight remains…but he is finding that being President isn’t as easy as getting away with, “You’re fired!” He’s achieved his pinnacle…but like some of the Apollo astronauts said, where do you go once you’ve successfully landed on the moon? Sell encyclopedias?

      • And unfortunately for him and us he is stuck on the Moon for a while, though his Mar-a-Lago business is raking it in which must be some consolation. Tr Saturn on his Sun and Moon this year will make it harder work and more restricted; and I’ll be interested to see what he does with his Progressed Moon going into his 12th house from June onwards for two years. That’s an inward looking time, which is hardly his forte and often discouraging as realities, psychological and other, have to be faced and certain plans let go. It’s a clearing out phase not a building up. He is not a team player which you really have to be as president, building alliances at times with the opposition, and learning how to finesse the unwieldy machine that is Washington. His hash and crash approach is running into a wall of realpolitik, which will get him down more and more. Plus he needs to be loved – and there’s not a lot coming his way.

        • How on earth does a narcissist cotemplate and reflect on their behaviour in order to move forward and evolve into the next stage of their life? I’ll certainly be interested as well to see when his Progressed Moon manifests during the summer. Should we get the deck chairs out and popcorn ready? 😀

        • Trump is now “lamenting” the archaic rules of Congress. Will he next lament the archaic wording of the Constitution?

          This guy never lets up.

          • Indeed he is. Wants to change the libel law which means tinkering with the First Amendment to kaibosh the ‘fake media’ like CNN, W Post and New Y Times.

  9. All the polls are showing a landslide for Theresa May at the moment. Wondered if there were any indicators coming up for or against this.

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