Sebastian Gorka – another Trump appointment looking precarious



Failure of security clearance will likely see Sebastian Gorka moved from his position in the White House, where he has been serving as a deputy assistant to the President and counter-terrorism adviser to the National Security Council.

Gorka, born 22 Oct 1970 in London to Hungarian parents, now a naturalised American, has raised controversy with his questionable academic credentials, vehement anti-Islamic views and connections to a far-right, anti-semitic Hungarian organisation – he denies the last of these and, if true, the failure to admit membership of said party could have seen him refused US citizenship. He is a former editor of Breitbart and friend of Stephen Bannon.

His relationship chart with Trump is sagging badly at the same time as the Bannon/Trump chart, both afflicted by tr Neptune opposing the composite Mars in the case of Gorka, and the composite Sun Saturn with Bannon, picking up from mid May (ie. in two weeks’ time) and running on and off till late 2018.

Gorka is a Sun Libra with Saturn in Taurus opposition Venus Neptune in Scorpio trine/sextile Pluto; with Pluto conjunct Mars. So fuelled by anger and frustration as well as paranoia from Saturn Neptune and fairly obsessive in his ideology.

The key question is how much trouble will the populist/nationalist base, who supported Trump to victory, will make as their favourites are either ousted or pushed onto the sidelines?

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