Prince William – provoked by the Algol Lunar Eclipse

Amol Rajan: The Princes and the Press.
BBC Part Two November 29.

Cancerian Prince William took the full brunt of the recent Taurus Algol Lunar Eclipse sitting on top of his Venus in Taurus. He has gone to war on the BBC, fully supported by the other senior Royals, to object to Amol Rajan’s two part documentary on The Princes and the Press. Part One last week gave air time to the Sussexes’ lawyer and hagiographer Omar Scobie but did not give equal access to the other side of the story. As a result Prince William and Kate took their live carol concert away from the BBC and gave it to ITV instead.

  An Eclipse on Venus is emotionally upsetting and can accompany a painful crisis. He’ll get a rerun from next May with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse doing similar. Royal feelings are still raw after the recent Martin Bashir climbdown over the Diana Panorama interview.

   Amol Rajan, the BBC’s ubiquitous new hot talent, a Republican by inclination from past twitter form, was born 4 July 1983 and is a resourceful and excitable Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer with a tough-minded and persevering Saturn Pluto in Libra and an adventurous, lucky Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius.

  He was always going to have a provocative not to say incendiary effect on William.  Rajan’s Mars in conjunct Will’s Cancer Sun Moon and Will’s Mars Saturn are square Rajan’s Sun. Cancer and Mars do tend to work on the simplistic rule of thumb – water makes fire boil.

 Rajan’s Sun is also conjunct Will’s North Node, which latter has an undertone of pride; and Will’s Neptune Ascendant are opposition Rajan’s bull-in-a-china-shop Gemini North Node. That and an interwoven relationship chart with a composite Sun North Node, and the composite Mercury tied into Neptune, Mars, Saturn Pluto suggests a ‘fated’ encounter which might have wider ramifications.

  Will’s relationship with the BBC chart has this December’s Sagittarius Solar Eclipse conjunct the composite Mars which is likely to cause further aggravation.

  The fraternal relationship between William and Harry was always due to have a bust up around now with the combative, argumentative composite Sun square Mars catching the tr Uranus square Sun exactly now, with a further bucket of ice water through December/January with the tr Saturn hard aspects to both the Sun and Mars; and more rifts come April 2022 with tr Uranus opposition the composite Mars.

  Amol Rajan has a raft of uncomfortable, undermining and less than ecstatic transits to midpoints in 2022 with only one stroke of luck, so the fall-out may slow his rapid progress up the BBC ladder. Or not. Since the BBC can be remarkably tin-eared and inclined to dig its heels in hard when criticized, whether justified or not.

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12 thoughts on “Prince William – provoked by the Algol Lunar Eclipse

  1. Jussie Smollett, the actor who orchestrated a fake homophobic attack, was born the same day as Prince William, but much earlier in the day (sun and moon in Gemini). His trial is now. Doesn’t look good for him.

  2. Thanks Marjorie. I watched part two of the documentary last night. A bit hasty and scrappy I thought. It felt as if he’d reached a conclusion before making the programme, and was driving everything towards proving that.

    Mercury/Mars inconjunct Jupiter/Uranus might describe his determination to be controversial, and maybe an uneven path mixing lucky breaks with sudden upheavals or arguments? He certainly seemed to be pointing the viewers in the direction of feeling uncertain or negative about Kate. No mention of all the negative press she received in the past at all.

    Princess Diana’s Venus in Taurus is conjunct William’s Venus. The eclipse resonated with both their charts. In 1994 there was a lunar eclipse at 26 Taurus on November 18th. That was the year of Charles’ tv interview about Camilla (in June).

    • I only caught a fleeting glimpse with a decidedly unappetising male interviewee labouring some anti-Royal point which felt like special pleading, plus the Sussex lawyer. Rajan really had a nerve giving their side the right of reply. But seems like a damp squib from the reviews so I suspect internal pressure was brought to bear to water it down to bland, lest the BBC lose the Royal Xmas message etc etc etc.

      • Yes, the Queen’s Speech is sacred! The BBC have already lost a carol concert with the royals, or something like that. It went to ITV. Also, I was thinking, after all the horrors of the Bashir scandal, they should be treading cautiously anyway.

  3. The trouble with these programmes, is that even if you disapprove of how the RF are treated, will you actually boycott it? I met loads of people who were against H&M doing the Oprah Winfrey interview, yet they watched every programme and read every article to do with it.

    Consumers boycott goods for all sort of reasons. But if you really disagree with the BBC attacking the RF without a fair rebuttal, then you need to switch channels and let the BBC know about it in no uncertain terms. If millions do this then maybe they might think twice about employing Mr Rajan. Though I wouldn’t hold my breath, considering the other nasty characters that they employ.

  4. I dislike Amol Rajan. In fact, dislike would actually be an understatement but I digress. Rajan comes across as an opportunistic tabloid journalist who has a major chip on his shoulder towards the British Royal Family (I’ve never been a fan of Republicanism). I imagine Rajan would be a perfect fit for the likes of The New York Post or The Epoch Times if he were residing here in the States (that’s not a compliment, by the way).

    I read a piece written in The Guardian that Rajan’s upcoming two-part documentary, The Princes and the Press, will likely portray the Royal Family in a disparaging light by divulging juicy (but trivial) gossip and intimate details about their lives. I don’t blame Prince William and other British Royals for vehemently objecting to such a hit piece and shame on BBC for even planning to air that rag.

  5. I think the Beeb will double down on supporting Amol Rajan publicly for this latest round with the Royals, but as he is rumored to be one of the favourites to take over the political editor job from Laura Kuenssberg, maybe the negative transits will ensure someone else gets it. He is a slippery one if the stories are true, when editor for The Independent the late switch from Labour to backing the Tories in 2015 was supposedly instigated to encourage Cameron to get friendly with the papers owner.

    The BBC’s pluto sits on Will’s North Node also widely conjunct his moon, not a breezy combo.

  6. Just noticing that, not only is his Venus conjunct Algol – it’s in a Yod with Sag Nep & Libra Pluto – and opposition to Uranus. All the outers. Difficult to interpret but it’s not a nice set of aspects.

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