Prince Philip – the passing of an era ++ his parents

Prince Philip has died just short of his 100th birthday in June.

  Born 10 June 1921 Corfu, Greece, time maybe 10am, into the Greek and Danish royal families he had a peripatetic childhood with the family exiled when he was an enfant and he was educated in France, Germany and the UK. He served in the British Royal Navy with distinction in World War 11 and married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

  He had an assertive and hyper-active Sun Mars in Gemini with his Sun on the focal point of a scattered Mutable T square to Jupiter Saturn in hard-working Virgo opposition Uranus. His Mercury in Cancer close to Pluto and trine Uranus would give him a tendency to express himself forcefully.  His Venus in indulgent Taurus was square Neptune and widely a Leo Moon.

  It was by no means an easy match with Elizabeth though her Sun conjunct his Venus would help, as did her enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in his 7th (10am being accurate BT) and both shared a flamboyant Leo Moon and Neptune – all of which would help to smooth some rough edges. But the relationship chart with a Mars opposition Saturn flags up the one-sided, self-sacrificing nature of the bond, as he had to give up his family names and career to become he-who-walked-behind. It did undoubtedly cause aggravations and irritability as well as resentment.  There’s also a Yod of Uranus sextile Sun Mercury inconjunct Saturn – which indicates a relationship which would change the lives of both irrevocably. There was on the plus side a passionate composite Venus square Pluto, a morale-boosting Sun opposition Jupiter; and a gloss-over-problems Venus trine Moon Neptune. It’s also notable that the Queen’s chart is extraordinarily Fixed while his is weighted to the more adaptable Mutable. Oddly enough Gunther Sachs study found Taurus and Gemini one of the longer lasting matches which wouldn’t seem intuitive but it clearly works.

  The Wedding chart, 20 November 1947 11am London was also exceedingly fraught with Mars Saturn (Pluto) opposition Moon square Saturn – a simmering volcano of aggravation but also arguably the toughness of the aspects was what gave it the strength to endure – since in those days bolting was not an option.

  At the moment the Queen has tr Saturn exactly on the opposition to her 12 degree Leo Moon with tr Uranus moving to square her Moon from late May.  Prince Edward, who oddly on the astro seems to have been the child closest to him, also looks rattled with tr Uranus square his Aquarius Moon exactly now. Andrew has tr Uranus opposition his 4th house Neptune for a highly-strung reaction; and Anne has tr Saturn just into her 4th house, which rules childhood/father.

  Prince Charles has tr Neptune square his Mars this year, just a few days off the exact, so he will be feeling undermined.

  What is heart-warming is how the Queen and Philip spent more time together recently because of the pandemic – and how their relationship weathered the storms to come together in recent years as a rock-solid partnership.

  The UK chart has tr Saturn square the 8th house (rules death) Mars as the country reflects on the passing of an era.

  Scary to think what might come apart at the seams when the Queen moves on.  

Add ON: His mother Princess Alice, a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria, had a troubled life being congenitally deaf, forced into exile, despatched to a sanatorium after a breakdown when Philip was nine years old and diagnosed as schizophrenic. After she came out she devoted her life to charitable works in Greece, sheltering Jewish refugees in WW11 and setting up an order of nursing nuns. She spent her last two years living in Buckingham Palace. She was born 25 February 1885 4.40pm Windsor, England.

 His father Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece, 2 February 1882, left the family to live with his mistress in Monte Carlo in 1930 and died in 1944, not having seen his wife or son since the outbreak of war.

 Princess Alice had a highly-strung Sun Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter square Pluto with Saturn in Gemini – a highly Mutable chart like her son and indeed Queen Victoria who was a Sun, Moon in Gemini with Saturn Pluto in Pisces square Uranus Neptune in Sagittarius. The Queen’s father George V1 was also weighted towards Mutable with a Sun Mars Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune Pluto in Gemini. Mutable is restless, nervy, scattered, often sharply intelligent because of the Mercurial nature of it. What a mercy the Queen is so Fixed.

  Prince Andrew of Denmark and Greece was a Sun Venus in Aquarius square an impractical, over expansive Jupiter Neptune in Taurus. Like Philip he had Mars in Gemini.

  Philp’s connection with neither was easy. The relationship chart with his father had an aggravated, bitter and undermining Pluto Mars Neptune square Venus. With his mother there was an argumentative Sun Mars and a living-through-times-of-constant-change Uranus opposition Pluto tied into Venus.

  It’s a miracle he stood rock steady for all these years in the one marriage.

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  1. I think he learnt as a boy to hold his feelings in, I read the kids at school, called him, nobodies, which must have been pretty hard. Yet he made a success of his life. I did see him in person, he had a good aura and managed not to say anything offensive that day. He was in his fifties still handsome. I think he was a very good example of a person who overcomes severe obstacles in his life..I also feel very sorry for his mother who I think actually had a breakdown and developed post traumatic stress…but of course Freud never understood women. She put her life on the line to save a Jewish family, I do not believe she ever had schizophrenia. Along with it all, the poor love was deaf and could sign read in at least three languages. I think I read five.

  2. The Danes think that Prince Philip has or had a typically Danish sense of humour or so I’ve read. As for his poor mum having her ovaries x-rayed at the suggestion of Sigmund Freud, I think so much of psychiatry is frightening. The use of LSD and electric shock therapy are cases in point.

    There was a member of my family who because she had a sex life outside of marriage and had a small child was sent to one of these institutions on a court order. The social services took away her child and for her pains was subjected to ECT. She was never the same again and spent the remainder of her life in and out of half-way houses. She died when she was 38.

    Such a thing would never happen today. Or so we think. In the past homosexuals endured horrendous treatment; women were locked up in institutions for daring to have babies out of wedlock. Some of them only released in the 1970s. Mental health treatment has always been dependant on the politically correct norms of the time. I am afraid I am more sceptical of the popularity of the modern concept of normalising the mentally ill because it seems to foster a dependency on people who don’t need it but then lets people out in the community who are dangerous to themselves and to others. There is no easy answer. But nobody should under estimate the problems caused when what is written in medical records or in court records remains there forever.

    • This just reminds me why I never liked the man. He had ZERO people skills. I just don’t understand the almost nostalgic way people are looking at him after his death like he was some cuddly granddaddy. I think it’s more a feeling of mourning something that was present in our lives since the 1940s. His presence for nine decades and no longer being here reminds every one of us of our own mortality and that we will also meet the same fate.

      However, most people don’t really care about his passing. The BBC alone has had the most complaints in its entire history regarding the coverage of his death. People don’t mind a little coverage but it basically hijacked everything on its channels morning, noon, and night. The BBC, ITV, and other channels saw a huge plummet in ratings at Prince Philip’s death as they made their way over to streaming sites to watch something else. I think one channel would have sufficed for all the coverage. Unfortunately, it was shoved down our throats.

      I think this is a hint of things to come for the Royal Family; most of us don’t care, especially if you have lived a deeply privileged life and made it to almost 100. Prince Philip’s death is not shocking, like Diana’s, it was inevitable. The fact he lived so long has probably bored most people of any interest in him hence the shocking numbers who switched off.

      • Well, I wouldn’t call your grandad being murdered, your family having to flee their homeland and live in exile; your mother suddenly taken away because she has mental health problems followed by your sister and all your nieces and nephews being killed in a plane crash when you’re 16 and your guardian and mentor dying of cancer 6 months later privileged…maybe I’m missing something?

        • @Carmel – When you say awful and deeply insensitive words the way he was famously known for, it highlighted the cavernous gap that he was woefully out of touch with people and their situations. Breath-takingly ironic for somebody who went through so much tragedy himself, isn’t it? Tragedy and trauma often either make you more compassionate towards others OR cold and distant. His wealth and public standing would have reinforced the latter that was already there. So yes, privileged is perfectly descriptive for him. Perhaps you are missing something if you don’t get that. Or were you just trying to make me feel sorry for him and excuse his congenital rudeness? It’s awful that anybody would have to go what he went through but once you become cold and feel a primal compulsion to demean others for the sheer fun of it, compassion for his history goes out of the window. He did just fine in life regardless of what he had to endure. I think when the biographies start coming out in the next few years we will get a much more rounded view of who Philip really was than this rose-tinted view of him right now.

          @Jennifer E – Yes, I think I agree with you. I do feel a little sorry for the Queen as it has, I’d imagine, vastly changed her, and having to deal with her own mortality which is probably not too far away. But 4 of the mainstream channels littered with this 24hrs a day is just too much to stomach. Back in the day when Diana died, whom I had a fondness for and was upset and shocked by her death, I had to turn off after it going on non-stop for 2 days. I recall it being covered everywhere for over a week and then again for the funeral. There is an almost voyeuristic element in it all that the media get off on.

          • I just see it differently from you. I met him through outdoor work on a number of occasions. On each of those occasions he was kind, committed and constructive. I can only speak from my experience. I speak as I find. You view it differently and it’s a shame that you think me highlighting some of his early life experiences somehow corrals you into thinking in a particular way. A chart tells many layers of a story and I for one, would like to think anyone can express a respectful point of view here and comfortably share info so we can all learn. We can have different opinions without it becoming a dispute.Marjorie, please feel free to delete/edit if you prefer.
            I won’t be offended.

      • I get the vibe that it was all more out of respect for the Queen and mourning her loss with her. I mean being with someone for 73 years of your life is a big deal. I think that’s what drove the reaction and coverage upon his death more so than actually about him per se. Just a thought.

      • His Mercury conjunct Pluto trine Uranus as well as his Mars in Gemini had a good deal to do with his foot-in-mouthisms.
        I wouldn’t put him on a pedestal but he did have a good many good qualities – and it is THE most impossible life despite the perks, especially for someone at the pinnacle like him.
        A good deal more will come out into the open once the Queen passes on, as is always the case.

  3. Thank you for the add-ons, Marjorie. They sort of explain why he managed to survive in the stultifying atmosphere of the Court, with The Queen and her extraordinarily fixed natal chart. His mutables must have been incredibly flexible to enable him to do so.
    One can only assume that the rigidity of his environment and partner gave him the stability and security he needed after his rackety, distressing childhood. She was, in fact, his ‘rock’. They served each other well.

  4. I’ve no doubt that Prince Philip would be looking down on the earthly domain he
    has left with wry pragmatism, and saying:-“Pull yourself together, there’s still
    work to be done!”

    An era has drawn to a finale.

  5. This was sad news. I received the news alert on my phone shortly after it was reported. I’ve always been an anthropology, geography, and history buff…and British culture and history, in particular, has always fascinated me. I was disappointed that Prince Philip passed on – I was sincerely hoping he would live past age 100. That being said, he did live a rather exciting and fulfilling life. It’s a shame that Queen Elizabeth II is now widowed though; they spent most of their lives together.

    Here’s an interesting side note:

    In Vanuatu, a small island nation in Oceania / South Pacific, there is a fascinating tribal religious cult among some members of the Kastom ethnic group called the “Prince Philip Movement.” The Kastom people in the village of Yaohnanen believe Prince Philip is a divine being or a god.

    I’m not sure how the religious cult came about, but it apparently started sometime in the 1950s or 1960s and it has ties to the tribes’ mythology. Prince Philip is supposedly the personification of a deity connected their story of creation.

    Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II actually visited Vanuatu (when it was still a British colony and called New Hebrides) and the Royal Family even allowed a few portraits of Prince Philip to sent to the villagers over the decades. The villagers have kept all three portraits.

    I first learned of the Yaohnanen villagers and the Prince Philip Movement since the early 2000s when I began studying the different ethnic groups and cultures of Australasia and Oceania. However, I hadn’t kept up with them for years….until now, at least.

    According to an article that was published about a month ago by The New York Post, the Prince Philip Movement is expected to continue – even after his death. The Yaohnanen villagers said they plan to start worshiping Prince Charles after Philip’s death.

    • Apparently their myth already included a story of a god who marries a powerful woman from faraway and leaves. That sounded similar enough to Prince Philip, I guess.

  6. Transit Pluto just over the Queen’s ascendant. I’ve been wondering about this, as it was hugely impactful in my life. I’ve heard it described as “the death of You… you just don’t leave your body!”. Certainly manifested that way for me.

    For her… the death of Prince Philip, but also, as many have said…. the death of an era for sure. She carries this heavy archetypal mantel of The Monarchy and this, too, seems to be about to change profoundly. I so admire her. And him!

    I have always appreciated a democracy with a Monarchy.. mostly.
    It has it’s flaws to be sure, but it can be what holds a certain calm centre of power…(at least the Queen did!!!)… which then allows the parliamentary government to… hopefully.. just govern! So easy for Presidents to try to be Kings!! Ha!…. Pluto in Capricorn still grinding away and blowing up old, traditional structures!!!

    Prince Philip’s and Queen Elizabeth’s conjunct Moons in Leo…. a very powerful connection no matter the other difficulties… and I bet they had fun together.. laughter. I’ve found that humour is quite a good glue in an intimate relationship with difficult planet aspects!!

    And that shared Moon conj Neptune…. a connection of Spirit for sure.
    This, too, can be a strong foundation.

    • On that point about Pluto bringing down traditional structures, would Pluto in Aquarius lead to the demise or undermining of social networks like Facebook and Google?

      • I’m hoping it would indicate tighter regulations over social media that would allow it to become something more positive than the toxic bedrock of misinformation, right-wing propaganda, manipulating politics, and just downright hatred. While the men at the top just gets ever more disgustingly rich. Men who often refuse to intervene in this mass destabilizing effect in case it interferes with the profits coming their way. I mean, it’s hard to get by on just billions a year, isn’t it? The likes of Zuckerberg have to get by and live somehow, even if it is without a conscience and integrity bypass. That’s what I hope Pluto in Aquarius heralds.

  7. Any thoughts on why he was controversial – saying the wrong thing or committing verbal gaffes that could be seen as insensitive or by todays’ norms, racist. Is there something in the chart that shows that? Is it the Gemini influence?

    • @Rodrigo, people with heavy Gemini and Leo tend to be flamboyant verbally. Prince Philip had Gemini Sun conjunct Mars, Leo Ascendant and Moon conjunct Neptune. If the TOB is correct, 12th house Moon/Neptune also may have made him genuenly oblivious on effects his words had on others.

      • I have Leo ascendant and Gemini Venus/Mars with Aries Moon. Cancer Sun/Mercury with all that doesn’t save me from the ‘verbal gaffes’ and saying it like it is or how I see it, many times. No matter how i wish I could button up my lip.

  8. As well as his family’s exile and his mother’s health concerns, his sister was killed in an aircrash with her husband and mother in law, two of her children were also on the flight and she was 8 months pregnant. It’s believed she went into labour during the flight and that the flight was diverted because of this. The baby was stillborn. The only surviving young child was adopted by relatives, but died of meningitis two years later. His mother was born in the Tapestry room at Windsor Palace with Queen Victoria present at her birth. I’m glad he found love – so much to carry and I think looking at this, he was truly remarkable.

  9. A wonderful man; maligned by some but will be sorely missed. The Queen must be bereft and her family devastated. We tend to forget they are family albeit one always under the microscope. A life well lived, a sense of duty and rest in peace

  10. One thing emerging from all the articles I’ve read today is that Prince Philip must have been immensely smarter than people gave him credit for in what I’d think in scientific sense. He seems to have been an actual tech geek, interested in space travel, starting to use computer in the 1980’s and probably hooking Queen to Zoom just months ago. Also, his interest in wildlife wasn’t superficial, he visited Finland at least three times for WWF, and people who showed him around seem to have been astonished by his ability to recognize birds that were not common in the UK – we have many North Eurasian speciea here.

    I think that astrologically, this would be combination of Gemini Sun/Mars (interestingly, I’ve seen Gemini Sun for many Military leaders, too) and Mercury/Pluto in Cancer. .Mercury/Pluto certainly wants to know how things work. I think that in another time, he would have been a natural engineer. But I think this was seen as too “middle classed” line of work for a person born to royalty. So, he cracked another kind of a system.

    • His Moon/Neptune in the 12th is poignant, given his mother’s suffering, incarceration and philanthropy, eventually dedicating her life to her faith. There’s much in that conjunction because amongst his many, many talents he was also a photographer and painter with an interest in the paranormal and ufos. A sort of closet polymath, which is very Leo in the 12th.

      • Yes, his mother was a remarkable woman in many ways, giving birth on a dining room table in Corfu was just the start! I liked the fact that she lived with them when she was old, dressing in her own invented nun’s habit and roaming around the palace looking for people (mostly the servants) to play cards with.

        Philip was very interested in the paranormal, and ufos, as you say. Mercury/Pluto trine Uranus could indicate an unusually free ranging mind I think. I’ve heard he invited a number of paranormal investigators and ufo experts privately to the Palace sometimes, and had an extensive library on those subjects. His uncle, Lord Mountbatten, shared his fascination.

        It is the end of an era indeed. I am not exactly a royalist, but this was a complex individual who had a tough childhood and was far from being a pampered royal prince. His “just get on with it” attitude reflects his generation, and they are all leaving or have left. They are a link to the 19th century through their own family backgrounds and grandparents. It’s a very important moment in public life really, and time for reflection – particularly after the past year or so in our own history.

    • This progressive, technological side to him, forever looking to the future, I also see in the black moon lilith found in Aquarius. (Uranus, as ruler of Aquarius, is part of the very dynamic mutable t-square). He was also seen as a dangerous anti-establishment figure by courtiers when he first appeared on the UK royal scene; he worked single-handedly to overturn stifling Victorian conventions in the royal court. He grew up as a stateless outsider who had no home – a refugee who found his home in the UK which could in part explained by the BML in Aquarius – mirroring issues that are still pertinent in the UK today. One manifestation of the Mercury/ Pluto in Cancer was the death of his favorite sister and her family in an air crash, also there was his mother’s mental health crisis which saw her forcibly abducted from her family and taken to a sanatorium where are her ovaries were unbelievably x-rayed.

      • – Apparently his mother was subjected to high intensity x-rays on her ovaries as a treatment for her mental health crisis. She was congentially deaf which may in part be shown by the Mercury/Pluto in Cancer (sign of the mother) in Philip’s chart.
        The Moon Neptune could also describe his stateless, refugee status as a child – the loss of his home after his family were forced into exile.

  11. He had a good innings. RIP
    Mind boggling though to try to imagine how she will navigate life without him after 73 years. 73 years!! Wow and we complain after 2… and some after months. Amazing

  12. I find it interesting that a person whose life personified public service has died at a time where the concept of public service and sacrifice from those who are supposed to set an example is very clearly on the wane.

  13. Prince Phillip passed away today on also Prince Charles and Camila’s 16th wedding anniversary – thoughts anyone/

    I also wonder what is in the Queen’s chart to signify the loss of her father when she was young and the opposite with her dear husband Prince Phillip

  14. Not a strong royalist at heart, but saddened on behalf of the Queen who must feel this loss deeply. Rest in Peace.

    • Neither am I, but Im grieving for her, and for my country and its sense of continuity and self respect, and for history and Phillips place in it.
      Few if any of us have known a time without him, he was always there with her… a veritable Rock of Ages that was one of the cornerstones that this nation rested on.

  15. From the BBC website,

    “The Duke of Edinburgh will not have a state funeral and there will be no lying-in-state, in line with his wishes, the College of Arms has said.

    The college said Prince Philip will lie at rest in Windsor Castle before a royal ceremonial funeral at St George’s Chapel.

    The public are “regretfully” requested not to attend due to the pandemic.”

    Plenty of archival articles there to be read…

    I find myself strangely tearful and emotional over the event.

  16. It really is an end of an era, an oft abused expression that is entirely apt here.
    There isnt really anything to say in the face of this momentous but not unexpected news. I’m no royalist but that doesnt mean I cant appreciate the decades of service and stability he provided, nor the long long relationships he formed.
    The reaction of some on twitter makes my stomach churn at the cruel disrespect, lack of humanity and incredible ignorance of his career and contribution.

    On an astrological note re Queens Saturn transits, transiting Saturn was exactly in opposition to my moon, when my father died, something that astrological clichés might more likely attribute to the mother passing, based on the moons supposed ‘femininity’.

    • Another thing that strikes me about the Queens Saturn opposition moon, is the beautiful symbology of the Moon in Leo opposed by Saturn in Aquarius, the Ruler and the loyal Subject, one cannot exist without the other.
      And that long enduring friendship and companionship that seems to me one of the finest qualities of Saturn in Aquarius.

  17. RIP Prince Philip ❣️
    Very hard to loose someone who has been there for such a long ,long time. Devastating.Even though you know….
    Hope the Queen will carry on for some time,still❣️

  18. As controversial as he was, I always had a soft spot for Prince Philip for some irrational reasons. I know he was my grandmother’s, who was a couple of months younger, celebrity crush in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. And, after I read about the horrific things his mother went through, I’ve had an enormous empathy for the small boy who was separated from his mother when she was misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. As a Leo Moon, he probably spent much of his life trying to erase that experience sometimes in questionable ways, but he was there for Harry and William when they needed support in a way I think the rest of the family wasn’t capable of being, having always had dominating and seemingly eternal female figures around. He understood that longing.

  19. Hello marjorie
    I heard on the radio that following protocol Prins Philip should be burried 12 days after his death. That would be on the queen s birthday .
    I hope not. What an horrible thought

    • I can imagine it may be a comfort to her. I have a sibling that buried her child on her birthday. We had a terrible ice storm and we lost power for a week in my county, the funeral homes were run on generators. The first available date to have his funeral was on her birthday when power was restored. I asked my sister, she wanted to have his services on her birthday she said yes, I just want it to be over. He was 18 and died from Leukemia. It was a long 2 year battle with the disease.

      I’m sure Philip was sent home to pass away with loved ones by his side. The queen has been through many hardships and challenges his services on her birthday may be a type of solace.

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