Prince Harry – shooting himself in the foot ++ extra thoughts

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – the expected car crash happened. What possessed his ghost writer, publishers, friends (does he still have any?) to advise Prince Harry to publish such an industrial quantity of petty gripes that make him look utterly pathetic. He’ll never live it down and it’ll haunt him for the rest of his days – and that’s just the personal stuff. The Taliban are a different order of stupidity. It reminds me of one of the letters that therapists suggest clients write to their family which is NEVER to be sent. Get it off your chest and keep it to yourself.

  He knows he’s screwed up – his Solar Arc Sun is exactly conjunct his 9th house (publishing/opinionated) natal Pluto grinding him to a complete halt and tr Pluto moves to square both from late March 2023, which will put him through the mill still further and pound him till late 2024.

He does have tr Saturn moving through the lowest point of his low-profile First Quadrant which is often when unresolved psychological issues surface to be sorted out (hopefully) but is a period when staying less visible is advisable. His tr Pluto square his natal Pluto from March this year is also the start of his mid life crisis (38 to 42/3 years old) which is followed by tr Neptune square natal Neptune and then tr Uranus opposition his natal Uranus by 2027. Carl Jung thought that embracing the mid life crisis and going through a painful process of transformation which pulls away the past is what makes the second half of life vibrant and fulfilling. Ducking the challenge leads to stagnation.

  He’s also got multiple other tricky influences – two affecting his future direction are tr Uranus opposition his Midheaven this April for a sharp change of plans; with an indecisive, undermining tr Neptune square his Solar Arc Midheaven from mid next month on and off into 2024. Plus an emotionally upsetting Solar Arc Uranus square his Venus exactly now; and a family disappointment/confusion Solar Arc Moon opposition his Neptune. Plus more family upsets from this June onwards with tr Uranus conjunct his Moon.

  He ought to be down a rabbit hole and stay there to sort out his scattered wits.

Prince William has one confused/disappointed midpoint but on the whole looks upbeat and keen to push on. What is showing is tr Saturn square his focal point 5th house Venus in Taurus for a few days late this month into February. It isn’t necessarily sibling related but it suggests a sadness or separation and however relieved he may be that it has backfired on Harry it will make him grieve for what was once a reasonable connection and be embarrassed for his brother’s screw up.  William is highly emotional with a New Moon in Cancer and reactive with his Mercury trine Mars and opposition Uranus – he is renowned for having a temper as indeed many Royals, including back generations had, including the late Queen’s father George V1.

  What is notable is that Harry’s Pluto is conjunct William’s Jupiter Midheaven – and if ever there was a power-struggling, oneupmanship tussle that’s it. Harry’s grinding and vengeful resentment from Pluto in Scorpio, which CANNOT let go, compels him to damage/destroy William’s success. For all Harry’s early protestations that he never wanted to be king, he really cannot bear that his brother will be.

 J.R. Moehringer, the ghost writer, 7 December 1964, is talented but probably (certainly) a bad fit in the circumstances. He is a Sun Sagittarius square a volcanic and angry Pluto, Mars, Uranus in Virgo so he would not be a calming force through the research/writing, quite the reverse. And he’s also (sigh) one of the Jupiter in Taurus opposition Neptune (and Venus) bunch which falls across Harry’s IC/MC axis = scandals caused by instability – or over hopefulness. That relationship looks fraught exactly now and on for the next three years. 

  Harry’s relationship with Ted Sarandos of Netflix isn’t great ahead (see previous posts in search) and Oprah looks to be backing off big time.

Exhausting and toe-curling to watch.

Add On; There are IT gremlins afoot. I keep trying to post the below as a comment and it disappears!!! So have put in as an add on.

Leading on from a comment by Yanette on the Sibling Rivalry post below:
‘ Harry was drink drug using from @age 16. His book talks about cocaine from age 17, cannabis and magic mushrooms. Long term drink/drug use from adolescence into adulthood can lead to serious mental health issues surfacing in late 20s and 30s. Add to that possible PTSD or similar from Diana’s death and/or his time in the army (I’m not diagnosing, just a guess),and yes it makes sense it first came to a head in the period of his 2nd Afghanistan deployment (@age 28/29) and leaving the army (@31 years old).’

And he’s still using. He merrily – evidently – describes have a good sniff of nitrous oxide/laughing gas provided for birthing mothers when Archie was being born. Acc to the report it emptied the supply. He brushes it off as a joke.

I have friends with kids with drug problems and they head into their forties still not having got their act together. Kids in their late teens and early 20s still have fairly malleable brain structures which drugs can mess up.

Astrologically the two major transition – grow up – phases are the First Saturn Return at 29 and the mid life crisis 38 to 42. I remember my first Saturn Return as fairly traumatic but I got through it and got a grip thereafter.
Harry seems to have ducked both. If his mental trauma did all start to surface in his late twenties to early thirties that was when tr Pluto was crossing his Ascendant – beginning an immensely helpful and insightful phase of many years. But that clearly didn’t work too well for him.
I’d reckon the strong possibility is that it was early and continued drug use that is his key problem. Plus perhaps PTSD on top. Both of them require specific therapeutic intervention, tailored to the problem. Touchy feely or explore your early environment therapy isn’t what is needed.

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  1. There is a nagging feeling inside that at some point in the future that H will have to come back with his tail between his legs with child or children in tow just to get the security he needs, because of his blunders. I would love to be a fly on that wall.

  2. While much of Harry’s interviews are same old whine-fest, one thing that struck was his mention of close links between Camilla and the media. He even went on to call it ‘dangerous’. I remember reading about the closeness between Camilla and Dailymail owner Lord Rothermere and her attending events organised by Dailymail (which were not widely reported by press).
    Here’s an article in The Newsweek “camilla-makes-donation-through-newspaper-sued-meghan-markle-1684837”

    Camilla’s nephew Ben Elloitt, was made Conservative party chairman by Boris Johnson in June 2019. Ben Elloitt was also their fund raiser with some shoddy links to Russians oligarchs and rich Arabs. The Independent reported this “Tory party chairman’s company deletes webpage about Russia ‘elite’ connections”
    The Guardian had this article “Starmer calls on Tories to sack co-chair Ben Elliot over party links to Russiah”

    His access to the highest level in the monarchy was dangerous. Here’s the article in The Times “Tory chairman Ben Elliot ‘peddled access to Prince Charles’ “.

    This nexus between Royals-Media-Ruling political party-Foreign money is vicious. I guess there is a lot more to Harry’s rants than what he is actually revealing. Just my thoughts.

    • I think you have made very great points Anne!! Still feel though he could have done this so differently because this is not it!! So says my gut and the rest ….. Maybe he doesn’t understand how his energies work, and still figuring it out like many of us including me, so as to work with them for the best? Just a thought or two that sprung from reading your post.
      One love!!

  3. While much of Harry’s interviews are same old whine-fest, one thing that struck was his mention of close links between Camilla and the media. He even went on to call it ‘dangerous’. I remember reading about the closeness between Camilla and Dailymail owner Lord Rothermere and her attending events organised by Dailymail (which were not widely reported by press).

    Camilla’s nephew Ben Elloitt, was made Conservative party chairman by Boris Johnson in June 2019. Ben Elloitt was also their fund raiser with some shoddy links to Russians oligarchs and rich Arabs.

    His access to the highest level in the monarchy was dangerous.

    This nexus between Royals-Media-Ruling political party-Foreign money is vicious. I guess there is a lot more to Harry’s rants than what he is actually revealing. Just my thought.

  4. I wonder if Meghan feels it might be time to consider cutting him loose. As a confessed drug user surely his access to the children could be argued to be necessarily limited. Sitting in all of this storm harry is likely to take the option of finding more people to tell him he is right, admitting your own unravelling is a dangerous place psychologically unless yiu are really ready and could result in a major breakdown.

  5. I know there’s stacks of stuff here about this unfortunate, pathetic young man. But as astrologers we know that we have little choice but to play out our ‘karma’. I recalled seeing a quatrain of Nostradamus a long time ago and wondered then if it was to do with Harry and William..surely not, I thought. Plus that odd choice of names echoing the warring kings of 1066 as others here have pointed out. Here’s the translated quatrain…a very uncanny prediction.
    ‘Two royal brothers will fight each other so fiercely
    The war between them will be so deadly
    That each will live in a fortified place
    Quarrelling over kingdom and life itself. ‘ Century 3/98

  6. I saw somewhere that Harry had also taken ayahuasca. This has become very popular with gap year travellers and has had some devastating consequences for some of them ranging from psychosis to death. If there are already mental problems it can exacerbate these. Not a fun drug to be tampered with.

    Marjorie – or any of the astrologers who contribute to this page….is there any end in sight to this whole debacle in the astrology?

  7. Princess Anne was just an old female spare. Now one of the most respected woman in the United Kingdom and other countries. Look and learn Harry.

    • I think a lot of it also has to do with her parents having a stable and steady relationship and more so by seeing a strong mother in the Queen. Harry and William didn’t get that stable foundation which every child craves for irrespective of the privileges and riches in life. William is lucky to have found stability in his steadfast and resilient wife Kate.

      • I’m wondering how this works with Andrew Ann? He was the ‘spare’ at one time and certainly hasn’t become someone to be respected.

  8. The Neptunian issues of drugs and alcohol here may have family roots. Queen Victoria, for example, was a great fan of Vin Mariani (along with many other notables and two Popes). This product, banned in 1914, was a fortified wine made with extracts of coca leaf. It was said to be most uplifting, mainly because of the cocaine.
    Then there’s the Queen’s wild uncle, Prince George, Duke of Kent. My goodness, the media wouldn’t have a clue what to do with him nowadays – bisexual, illegitimate children including, probably, Raine Spencer – Diana’s stepmother, and a serious drug and alcohol addiction. He died in a plane crash aged around 39 I think. Follow on with the Queen Mother, and her lifelong love of a large gin and Dubonnet or three. Obviously, there are others.

    Astrologically, some interesting chords here:

    Queen Victoria, 24 May 1819 – Uranus 23 Sagittarius, conjunct Neptune 27 Sagittarius, square Saturn 28 Pisces and Pluto 27 Pisces, plus Chiron 28 Pisces. Jupiter at 16 Aquarius

    Prince George, Duke of Kent, 20 December 1902 – Sun 28 Sagittarius, Uranus 21 Sagittarius, Pluto 18 Gemini. Jupiter 16 Aquarius

    Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 4th August 1900 – Mars 25 Gemini conjunct Neptune 28 Gemini. Uranus 8 Sagittarius, Pluto 17 Gemini, Jupiter 1 Sagittarius

    Harry – Neptune 28 Sagittarius, Uranus 9 Sagittarius. Sun 22 Virgo, Mars 16 Sagittarius.
    The England Edgar Coronation chart has Jupiter 23 Virgo, square Saturn 27 Gemini.
    England 1066 – the Coronation of William the Conqueror – Uranus 28 Sagittarius, Nodes 20 Virgo/Pisces, Saturn 16 Virgo
    Just the pattern of Uranus in Sagittarius alone is curious, never mind the rest. Anyway, these are just examples of characters I recall from history. No doubt there are other individuals to explore. Uranus in Sagittarius would yearn for freedom I think, but find itself manifesting in a constrained situation. Perhaps the alcohol and drugs offer an escape in these circumstances?

    As for the ‘laughing gas’, it was extremely popular in the late 18th century. Chemist Humphry Davy, 17 December 1778, experimented widely with this gas, and coined the term laughing gas. He proposed serious uses for it during surgery, but many individuals enjoyed using it to get high, including Humphry himself. There are many cartoons of the period showing this popular social activity.
    Humphry Davy – Sun 25 Sagittarius, Uranus 17 Gemini, BML 29 Sagittarius, Jupiter 26 Virgo, Nodes 20 Gemini/Sagittarius…..Sun square Jupiter very pleasing for someone who was famous for experimenting with gases!

    • I remember reading Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas (I think it was anyway), but it was about the Jungian archetype of the Puer Aeternus/Puella Aeternus and its connection in the Zodiac to the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and their emphasis in the birth chart which could give this characteristic. There’s a clinging to and yearning for prolonged youth, they take risks because at the heart of the matter they don’t mind dying, becoming immortalised and thus they avoid maturity, ageing and the responsibility that comes from that. So from there, it’s no surprise that with a planet like Uranus in those signs, there’s a kind of winged youth myth which plays out in the form of literally taking flight. Also the Duke of Kent’s generation were the ‘Gay Young Things’ of the 20s and following WWI had seen their older brothers mown down in their prime, which would have had a generational impact. Cocaine became a popular drug in that era.

      • Thanks VF. Yes, ‘winged youth’…..interesting phrase when in the context of Harry and the Duke of Kent both being pilots. I’d say that in many ways we live in a Puer/Puella Aeternus world at present. Perhaps the two World Wars contributed to this? The marketing-led ‘invention’ of the teenager came after the 2nd WW, before that they were simply called ‘young people’. Many left school at the start of adolescence, and went to work.
        Diana was 20, almost 21, when she had William, and 23 when she had Harry – that seems very young by today’s western society standards.

  9. Prince Harry’s Solar Arc Pluto at 8 Sagittarius is currently conjunct his natal Uranus at 9 Sagittarius and opposing his natal Chiron. All are being hit by the retrograde Mars at 9 Gemini at the moment. Mercury rules Gemini and is currently retrograde All seems to play into this public and very self destructive picking at old wounds.

    Meanwhile Pluto is moving to oppose the House of Windsor natal Mercury at 29 Cancer to form a T Square to Prince Harry’s natal Pluto at 0 Scorpio over the next few months. The House of Windsor natal Saturn at 2 Leo and Neptune at 4 Leo are going to be activated as well once Pluto moves towards its Ingress into Aquarius. Mercury is also going to be retrograde in Taurus at the time if Charles III coronation. The dynasty has now lost three of its best cards in Queen Elizabeth II , Prince Philip and the Queen Mother leaving its hand looking very weak at the moment.

    • William’s MC is at 2 Scorpio (square the House of Windsor Saturn – this would be an interesting chart to see), his natal Jupiter is 0 Scorpio, both will be squared by Pluto in Aquarius in the not too distant future. Looking very briefly at his chart, secondary progressed Jupiter is moving towards an exact conjunction with his MC. Also Neptune in Pisces will square his Ascendant in ’23/’24.

      • Ironically the House of Windsor was a fiction intended to distance the family from its German roots in the First World War. Its foundation also occurred at the time of the Russian Revolution when George V basically “sold out” his cousin and ally Nicholas II and the Romanovs by denying them asylum. They were murdered by the Bolsheviks on 17 July 2018 on the first anniversary of the creation of the new British dynasty.

          • Re. history and karma, is Harold (William’s nickname for Harry) v William, echoing 1066 in some way…? Perhaps there is a chart for the battle of Hastings (14/10/1066)?

            Harry has Mercury (8th house) trine Jupiter Neptune (in the 12th house) which could suggest a grandiose fantasy (or delusion) being played out in the collective consciousness (12th house). It seems like the entire world is participating in watching this psychodrama unfold – even the Taliban felt compelled to release a statement.

            In a similar vein, he has a strong Sagittarius / Scorpio emphasis in his chart which could suggest someone who is seeking a powerful guru / mentor figure in their life. (Charles was similar in that respect). And it could point to someone who is susceptible to brainwashing/ indoctrination. Pluto in the 9th house has a similar feel. The latter may suggest he has made a pact with the devil (book publishers/ writers – 9th house) in releasing this book.

      • I was curious about the House of Windsor chart too and found it on Marjorie’s site just using the search function and ‘House of Windsor’. Worth a look. In addition to Hugh Fowler’s thoughtful comments, I see that transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct the natal retrograde Uranus at 22°49′ Aquarius on January 4th. And transiting Neptune is squaring its natal Mars at 22°44′ Gemini–there’s that mutable degree again. One thing I found interesting about this chart is that progressed Uranus at 19°47′ Aquarius is going stationary direct right now–a long process that started in July 2021 and won’t finish until July 2023 (based on Solar Fire calculations.) So it started soon after Prince Philip died, was in effect when the Queen died, and will be in effect when King Charles is crowned. And then of course all this Harry business. Very interesting! The Sun at 6°56′ Scorpio in the progressed chart is also being undermined by a close square from Neptune within 8′ of arc.

  10. Harry’s Sun is natally square to two mid points:
    mid point Jupiter Uranus: 21 ° Sagitarius
    mid point Uranus Neptune: 19° Sagitarius.

    This means Harry’s Sun squares 4 points natally. Let us feel compassion for him. All what he is going through comes from a distant past.

    It may be time for the monarchy to disappear.

    • How does one make a 1000 constitutional monarchy disappear? The Monarch is the UK’s Head of State. The UK does not have a constitution, so in order to abolish the monarchy they would not only need to write one from scratch but also agree on a new form of government. Given how protracted and painful leaving the EU was (Brexit), I cannot imagine the citizens of UK abolishing the monarchy anytime soon. Especially given that more than 65% of Brits very much prefer their monarchy. It bears mentioning that some of the most progressive countries in the world are monarchies, Sweden, Norway. Netherlands just to name a couple. A republic is not the panacea that everyone thinks it is and I am tired of people flippantly calling for the UK’s monarchy to be abolished.
      PS: I have zero compassion for anyone who has done nothing but inflict pain on those whose only crime was loving him.

      • This was the problem faced by the 17th Century English Commonwealth though they did produce the Instrument of Government in 1653 which was England’s sole written Constitution. Subsequently they decided that the simpler route was just to swap the dynasty when old one was past its sell by date. This is essentially the reason the Hanoverians the forerunners of the Windsor’s got the throne in the first place.

      • The UK does have a constitution. Unlike the US it is not written in one single document, but in multiple documents and laws, which means it isn’t codified. These various documents create the different institution of government and state.

  11. I’m a US citizen. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your postings, Marjorie. I forward them to my friends for a dose of what I call, British Spit Spot. Clean, concise, life is a challenge, get therapy if you need it and get on with it.

    I respected the Queen tremendously and I wish her family well as they work their way through their personal and professional Generational Shift.

  12. Mercury retrograde is really wreaking havoc on this book release. The media has focused on sentences without any context or without the rest of the paragraph to understand why, for example, Harry has chosen to mention the number of “kills’ ‘ in Afghanistan?

    Peter Hunt, former BBC journalist, in a tweet has a screen shot of the page where Harry mentions the number. It maybe unnecessary or risky to mention but when you read it in full, it is unflinching and matter of fact regarding the realities of war and the mental gymnastics required to be a soldier.

    I think the media is quite reckless in it’s reporting of this, going as far as actually getting a quote from the Taliban. I Hadn’t planned on reading the book, but now I will. The media coverage has been quite unhinged.

    This is the link to the Peter Hunt tweet:

    • I don’t think it’s that far off what I read originally. That he was referring to the Taliban as chess pieces to be taken off and the British military had taught him to see them as non-persons. What reading it in full does add is that he arrived in Afghanistan with the intent of killing only Taliban and no civilians. If that doesn’t incite them, I’m not sure what does.

      I agree there are sections of the British Media which twist words or lack context. Harry has openly declared war on them so they’re going to take any opportunity to get back at him. That’s why it was always a mistake on his part to start suing the Daily Mail and so on. But journalism has increasingly become sensationalised and contextless in recent years, they want to sell copies, get clicks online or ratings for advertisers.

      The first story to come out of all this was about Prince William punching Harry. That’s a story in Harry’s favour as he tells it. When we talk about contextlessness, I’m very sceptical about Harry’s version of events. As Linda details below, he is more than capable of giving only one side of events. Without seeing that particular page of the book, I wonder what occurred that incited William to punch him. Was it just frustration or was there more said?

      As for whether it’s reckless to get a quote from the Taliban, I thought it was an important part of journalistic practice to get comment from all parties involved.

      • I believe Harry maintained that William grabbed his collar and broke his necklace, not that he punched him. Harry probably lost his balance – in many ways.

        • On reflection, I think you’re right about grabbing of the collar rather punching. There’s me spreading misinformation!!

          Losing his balance seems a much more realistic explanation.

      • The UK tabloids have become really unhinged, it’s frightening. They want Harry harmed.
        Getting a comment from the Taliban? The TALIBAN?

        • Of course no one should ever wish harm on anyone. But I think this is excessive outrage on his behalf. Actions have consequences. Maybe this will be a wakeup call to Harry that you can’t bare all in a book, including detailed information about military matters that are just not shared for very obvious and sensible reasons, then expect total approval from the world in response. He shared the information. It is, or will will be available to anyone who pays their $14 or gets a free download. It got picked up by the media and was sensationalised. No kidding. Do you think the Taliban would sit there and say – oh! now I get it. He killed 25 of our men, called them chess pieces but now I understand the full context I can see he’s a nice sensitive guy underneath it all so that’s really OK? Next he’ll blame the ghost writer, the editors and the publishers for putting him and his family at risk, then take zero responsibility for his decision to put it out there.

          • I am not outraged on his behalf, I am outraged that the Taliban’s opinion on Harry’s book was sought and sensationalized. The same Taliban terrorising Afghanistan for decades. I don’t expect the Taliban to be reasonable or understand nuances about anything.

      • As much as I roll my eyes at what Harry’s done, I’m not sure it is good journalistic practice to get a comment to tick a box for the sake of “balance”. I think that’s rather lazy journalism, creating a false equivilence and baiting the unhinged. Irresponsible, at best.

  13. Interesting comment on the news feeds today following the admitted drug taking by Harry – he may lose his US Visa owing to (perhaps) not admitting to taking drugs on his application to enter the US which is a requirement for entry – anyone know if this is correct stateside?

    Would this mean he would have his visa removed and lose status to remain in the USA, therefore would be asked to leave the country?

    • Perhaps we will see Harry and Meghan back in Canada again, although they may not get as positive a reception as they did when they first stayed on Vancouver Island for awhile. I was busy looking at an astrocartography map for Harry wondering which parts of the world might provide safe refuge. One of the first things I noticed is that his current residence, Montecito, is within less than one degree of his Eris line, with that dwarf planet known for stirring up trouble and enmity. His Jupiter (protection) is on the IC (residence) through northwest BC, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories so perhaps he could hide out there. But he should definitely avoid central Canada and the US as Pluto is on the ascendant through Saskatchewan and Saturn on the ascendant through Ontario.

      • Ha. Brilliant Laurien. Since the H&M foray into Canada, my brother was commenting that he should get a place like the Duke of Windsor had in Alberta. To rewiild, manage and otherwise stay out of trouble.

        Canada was home to many of the so called remittance men throughout the earlier days, the younger sons of gentry who were at loose ends. It might be time to revive that notion.

        The chap hired by my great grandparents was remarkably ill prepared for life on the prairies, so the family lore goes. My grandmother often recalled comical anecdotes from her childhood experiences.

        • Ha ha, thanks for adding a bit of historical colour to the discussion, PC. Perhaps Harry himself will turn into a remittance man, paid to stay away from home! I can’t see him or Meghan as ranchers but you never know!

      • I also took a look at Meghan’s astrocartrography map and it’s interesting that her Moon-Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunction is on the IC near southern Vancouver Island where they settled briefly before and also runs right through Vancouver. So it makes sense she was attracted to that area and maybe will be again. But her natal Uranus is on the IC right through Ottawa suggesting some problems either living there or with the federal government since this is Canada’s capital. I was reminded her natal Uranus went stationary direct less than an hour before her birth (!) so rebellion against the establishment is a deeply embedded part of her personality. She was also born 4 days after a solar eclipse at 7°51′ Leo so perhaps destined (determined?) to leave her mark. Her Sun at 11°59′ Leo is the final dispositor in her chart which is kind of unusual. So it’s definitely in command. A very interesting chart!

        • Re: Meghan’s trouble with Ottawa. Their RCMP security detail was unpopular with the Canadian public and Ottawa ended it. They gated community at the tip of an island, was arguably one of the safest spots in Canada.

          I prefer your well hidden corner of sparsely populated BC, NWT & YK for them. Out of sight out of mind.

          • I was thinking about the refusal to continue funding the couple’s security detail too, PC. Who knows, perhaps they can find an endangered caribou herd to shepherd in a remote spot. 🙂

  14. I have always thought that William and Kate did a great deal of looking after Harry, and shielded him and us from the repercussions of his worst exploits. At best he suffers from selective amnesia. This was demonstrated when he talked one time about how his father never went on bike rides with him. Yet there are loads of photos at different stages of Harry’s childhood that says otherwise.

    So when he says that his father didn’t hug him when being told of Diana’s death, doesn’t quite ring true. Prince Charles was sitting on the bed next to him. In my opinion, the only reason his father wouldn’t hug him is if Harry pushed him away. However badly Charles treated Diana, he always came across as caring deeply about his children.

  15. I wonder what will happen when Uranus hits his moon in Taurus. The Moon rules his 7th house. Shows not to release a book with mercury retrograde.

  16. In terms of Harry’s safety, I would not be surprised to see a fatwa issued against him with his Sun entering vengeful Scorpio by secondary progression/solar arc direction where it will remain for the next 30 years of his life. It is bad enough that his progressed/directed Sun is currently conjunct his natal Pluto which will be squared on and off between now and December 2024 as Pluto makes multiple ingresses into Aquarius, as Marjorie has pointed out. But I looked ahead and I see that his progressed Sun and Pluto will be exactly conjunct in May 2024 at 2°04’ Scorpio, with transiting Pluto squaring them from 2° Aquarius and in fact stationing retrograde within a couple of minutes a few weeks before the aspect is exact. Using a standard 1.5° orb for progressions involving the Sun, this aspect will be in effect for about a year and half before and after it is exact. So it seems Harry is at the beginning of a period lasting several years that is potentially fraught with danger. (His progressed Moon will also conjunct his natal Pluto and progressed Pluto and Sun over the next couple of years, forming a progressed New Moon in July 2023 further energizing this degree area.) His progressed Saturn will be conjunct his MC in July 2024 at the same time that directed Pluto will be conjunct his natal Uranus and his directed Saturn reaches 22 Sag squaring his natal Sun and triggering the 20°-23° mutable degree area mentioned in some of the comments. Factor in transiting Saturn opposing his Sun within a couple of degrees at this time too and it really does not look good.

    Harry’s character has been well covered on this website but I hope I can add that he and his mom both shared a Disseminating Moon (as do I) and it is typical for one with that Moon phase to want to share information about their life experiences and what they have learned. So perhaps he couldn’t stop himself, although I do wonder how long it will be before he is blaming his publishers and Netflix for making him do it. I also pay attention to planets that station about a week or so before or after birth because they tend to embed themselves in the character. Mercury stationed direct 8.5 days before he was born, Neptune stationed direct 5.7 days before he was born, and Chiron stationed retrograde 1.6 days before he was born, making their impact on him stronger. Seems to fit.

    • Thank you for that Lauren. Have you considered exploring how the new King of Canada coronation/ascension relates to the relevant Canadian charts?


        • Hi PC. The interesting thing about the coronation is that it occurs one day after a lunar eclipse at 14°58′ Scorpio which is within less than one degree of Canada’s 1st house Pluto. At the time of the coronation, transiting Uranus will be opposing Canada’s natal Saturn within less than 1°. Canada’s natal Saturn-Pluto opposition has been rocked over the past year by the transiting Saturn-Uranus square which Marjorie has written an excellent post about on this website (and I’ve written about it on my Canadian mundane astrology site if I can mention that!) The first house Pluto seems to represent Canada’s power base and along with that our constitution which is the basis of the federal government’s powers. The 7th house Saturn which rules our 10th house seems to symbolize (among other things) our committed allies and our head of state which is in another country. Under the Uranus-Saturn opposition we have seen the death of our monarch and a new monarch ascend to the throne, which has stirred up discussion about whether Canada should remain a constitutional monarchy. We’ve seen a rebellion in Quebec over whether MNAs ought to swear allegiance to the monarch. So I think this chart just suggests that under King Charles III’s rule we will see a continuation of these concerns. On the other hand, transiting Venus will be exactly conjunct Canada’s natal Moon on coronation day so I expect we’ll see some sort of celebration here. Transiting Saturn will be conjunct Canada’s Jupiter and exactly opposite Canada’s Mars which may or may not have anything to do with the coronation as that might be expected to trigger military issues–but could indicate the military’s involvement in the coronation. I’ll cover the Canada connection at more length on my site closer to or after the actual event when we have an exact time. Thanks Marjorie for hosting this great discussion about Harry’s book!

  17. Ancient astrology would have harry in a third house profection year which fits nicely with siblings and communications. I read Harrys third house as pisces having the current neptune transit and ruled by jupiter in his chart. Transiting jupiter is now moving in to square his jupiter from his 4th house aries. Perhaps he will start to move out of the woods when he reaches his 5th house profection year at 40. The old video of diana embracing william as harry hung back always sticks in my mind. I know that is just one short edited clip but it was so well publicised. That’s no excuse for his tiresome griping but i have seen that extensively from moon opposition saturn people, however post early 40s it does lessen.

  18. Whatever residual sympathy I had for Harry is gone, even if everything he says is true (I have no reason to believe it isn’t). Sadly, the title ‘Spare’ apparently does say it all. Plenty of people are ‘spares’ in the world, and, while they don’t have the particular type of constraints The Firm imposes, they also don’t have any of its privileges. Some even use it as motivation to outperform their parents’ expectations, with many of the youngest faring best, while the eldest bear Saturn’s burden. (Some even have the worst of both – though I am the eldest, as a female, I’m treated like a ‘spare’ while having all the responsibilities the ‘heir’ is supposed to have).

    If he really wanted to, Harry could have really left the royal family and made a living like the rest of us, and married any woman. But like former King Edward VIII, he wanted to eat his cake and have it too, never truly able to let it go, and believing he is ‘owed’ something.

  19. OT.Saw a documentary about Cary Grant(the most beautiful man ever existed, imo)
    What a childhood,he was happy in the end.
    He tried LSD therapy in the -30th.
    Seems he tried everything.
    It’s hard work,really.
    Well,there is hope for everyone.You have to work hard to get over traumas.What ever it might be.
    No chart of CG,but he must have been a Libra sonehiw with that chin..

  20. It’s baffling to me that this juvenile book and these petty stories of minor slights are what Harry wanted to represent him. This is what thinks makes him look good and will turn public opinion in his favour. He is deluded.

  21. Harry’s biggest problem is his sunk costs are huge. He has hitched his wagon to Meghan and the kids in California, making a break from the establishment and going it alone (as a family).

    His emotional baggage increases with every year he doesn’t deal with it. There comes a point when it becomes just too much to deal with. I don’t think his Taurus moon opposition Saturn Scorpio is capable of dealing with it.

    I actually think he’s done for and will end up being the equivalent of the drunk at the bar complaining and moaning to anyone who will listen.

    • I tend to agree with you GD, unless something more dramatic occurs. I was also thinking about English history’s other embattled William and Harry…..way back in 1066! Curiously, the 1066 Coronation chart for William has Nodes at 20 Virgo/Pisces, and Chiron at 22 Pisces. Harry’s Neptune in Sagittarius is exactly conjunct the 1066 Uranus in Sagittarius, and square its Moon at 29 Pisces. Can’t help but wonder if the boys’ names were thought through at all!

      • Oh, Larry, no! He’s portraying himself as far more “woke” and evolved than a typical American male, though I do know many more American men who are legitimately more aware and evolved than he claims to be. He still seems to have a lot of growing up to do.

  22. It’s all very sad and disturbing. I agree with VF’s comment about untreated PTSD as a strong possibility. The brief clips of interviews with Harry on TV show someone who seems to be under some kind of influence, almost trance like in some moments. That might be medication I suppose. He seems very vulnerable, and nowhere near resolving or healing anything. I agree he is being exploited, indeed, he is exploiting himself in some strange way. I’m also wondering what the security services in both the UK and the USA might have been thinking – the statement about killing Taliban fighters is beyond ill-judged, and does have ongoing implications for the safety of Harry and his wife and children.

    I notice that Moehringer’s Nodes at 22 Sagittarius/Gemini are exactly square Harry’s 22 Virgo Sun. Thanks to Hugh, on the other ‘royal’ post, I see that this t-square aspects royal Jupiter at 23 Virgo in the 973 chart for King Edgar’s coronation, and also the 22 Gemini Mars (verbal fights?) in the chart for the House of Windsor (17 July 1917). I can’t help but think that the recent Mars/Neptune square in Gemini and Pisces has triggered something with deep echoes. Neptune has been transiting those degrees, and is still there now. One interpretation of Mars/Neptune is ‘noisy ghost’, as in poltergeists – but I also think perhaps in angry, ‘noisy’, thoughts and memories.

    In a couple of years Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Gemini follow, plus there’s a Lunar eclipse at 23 Virgo in March 2025. Saturn, with its associations with history, destiny and ‘karma’ will be at 22 Pisces for that eclipse. It belongs to the SS 9 New North series. Bernadette Brady says ‘Accidents, great physical effort, violence or any sudden physical events. this can be experienced positively…..or felt negatively in terms of accidents and so on.’
    The Solar eclipse that month at 9 Aries opposes William’s Mars in Libra. It is in his third house, of siblings. On we go……

    • I too find the synchronisity of the Mars/Neptune square interesting, Jane seeing as it loomed large when the news of the brothers’ falling out first came out. The square will be active over the next few months, plus Mars will activating J.R. Moehringer’s nodal axis as well as his Virgo stellium. There have been rumours (so take with a large-ish pinch of salt!) that J.R. Moehringer wants to dissociate from the book as representative of his skills as a ghost writer due to alleged interference from the Sussexes. I wonder if yet another row is in the brewing.

      • Thanks VF. What do you think about mid March this year? I see the Sun at 25 Pisces, Venus 23 Pisces, Mars 24-5 Gemini, Neptune 25 Pisces. Quite intense generally for public health perhaps. But in this context pushes up against the Edgar Jupiter 23 Virgo square Saturn 27 Gemini. The Battle of Hastings had Uranus 24 Sagittarius, and Nodes 25 Virgo/Pisces. Our monarchy in its present form could be said to date from 1066 – as far as I know there’s descent of some sort for all the royals since William the Conqueror? Wm the C certainly shaped this country in many ways through architecture, church organisation, and the monumental record that is the Domesday Book. Also, he was an outsider in a way, being born illegitimate but then accepted by his royal father. Guillaume le Batard is one of his French names….
        My fascination with all of this annoys me a bit! However, being able to look at patterns in astrology so far back is exciting and enhances knowledge. All our families will have ancient patterns, but we’re unable to trace them back in this way, mostly. As far back as I’ve looked at my own family – 18th century – there are Venus/Pluto aspects, and many individuals with more than one marriage – often bigamous or even tri-gamous. So just on that simple level, I can see an ancestral theme.

        • There’s no reliable natal chart for William the Conqueror, but we do have various versions of the 1066 Coronation. On first glance I notice many more connections with Harry’s astrology than that of William which is interesting. To me that means there’s no doubt that Harry has a part to play in the fate of the Monarchy of our country. But you don’t speak of Normans where I come from! It’s Hereward the Wake country and we Saxons haven’t forgotten what those Normans did to us ;-).

    • Marjorie mentions Harry’s Neptune\Mars midpoint squaring his Sun. This can be very explosive under the influence of drugs. I am not convinced it is PTSD, as it depends on when Harry started taking drugs. If it was very early teens, then this could be his problem. Sadly a friend’s Son started using pot from 13\14 years of age and this has triggered episodes of paranoia and nebulous thoughts since then. He doesn’t appear to grasp his own behavioural pattern. He has struggled with emotions all his adult life. Harry’s Natal Chart has Venus\Saturn midpoint on his Pluto, which will soon start to be triggered when Pluto enters Aquarius, if not in the next few weeks as Pluto moves into orb, it may be an ideal time to enter serious therapy to deal with his emotions and parenting. Marjorie also mentions Harry’s Scorpio Pluto, which is a double whammy energy for Harry, in not being able to let go. Yet Uranus rules Aquarius and has a habit of not conforming to the norm and demanding change. As Pluto enters Aquarius this could manifest in a lightening volcanic reaction. The next couple of months may be quite crucial in how this car crash develops.

      • Wasn’t George, Duke of Kent a drug addict? He was alleged to have had a morphine and cocaine addiction and died in a plane crash at the age of only 39. I see that George, Duke of Kent has a Mars/Neptune square, in fact he has a T-square on Mars in Libra with a Sun/Mercury opposing Neptune. Like Harry he has Uranus in Sagittarius which conjuncts his Sun. I have Mars/Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd and had a sibling who died from alcoholism. I believe Harry likes a drink too.

  23. Beyond SA Sun hitting his Pluto; I’ll repeat what I said on the other thread about his current transits …

    The book was due for general release next week 9th or 10th but some Spanish bookstores began stocking it yesterday and there was a rush by journalists to go grab a copy.

    On Thursday, transiting neptune moved into exact opposition with his Virgo sun at 22deg56 . Confused publication date or a leak. Erosion of his reputation – not least his military one.

    On Friday, transiting Saturn in Aquarius at the same degree/minutes and therefore making a transiting quincunx/inconjunct to his Sun. Bernadette Brady describes a quincunx as “walking onto the stage and stops the play, changes the plot and moves everybody to a new theater … It wants to move you to a new situation whether you are ready for it or not”. Then she happens to specifically say “The Sun-Saturn quincunx is a statement about releasing or letting go of a set of responsibilities; leaving a very structured set of responsibilities”.

    • @GnarlyDude: I’ve also heard quincunxes described as two areas of our lives that are invisible to each other and thus we feel the need to hide or compartmentalize them in some way, shape, or form. As someone who also has sun quincunx Saturn, this was once explained to me as taking on the responsibilities of others while rejecting your own thus creating fears around self-sufficiency, boundaries, responsibility, authority figures, parenthood etc. It also causes feelings of guilt and enslavement which I can personally attest to

      • I’ve read similar Ava. That the person with a quincunx never feels like they can make those two areas of their life work together; so they get compartmentalised.

        I’m not sure how this applies to the transiting quincunx though which is what Harry experienced yesterday.

  24. So far, from the tweets I have seen of the book, it ranges from the banal (being jealous of William getting a bigger room at Balmoral, William having a physical brawl with him, a former Army captain, etc) to the embarrassingly personal-that the public neither needs to nor wants to know-(losing his virginity behind the pub to an older woman, frostbitten and circumcised bits, etc).

    I fully expect the book being given away to thrift stores in a short while. And I don’t expect a huge demand of it there either.

    There is a clip on Carol Vorderman’s twitter feed dated yesterday of the Channel 4 morning TV show with Gyles Brandreth discussing the book and the graphic description of the details made me want to throw up the contents of my stomach. First time that has happened to me and now I understand that expression.

  25. Omg, this is all getting so much more embarrassing than I thought it could be. All families have stuff, and we work it out within but I guess historically the RF have always done it publically? Nothing he is saying is mind-blowing or jaw dropping? Siblings have rivalry and fight all the time but to sensationalise or bend the truth for money, can he really live happily with that? I’m beginning to really feel sorry for the hole he has dug so deeply only to fall in it.

  26. Thank you Majorie, I don’t have the book but all the leaks makes you wonder, is he having a breakdown? I think leaving his homeland has made it worse. He does miss his life.

    I noticed Oprah, The Obamas, the Clooney’s etc are staying away and not commenting. Poor kid is toxic.

    • On this point, Marjorie, given that he has moved locations, would it make sense to draw his chart as being set in Hollywood rather than London (for the same time of birth)? That would only change the angles, but surely that must be significant.
      What are your thoughts on astrocartography? Would they be relevant to this particular story and if so, can you explain astrocartography with this story as an example, perhaps in a separate post?

      • I found a website on astrocoartlogy and gave it a whirl, setting Prince Harry’s chart to Los Angeles.

        Although it is a tropical horoscope, the site also looked at details like the location of the ruling planet of the ascendant, etc.

        The site moved Prince Harry’s ascendant to Libra 26 (and MC to Cancer 28). The ruling planet of Libra, Venus is placed in the 12th house (according to the Placidus system), of which the site states,

        “These people are predestined to hide and run away from themselves, to subject themselves to illusions, and to closing themselves to others. They have a rich inner life. Social life may be the cause of some life test. Self-punishment and self-destruction may occur.”

        That sounds terrifyingly accurate.

        And on the relocated Chiron, it states

        “Chiron in the 8th House
        These people repeatedly get into situations where someone is manipulating them and trying to impose their ideas on how they should live and what they should do. They respond by violence or by having suicidal thoughts. They keep getting into serious, often even life-threatening situations. In marriage, they are unable to create a truly intimate relationship based on mutual trust and sharing.”

        • @Unmystic Mom, Harry and Meghan are actually living in Montecito, outside Santa Barbara, about 92 miles northwest (I think) from Los Angeles, if that makes any difference.

  27. Ben McBean who knew Harry in Afghanistan has given an interesting interview. Ben lost two limbs when he stood on a landmine. He was evacuated back to the UK and Harry travelled alongside him. It’s worth checking out the interviews he’s given. Kind, measured and mature (he’s 5 years younger I think). When asked what message he would give Harry, he said he would tell him he needed to “mentally sober up”.

    • @Carmel: tks for the info regrading the interview, I just watched it. What a lovely young man Ben is 😉 Regardless of what he’s talking about, it’s obvious that he’s measured and composed which is all the more impressive given what he’s been through. Harry really does seem untethered at the moment and I fear that Megan is not only NOT holding him back from his worst impulses, but is actually driving him forward. She seems to need so much external validation and is using Harry as the medium to pursue it – damned the consequences to him. One hopes that in another few years he’ll see the error of his ways where she’s concerned but even if he does, he’ll be stuck in the US for the foreseeable future as there’s no way Megan will allow her children to move back to the UK without her.

    • I listened to another army officer (or it might have been the one you mentioned) being interviewed on BBC radio last night who said that he thinks Harry has untreated PTSD from his experience fighting in Afghanistan (he spoke about how the type of therapy Harry has undergone is not appropriate for PTSD) and then went on to say that he thought Harry was being horribly exploited.

      • VF Ben McBean is a royal marine. The interview you may be thinking of is not him but by a former senior military intelligence officer who recognises in Harry some of his own behaviours from when he had PTSD. There is a clip on Sky.
        If that is true he really does needs specialist help and I renege on having finally lost sympathy for him..
        All these allegations/grievances already being discussed world wide in minute detail with four long interviews to come. I don’t think it’s going to have the outcome he hoped for (apart from the money of course)
        Very sad situation..

        • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think you’re right. Another possibility that was mentioned was Harry’s possible prolonged grief over the loss of his mother, which is interesting because his image of his mother is somewhat mythologised and he seems to be compelled to wage Champion warfare on behalf of her honour. But then his 12th house planets are somewhat grandiose. It was mentioned that Queen Victoria similarly had prolonged grief disorder after Albert died and thereafter never seemed to tire of building monuments to his memory.

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