Prince Harry & Meghan Markle – Virgo Virgo, Libra Libra and some cross aspects

ha-meg-syn  har-meg-comp


All the signs are that Prince Harry is moving towards a committed relationship with actress Meghan Markle. She’ll certainly connect with him at a deep level since her Leo Sun falls in his 8th, as does her Venus in Virgo widely conjunct his Virgo Sun and trine his Taurus Moon. She also has a Libra Moon which chimes with his Venus in Libra. That’s all the upside.

The downside is that her independent-minded Uranus opposes his 4th house Moon which could pull him away from his family and roots; and her Sun squares his duty-bound Saturn in Scorpio and Midheaven, so she’ll feel constrained by his role in life.

Her Mars falls on his Descendant which is often a sign of a relationship in which sexual attraction plays a large part but it can also be argumentative. Since her Mars squares her Saturn (and Jupiter) she’s likely to be fairly volatile and impulsive. They’ll share a love of travel since four of her planets fall in his 9th and a generally similar philosophical approach to the world.

Their relationship chart has a passionate and enthusiastic composite Venus Mars conjunction but it squares onto Neptune which does suggest an ethereal romance, which when the glitter wears off will prove to be a disappointment. And one or the other will need to suppress their ego needs for it to survive. A Mars square Neptune generally doesn’t allow for two successful careers running simultaneously. The composite Moon (not known exactly without her birth time) may be trine Jupiter which is supportive; but it also squares Saturn Pluto, so the heavy hand of duty will damp good feelings. The composite Sun is also square Uranus, which suggests a 24/7, stuck-in-a-box relationship wouldn’t work well. It might not matter so much with an out-of-the-ordinary life of constant travel and separation but it isn’t ideal.

There will be some hitches and glitches this year when tr Uranus opposes their composite Saturn Pluto in April/May this year and repeating on and off till 2018. With perhaps tr Uranus square the composite Moon as well.

He’s clearly very keen to settle down and start a family, with his Progressed Moon going through his 7th; and he’s also got a very romantic tr Pluto square his Venus all year. He’s also got in March tr Uranus square his Sun/Moon midpoint for the final time which tends to suggest separation rather than commitment. Though I have seen people marry on it. He’s also got tr Saturn square his Virgo Sun on and off through the year. He does look to be making domestic moves in 2018/19 with tr Pluto trine his Moon.

Her life certainly seems to be in an upheaval with tr Uranus opposing her Pluto in 2016/17. Though I’d worry about tr Neptune opposing her Venus in Virgo from early April to mid May, and on and off till late 2018, which generally brings romantic disappointment after a time of wonderful dreams. On the whole she looks marginally panicked and confused through this year, which would be understandable, since it’d mean an enormous lifestyle change for her, almost certainly giving up her career ambitions. For all the flak she came in for, the Duchess of Cambridge only had one ambition – to become a princess – and she didn’t give up anything in pursuing her goal. Meghan Markle would find it much more of a challenge.

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  1. Life of the goldfish in the Royal fish bowl. It must be incredibly intrusive – I can’t fathom the loss of having a moment of privacy. You’ve written of Prince Harry’s former true-love. She couldn’t handle such a life. At least, such romances/marriages can become the stuff of headlines…but a thousand years ago, they were the headlines on tombstones.

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