Donald Trump – planetary influences ahead



Tr Saturn is just over the conjunction to his Sagittarius Moon and exactly opposition his Sun and square his Sun/Moon midpoint, until January 15th. These two transits repeat in a continuous run from July to early October 2017. Saturn tends to be discouraging and is a reality check. The Sun/Moon midpoint in a politicians’ chart does point to public popularity as well as marriage partners.

He’s facing disastrous approval ratings of 41% compared to Obama’s 72%; George W. Bush’s 50% after a disputed election; Bill Clinton’s 62%; George H.W. Bush’s 65% all at the start of their run. Approval ratings normally drop as time goes on.

He’s also been forced to face the combined intelligence report on Russian anti-Clinton interference in the election. And was forced to give a sworn, videotaped deposition this week for a court case; of which there are evidently a tranche of pending lawsuits involving his companies to follow. He has still to make clear how he intends to settle conflicts of interest between his businesses and the presidency; and many of his millionaire/billionaire nominees haven’t cleared their ethics declarations yet either.

What is worth noting about Saturn transits is that they can have a delayed effect. For example: Former UK Chancellor George Osborne had tr Saturn opposition his Sun and conjunct his Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius in October 2015 when nothing noticeable dented his confidence. Only by the following June 2016 did his star sink disastrously with the Brexit vote.

Despite these depressing Saturn transits this month Trump does have the bullishly confident tr Pluto square his Jupiter till Feb 1st, repeating mid-July to early September, late October to early December 2017. This will make him disinclined to pay heed to the rules and regulations that bind ordinary people to society’s norms and courtesies.

In late February to just after mid March, he picks up the tr Uranus square Mars/Uranus which is argumentative, intolerant, self-willed, nervy, prone to macho gestures to prop self-esteem against attacks – so exacerbating his tendencies in that direction.

20th March to 4th April tr Uranus squares his Saturn which is irritable, self-willed, kicking against restrictions; with at the same time tr Uranus square his Moon/Mars and Mars/Node midpoints – quarrelsome, quick-tempered, hitting back under provocation, angry women around.

Then tr Uranus squares his Venus/Saturn midpoint and then his Venus 8th April to 9th May, bringing emotional shocks and upsets; with tr Uranus returning to square his Venus in Nov 2017 and Feb 2018.

Tr Uranus is also trine his Moon in February 2017, sextile his Sun in March and then trine his Mars in May – so a good deal of change, domestic and career and excitement. Tr Uranus trine Mars repeats in Oct 2017 and Feb 2018.

From April 6th to mid May tr Neptune opposes his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, repeating mid July to end August, February, Nov/Dec 2018, which will bring disappointments, damage and loss, a deceptive mood around, undermining his enthusiasm and social standing.

His Secondary Progressed Moon goes into his 12th house in June 2017 staying there till mid 2019. This tends to be a time of endings, introspective, escapist, can produce new behavioural problems if insights about self aren’t taken on board.

The August late Leo Eclipse, of course, is conjunct his Mars Ascendant so will be a significant shake up to his image, sparking his aggressive, combative tendencies. Around August as well his Solar Arc Uranus moves onto the same degree in conjunct to his Mars, though it’s not exact until 2018. This will bring a considerable shock to his system and could lead to even wilder reactions than usual.

In Sept/Oct tr Pluto returns from Dec 2016 to oppose his Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Saturn midpoints as well as hit the composite Mars in his relationship chart with Melania – so an aggravated, highly pressured, frustrating time.

On house transits: tr Jupiter going into his 3rd from late Sept 2017 for a year should make his everyday working relations easier. Tr Saturn moves into his 5th for three years in early 2018 which will damp his exuberance a touch, making everything feel like a slog.

In a job as tough as President there are always bound to be stressful influences on a running basis. Some of the above will get soaked up in the day to day rolling crises he encounters. But with the exception of that tr Pluto square Jupiter, there’s little of real encouragement or any suggestion that his popularity will rise through 2017. The Progressed Moon through the 12th is one to watch out for, as is the August Eclipse and that Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Mars.




7 thoughts on “Donald Trump – planetary influences ahead

  1. The 6th house Scorpio moon of Trump’s inaugural chart (Noon January 20th) opposes the ascendant. An approaching aspect it will become exact in July.So an unpopular administration (Sun & Moon in opposition) can only become more so.

  2. Greta, All astrologers have different approaches. But prioritising amongst a mass of data is fairly key. And that isn’t always easy since some individuals react more strongly to certain influences/transits than others. I look first at straightforward transits to planets and MC/Asc and through houses. Then look at Solar Arcs, then Secondary Progressions, mainly for the Prog Moon, but v occasionally for Prog Mars or Venus hits to the natal chart.
    Also to be factored in is that tr Pluto square Jupiter on the chart of a timid little mouse might just give them a confidence boost bringing them up to normal levels, while for a bombast like Trump it’ll send him well over the score.

  3. Marjorie, looking back at 2016 when even his own party were against him, it clarifies the influence of tr Pluto square Jupiter. Being such an amateur, I find evaluating influences extremely difficult. Are transits to the natal chart the most powerful?

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