Prince Harry & Meghan – blundering on


The gloves are off as the media launches a full-scale attack on the Sussexes for their disrespect of the Queen. Their self-centred and ill-thought-through demand, thrown into the public domain without consultation, to have their cake and eat it at a time when the monarch and consort are both well into their nineties won’t be forgotten. Their bizarre statement indicates they want to be financially independent – apart presumably from a chunky annual sum from the Duchy of Cornwall and taxpayer-funded security – with income presumably rolling in from brand Royal.

Astrologically the Queen was always in for a crises-ridden two years in 2019/20 with her hard-working Pluto in Cancer and Cancer North Node as well as her Capricorn Ascendant catching not only the eclipses but also tr Saturn Pluto crossing into her First House casting a shadow on her image. A different temperament might be inclined to throw duty to one side and retreat into peace and quiet. Certainly with Saturn now moving into her First Quadrant she’ll increasingly want to do less ahead, but she’s unlikely to opt for the nuclear option of abdication. Ignoring tr Saturn through the 1st house can result in health issues emerging.

The UK chart also with its 10th house Cancer Moon catching this week’s Cancer/Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and the recent tr Saturn opposition was always due for a shift amongst the Royals. The 10th house in mundane astrology is associated with the ruling classes, including the monarchy.

It does make more sense of the Sussexes’ relationship chart. Making negative comments at the time of a blissed-out engagement and wedding is always tricky. But it’s now clear that the composite Moon square Saturn Pluto has played its part in this decision. It suggests two things. One is that family restriction is felt as a major impediment, which showed up early in Meghan’s own family dramas, and now with the Royals. The second is that Saturn Pluto is always experienced as a problem bearing down from the outside. The reality is that the heavy, dark, repressive energy of Saturn Pluto is an internal dynamic in the relationship itself. That will become abundantly clear from late this February onwards until 2023 as tr Pluto starts to square the composite Saturn, then Pluto then oppose the composite Moon in 2022/23 – which will put massive pressure on their togetherness.

Their relationship chart also has a needs-space composite Uranus square Sun, which does suggest a relationship where each partner needs to be free to pursue their individual wishes which are likely to be very different. There’s also an ego-clash from another perspective with a composite Mars square Neptune, which suggests if one succeeds, the other feels diminished – so it isn’t mutually supportive.

Her Uranus falls in his 10th so she was always going to change the trajectory of his life; and her Uranus also opposes his 4th house Taurus Moon pulling him away from family security.

They are at very different times in their respective lives – he has tr Saturn moving through his low profile first quadrant for the rest of this decade so will be happy to retreat into a backwater. He has a panicky-failure tr Neptune square his Mars until late this month and then tr Neptune in an undermining opposition to his Virgo Sun 2021/22. His Sun/Moon midpoint at 22 Cancer is also catching the tr Saturn Pluto opposition exactly – which will affect his public popularity, but also indicates a good deal of inner turmoil about what he actually wants from his marriage and indeed from his life. His Solar Arc Moon is also opposing his 12th house Neptune over coming months adding another layer of emotional and family confusion into the mix.

She on the other hand has tr Saturn about to move across her Descendant and upwards in her chart indicating increasing ambition in the fourteen years ahead. She also has tr Saturn and tr Pluto about to move across her Descendant into her 7th which does suggest a troubled relationship phase ahead not only with her marriage partner but also the public.

Relations between the Sussexes and the rest of the Royals are all at sixes and sevens this year and ahead; with Will and Harry’s connection showing a rupture until mid decade. The Queen looks confused and disappointed with Meghan and irritated with Harry.

Odd non-astrological thoughts. I think Meghan has delusions of grandeur – she was a jobbing actress with a not-bad gig as six-down-the-cast-list in a watchable but not spectacularly successful TV series. Suddenly she’s off to a $750,000 baby shower in New York, holidaying with Elton John and partying with global celebrities, getting bizarrely precious about her privacy and the criticism of contradictions between her ‘woke’ eco-warrior stuff and private jetting around. She’s a Leo with Jupiter Saturn in Libra, both of which can lead to an over-estimation of self; and the Leo Sun also has a tendency to get overly defensive about criticism.

Prince Harry’s obsession about his mother and the paparazzi has always seemed to me to be a touch uninsightful given Diana’s enthusiastic use of the media when it suited her purposes. Often children of split marriages idealise one parent and vilify the other since it’s easier than seeing both as flawed or a mix of good and not so great. Given that he can’t see Diana as she was with pluses and minuses, he’s likely to not see the reality of any partners in adult life he is attracted to.

This story is likely to run and run.

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  1. OK, wow. Astrologers have been telling us that the Pluto/Saturn conj in Cap will tear down and reform institutions. Then some here actually act *surprised* that the royal family is being shaken up. Some of you seem to be racist and sexist. Using the word “ambitious” as a pejorative for a 30-something american woman is sexist.

    I never understood the heart of brexit till reading comments on Megan and Harry.

    I suggest some here lighten up your attitudes or this Pluto/Saturn conj will be really hard on you. Change is happening

    • No, I did not use ‘ambitious’ as a perjorative, sexist term – you are actually projecting your own negative prejudices onto to others, without realising it. I simply mentioned ambition because it has rarely been compatible with being a senior member of the BRF – that is all. It has nothing to do with attitudes towards age, gender or race. As an example, I could have mentioned Prince Philip who had to renounce his naval career when his wife became Queen in 1952. There is a huge amount of self sacrifice involved in being a senior royal. Meghan herself has voiced her frustration at having no voice has a senior member of the RF, as well as the difficulties of adjusting to confines of her role as a senior member of the Royal Family. Who is surprised that the Royal Family is being shaken up? Many people want a slimmed down monarchy in the UK, and it is long overdue.

      It is unbelievably patronizing to tell other people to change their attitudes to fit what you deem to be acceptable and to label others as sexist and racist. No-one disputes change will occur and that it is long overdue. It is frequently discussed on this website. And don’t forget you won’t be immune from effects the Pluto/ Saturn conjunction either.

      • I am not personally telling you to be flexible in your attitudes. Pluto is telling all of this. We need to clear out the old to make way for creativity. Pluto/Saturn in CAPRICORN will change our institutions. How do we want them to be in the future? Do we even want them at all?

        You sound ‘unbelievably patronizing’ to me too. Look, we have to find a way of communicating despite our local cultures. Meghan is not your problem. Prince Andrew is.

        Our communication ‘styles’ differ. Yes I’m more blunt than you in my style. So what? We each have something to say.

        We americans are incredibly affected by the changes. It is insanely chaotic and we little people are trying to step up in our own ways. It’s painful and scary. I’m on the west coast of the US and climate change is hitting us hard. This weekend the King Tides are engulfing some of our most beloved coastal towns. Is is ‘patronizing’ to advocate we try to deal with climate change? We ALL need to step up.

        We all are having to deal with Putin and his global organized crime network. We, the little regular, people need to come together. We all are having to deal with massive structural oppression and corruption. Pluto is exposing that. Pluto/Saturn in cap is the BIG PICTURE. We have parts to play. Best to you Sarah!

  2. Monarchies are in general slimming down in the world.

    Harry and Meghan are not in the direct throne line. They are an intercultural and interracial couple so they will do things a little bit differently – expecting something different from them is a bit unrealistic.

    All this current situation is distracting many people from upcoming Brexit and also Prince Andrew’s Epstein link – both important subjects that arouse emotions and feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, anger and doubt. No wonder Harry and Meghan’s current life decisions are being used to ‘channel’ and ‘displace’ all that anxiety, uncertainty, doubt, anger…

    Prince Andrew’s Epstein link is more a real challenge to the British Royal Family than this young-ish pair.

    Thank you, Marjorie, for your astrological insights.

    • Let them go their way. Perfect. But it doesnt seem acceptable to hold on to their royal titles and the benefits that come with it (like 24×7 security).

      • Couldn’t agree more. Good luck to them without mega-million cost security and Cornwall money etc or trading off the Royal brand. It’s nonsense to suggest they could follow in the Obama’s footsteps. The Obamas actually did something before launching out onto the celebrity tour that the Sussexes seem to envisage themselves starring in. I’m all for ambition but it has to be based on actual talent and achievement. Aiming for fame won’t cut it.

  3. From the NYT’s:
    So easy for Arthur Edwards to say: “Listen, it was a sad day when Diana was killed, that’s a long while ago, it’s 25 years,” he said. “You’ve got to move on.”

    She was Harry’s mother. What a callous, despicable thing to say, even for a 79-year-old hack.

    Every smug, entitled utterance from a member of the modern-day British press confirms the Sussexes have made the right decision.

    • Hi jennifer

      Haha! As with the Janes there are two of us too. You seem to be small j and i am capital J. Is that enough? Or i could call myself Jennifer E?

  4. rachie MM PLAYED the ROYAL FAMILY 100%. as for poor unfortunate “baby” Archie who knows…..H&M don’t act like parents too concerned about QE2 8th ggchild. weird.

  5. Harry has a Leo Ascendant, not Capricorn. His time of birth is often listed as pm but was am.
    Capricorn ascendant will never have red hair.

    • Harry was born in the afternoon not the morning as my cousin had had her baby there the day before. I was visiting and one of the nurses said that Diana had had her baby then which was very exciting to 16 year old me when I left I joined in the fun and saw Prince Charles leave and he came over and spoke to the woman in front!

  6. At the end of the day the whole kit and caboodle should follow Harry and Megan and drift off into the sunset. Live off the money, £millions / billions, that they’ve accumulated from robbing everyone blind for centuries now: Here and abroad.

    Millions of people are struggling to afford to eat in the UK, FGS. Teachers are reporting that children are arriving at school so hungry that they are filling their pockets with food, stealing food from other children or even scouring bins for scraps (Dickens personified) and yet taxpayers are doling out £82 million a year (2018/19) to this bunch of dysfunctional, bloated parasites.

    Hundreds of thousands of people are lying in the streets, homeless, whilst the Royals commandeer over 30 homes (castles, palaces etc) plus their villas abroad.

    The actual purpose of the monarchy is to provide Britain with an effective head of state (for example one that would ensure that no one was starving) and yet the Queen’s role is ceremonial rather than political. So what’s the point of what’s no more or less than a pantomime or more so a soap opera?

    • Quite an uneducated knowledge of UK’s public fundings. That would be the responsibility of the government not the Royal Family. The Royal Family does receive a Sovereign Grant from the overall UK’s income, but they do generate their own wealth with a large property portfolio, that includes produce businesses and huge investment portfolios that revenue millions.
      Your criticism is aimed at government. What a shocker, a government that doesn’t know how to do its job and someone that base their knowledge on right wing press… the best of the UK!

    • Perhaps you should look up the revenues from the Crown Estates which is given to the Exchequer in exchange for funding the Royal Family. You would see that the Exchequer makes a healthy profit

  7. Marjorie (or anyone astrologically literate), if you look at Harry’s chart as if he were an ordinary person – what work is he suited to, what brings him peace of mind and fulfilment, what is a good karmic expression for him. As a virgo is he a healer? an engineer?

  8. Luke 12:48

    “For everyone to whom much is given , from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.”

    My sense is that this applies to the current situation with Prince Harry.

    I am shocked that he did not even give the respect to the Queen to discuss his thoughts, feelings and decision before making it public. His grandfather , his father and his brother also deserved the respect and consideration of being included in discussions before making this announcement to the media and online world.
    Tell me that he is not expecting that he be in receivership of the family financial resource as he continues.

    There is responsibility in freedom as there is in containment.

        • Hello Jane Maureen – thanks very much for replying. Someone is messing around. The reply above, 2.59am was not from me! I was asleep then. I see there are also two Jennifers now too. Anyway, your solution is a good one. But at this rate I might change the name entirely. It’s now lunchtime in the UK. Previously, my only post on this was about the 1066 English chart, the 1930’s and Harry’s natal planets. Tiresome!

  9. Harry & Meghan have been a positive force for change within the Royal Family. But the racist right wing British tabloids have raged a three year long smear campaign against them and they received no support from the RF against the press attacks. Their choice to step back partly is a wise decision. Other European RF’s also have parttime royals who are financially independent and get compensated for their royal engagements. It can be a win win for both sides.

    • I think this is rubbish. Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of King George III was described as having blue-black skin. And she was accepted by the British people. It’s nothing to do with her skin colour but her character.
      On her details when she was an undergraduate at NWU, North Western University, she clearly states she’s a Caucasian! So she wanted to pass as white. And she’s had nose surgery to look more Caucasian.
      This was years after she asked her white father what she should write on the form to describe the colour of her skin and not to put either black OR white as she was both. (She was still at school). So obviously she was aware then of the perceived differences associated with skin colour. Yet she still wanted to pass as white.
      Well now she’s saying she’s a woman of colour, me too BTW, but it’s to do with how she treated her dad with disrespect and now is happy to be thought of as a WoC (woman of colour) and is happy to be photographed with her mum and not her dad who paid high school fees to send her to a private school.
      IMHO, the British people see through her, to the rotten core she has. And it has nothing to do with colour.

  10. I think that Harry and Meghan should be an example to others in the Royal family when aiming to be financially self-sufficient. Also the bullying of Meghan has been shocking. They want to carry on with their Royal visits and so on. What is the big hairy deal? Meghan has no access to Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry for instance, while the Duchess of Cambridge does, as befitting a future queen. Now Meghan can buy her own. No more tears.
    The Duchess of Cambridge apparently has been mocked by Prince William’s wealthy friends. It seems that having parents who have always worked hard and made their own money is something to be ashamed of in their eyes.
    The Royal family should be happy that three of their boys, Princes Edward, William and Harry, have married women who are perfectly able to make their own way, should the Monarchy droop in the future. I am positive that Prince Andrew and his ex-wife are not in the same boat. The so-called blood princesses don’t know what hard work is according to their ‘job’ descriptions. I just read about a non-profit company that the Duchess of York has been parted from. She demanded top dollar for her services, and even borrowed another 90,000
    pounds I think in July. Can you imagine the gall she has?
    I can imagine the scene in the future should Harry and Meghan not go. Prince William controls all their money once it is his turn to be King. I think that Prince William is a great guy, but I don’t think that Harry and Meghan want to be the second tier relatives, forever bowing and scraping to the ‘blood’ princesses.

  11. Thank you Marjorie, I think your comments about thinking that she is bigger and better than she really is might lie behind it combined with the inability to realise that royalty and celebrity are not one and the same. I think it is so sad that they couldn’t have played by the rules and then went their own way at the ‘changing of the guard’? Although perhaps they were told to go away for six weeks to think about whether they wanted to play by the rules or step down? I don’t think the omens look good for their marriage in the long term and suspect she will bin him very speedily once he ceases to bring her any benefits and his neediness gets too much…

    • played by the rules? We’ve got cross generational conflicts, not to mention “royal” expectations played on to a commoner. Does Britain want everything played by the rules? Or is there room to maneuver into the 21st Century? I find that some of these Brit expectations are a little unrealistic, being an American. I have tremendous respect for HRM funtioning well into her 90’s. More realistic preparations, mentoring and coaching of young royals must be taken into consideration and applied effectively.

      Maybe sitting one of the youngsters down and telling them thing the way they must is a first step. Coyness no longer works in teh 21st Century.


      • Although everyone fights against ‘rules’ and whilst they may need updating somewhat with the times, they bring, encourage and enforce structure and stability.

        There are certain rules and etiquette that comes with being ‘royal’ and one person can’t just decide after they signed up for the club they just not playing ball. There is also something about having a level of respect and how you go about enticing an engrained age old system to update itself. I don’t think this was it. I’m a black woman and was happy for Meghan although have been neutral from day dot but something’s ‘off’ about that girl.

        Hey, btw isn’t Trump doing the same thing? I don’t recall you agreeing with him and ‘bigging him up’ when he wasn’t /isn’t ‘playing by the rules’. Just saying..!

        • Rachie MM was a plant to bring down BRF or this relationship was a farce and a set up because Harry not the good looking one. Idk these two seem weird to me sort of ‘do as I say not do as I do’. Both weirdos.

      • Some of the ‘rules’ are the cornerstone of British parliamentary democracy. Such as royals not expressing political opinions or interfering in any foreign country’s politics, they are required to be neutral. Royals play a formal part in the democratic process but are un-elected, and therefore are constrained in what they can do or say, and restricted in how they act in public. If they break these rules, then Britain doesn’t have a democracy.

        They are not public figures, nor celebrities, they are un-elected heads of state. This is not something that exists in the US, which is why I think Meghan & others from counties without monarchies struggle to wrap their heads around it.

        Don’t know how it will play out in practice, but am disturbed that they are setting up a foundation to potentially monetize Sussex Royal. This would also be a political/democratic issue.

        Is there anything in the astrology about this potential foundations success, they recently applied trademarks in June 2019

          • Exactly. Which means the royals are constrained in what they can or can’t do by the constitution, which in Britain’s case is the legal framework and documented conventions. The most important being that the royals have no involvement in government and remain neutral. They are allowed to express an opinion in private, as the Queen is allowed to do in her weekly meeting with the Prime Minister, the PM has no requirement to act on the Queens private opinion. The Royals are allowed to vote, as its private expression, but they choose not to vote as its considered unconstitutional for them to interfere in a democratic process.

          • I didn’t explain myself well.

            Belle, you posted, “Some of the ‘rules’ are the cornerstone of British parliamentary democracy.” How does “parliamentary democracy” work in a constitutional monarchy?

          • I don’t mean to stray away from the astrology and be so very boring (sorry) Britain is a constitutional monarchy in a parliamentary democracy. It’s both things.

            This means the monarch is a symbolic head of state who is not allowed to create policy or law, or interfere government and is restricted by laws & documented conventions.
            While Government is the democratically elected parliament, they represent the people, and they are responsible for law and running the country, with the PM as head of government.

            It’s a separation between 2 entities, State and Government. In the US it’s not separated, the US president is both head of state & head of government.

            It’s one of the reasons why there are so many rules & protocols around the royals, partly to maintain the parliamentary democracy. Although there do seem to be a lot of ridiculous arbitrary rules too.

            Meghan joining the royals means she basically gave up her freedom and privacy for a life of service and duty to Britain. Stray too far from the rules and it creates a constitutional crisis.

            Marjorie wrote somewhere, something like ‘in exchange she gets enormous wealth, fame & privilege and gets to champion her charities’

      • Okay, I don’t think my take on this will be popular.

        Heard on Classic FM this morning some blithering Royal staff member bleating along the lines of, ”This woman is awful. She’s leading poor Harry astray. He’s fragile and easily taken advantage of due to his mental health. He wouldn’t do this if it were not for her bossy behaviour. What she has done is the worst kind of abuse the Queen has been subjected to ever!!” Later in the day more character assassination towards Harry came, ”The Invictus games would NEVER have happened were not his royal privilege. That’s why it’s popular. He needs to be thankful of where he comes from!” Yes, because the Invictus games would have been a spectacular success if it had been lead by Prince Andrew, Edward or Princess Michael of Kent. Uh-huh.

        I feel indifferent towards Meghan. I neither hate or like her. I’m just not bothered. Plus I am not a Royalist, really. Couldn’t care less if they stayed or remained. But I am sick of hearing idiots moan on about how she is to blame for EVERYTHING. And I hate how they try to emasculate Harry in contrast. Like ‘Poor Harry’ is so useless that he needs to be saved, or God forbid, the monarchy is in danger! It’s always the woman’s bloody fault! And it’s getting very tiring.

        There was talk not long back that the monarchy was going to be slimmed down, wasn’t there? While he was engaged then getting married and all of it was paid for, he was still ‘doing his job’ so he was entitled to such perks. Why should he be thankful for the rest of his life? He’s given us 35 years of his life from a position he didn’t really have consent over. However, if he eventually severs from the family and does his own thing, whether Meghan is still with him or not in future, and he is able to fund his life (he’d be a good ambassador/event organizer) I’m all for rooting for him. But to make him out to be an incompetent, emasculated little snowflake of a man, while his wife is crashing around town like Satan’s spawn, is hugely galling to listen to.

        Funny how one woman can bring up so much venom in the Royal insider (and so many people) as he unleashed his hatred with the intensity of 10,000 blazing suns. And yet, when precious little Prince Andrew, the man with his sinister dilections and friendships with child rapists, hardly any insiders made a peep. All you felt you got in their reactions was, ”Oh, this is a tad awkward,” as they look away and whistle. “If we don’t make so much of a fuss about it publicly it will all soon blow over. I mean, it’s only sex trafficking and pedophilia, it’s not that serious….all we be fine and the beautiful monarchy will once again be restore.” But it takes a woman to get up in their face to cause them to explode publicly?

        Harry was always different to most Royal family members. He seemed almost too down-to-earth, too relatable, to ordinary a man, that perhaps now having his own family, he wanted to break away from the constrictions finally and its not ALL down to Meghan? I’m not going to listen to the media fury and muck slinging in which Meghan is made out to be a power hungry whore and he a feeble minded mooch. If in years to come, after he has severed his royal ties, and if he is making his own living but STILL lives off Royal handouts, he would get my wrath. But right now, I guess he’s trying to find his feet and get all his ducks in a row before doing his own thing – a thing which has never been done by anyone else in recent history. He may well end up being a trailblazer or he might be doing the wrong thing but ultimately HE is the only one living this unique life. Modernity is an awful fit in the house of tradition, isn’t it? It never goes with the decor or furniture! And he’s clearly not going to change to fit in. We’ll all have to sit back and watch how this all unfolds in the long-term. But it staggers me how so many people are reacting like he has done something personal to them. This saga does NOT affect anybody but the Royals and that is a tiny few people.

  12. Thank you Marjorie. I wondered about the 1066 chart for England and this royal upheaval. What’s interesting is that Harry’s Mars at 16 Sagittarius squares the 1066 Saturn at 16 Virgo, and its NN at 20 Virgo. His Taurus Moon at 21 is conjunct the 1066 Neptune at 22 Taurus, which in turn trines Harry’s Virgo Sun at 22 – and the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – dreams of freedom from restriction and also endings?

    When Edward VIII abdicated in December 1936 Saturn was 16 Pisces and Neptune 18 Pisces, activating the 1066 Saturn and NN. 1936 Uranus was then in early Taurus too, trine Jupiter in early Capricorn. Prince Harry’s natal Jupiter is 3 Capricorn. Of course the abdication was a much more serious event, and Harry isn’t a king. But I suspect that Harry and Meghan’s decision could speed up the long overdue “slimming down” of the monarchy, as proposed already by Prince Charles.

  13. I’ve read that she might have been born in 1977 – that would make her Moon in Aries, conjunct the MC. And, what’s really interesting, Moon – in the 1977 chart – is conjunct Eris (the Godess of Eny and also a troublemaker – ultimately caused the war of Troy).

  14. Just started to read Norman Baker’s and what do you do?

    I think more people will become sceptical of the royal family and their relevance in today’s world. Transiting Mars seems to be square Charles Saturn (my system says trying to solve a problem!) and conjunct Camilla’s nodes. Uranus square Camilla’s Asc and conjuct Charles’s node and moon.

  15. Great, revealing post, Marjorie. Thank you. Wondering if this might be the beginning of the end for the monarchy. The public is increasingly turned off by the faintest hint of whining from the royals, what with the hard reality of countless people struggling just to keep food on the table. Add the Prince Andrew debacle and you’ve got one shaky Crown. While Diana had some admirable attributes, she grated with her woe-is-me whining. There she was, fabulously wealthy and titled, with two adoring sons, yet she was just so miserable. Disgusting considering all the people in the world with real problems.

    • “The public is increasingly turned off by the faintest hint of whining from the royals, what with the hard reality of countless people struggling just to keep food on the table.”


    • The fact Prince Andrew has spent 30 some years “trademarking” his royal name and molesting young girls with British Press turning blind eye, because he is favorite of The Queen is pretty damning on British press.

      Also, the “smoothing” that has been there to justify the behavior of his daughters, who are what, around number 20 and 21, in line of succession (or have Anne’s otherwise seemingly levelheaded children given away their rights?), is amazing sign of total “Finlandization” of The British Press.

  16. Thanks Marjorie

    Interesting and now that you have spelt it out.

    Is his Sun/Moon MP at 22 Cancer too wide for the eclipse the catch?

    I never had an opinion either way about them or their marriage when everyone was throwing in their 2 cent worth except that they looked very happy on the day and she always looks gorgeous. But there is no smoke without fire and I’m now not sure she is good for him. I don’t think he would have ever had the idea of walking away from his family / duties without her continuous whispering in his ear. Almost feels like he was talked into this decision for many months now and it’s not really his choice. The situation with the Press was manipulated to get to this place. Don’t think he is in a happy space in his heart right now

  17. I find the fury of the mass media very telling however. They can’t bear it when the (admittedly in this case highly privileged) worm turns and that they’ve lost control of their prey. No one should dare defy the might of the media, even the monarchy. Hence the intensity of the wrath. Interestingly, most of the comments I’m reading online from ordinary mortals are supportive of Harry and Meghan. Perhaps echoes of the public sympathy for the (we now know) highly dubious figure of Edward who abdicated in the 1930s.

    • Oh I don’t think the media have lost control of their prey – they’ll be even more ‘fair game’ outside the Royal fold. It’s the contradictions and hypocrisy which are beginning to grind with me. A wedding that cost mega-millions plus house renovation and everything handed to them on a platter at a time when their privileged lifestyle stands in sharp contrast to others. I’m a wholehearted supporter of the monarchy and the Queen but it only works on the ‘never explain, never complain’ track. Snowflakey whines about people being less than adoring and complimentary don’t wash when you’re in the public eye especially when you make mistakes as they have. Terrible PR advisers.

      • They definitely have Black Twitter and Gay Twitter on their side, though. And The US public in general. When it comes to holding these publics, I think only Beyoncé has fiercer “stans” than Meghan. Which would make going to The US absolutely stellar move in PR sense if they *truly* want that Financial Independence.

        I also think Piers Morgan may have ruined what ever American career he had left by being truly mean to Meghan – and I mean mean, since he implies Harry is some mindless pawn in all this (which he isn’t, he might not have been the most academically successful Royal, but he is his own man).

        • Agreed Solaia. Piers Morgan makes his living from bullying as does the truly toxic Daily Mail “columnist” Sarah Vine (wife of Michael Gove). I’m ashamed of what passes for the British Press. Only Marina Hyde in the Guardian is being level-headed and humorous about this story it appears.

      • Precisely Marjorie.

        Rich peoples problems !!!

        Being a member of the British Royal family is a job which comes with a lot of hard yards in public work. If people don’t want to do it then fine but then don’t expect to trade on the connections. That applies to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson as much as Harry and Meghan.

        I think foreigners also need to understand that the British and particularly the English may have a historical attachment to monarchy but that does not automatically translate into slavish acquiescence to royal dynasties or personages who have worn out their welcome. When that happens the past precedents show that if they become a big enough nuisance then one way or another they will be replaced.

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