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  1. There was a new “Ukrainegate” story breaking last evening in The US, with Lev Parnas’ lawyer coming out with text messages where surveiling, and possibly “dealing otherwise” with The US Ambassador Marina Yovanovich, was suggested by Robert F. Hyde, a Republican donor and a candidate for Congress at Conneticut 5th District. I think that because of his candidacy, it would be possible to find Hyde’s DOB (although he is just a primary candidate).

  2. Hello;

    I like Ruth Rendell’s book. Could you please see what, in her chart, gives her such an interest for mistery/murder writing?

    Thank you!

    • Yes, Ruth Rendell’s chart could be interesting to look at. Are there any astrological patterns that point towards her prodigious writing career?

  3. Which woman in her right mind would want to be Diana 2.0?!
    Do had such a miserable life, @part from birthing 2 great lads.
    She was beautiful but hugely naive.

  4. The Sultan of Oman has died. I lived in Oman for two years and have never met such kind, courteous people in my life. The Sultan cared about his people and was a real peacemaker. Under the saturn pluto influence I fear a coup. Would you have a glance, please.

  5. When will you think eletric cars will be dominant in the world? Soon – 5 to 10 years? Or longer than that? Maybe the conjunction of saturn and jupiter in aquarius might have some sort of significance in this?

    Thank you!

  6. Marjorie, can you look at the chart of Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe (26/12/78), imprisoned in Iran since 2016? Her future looks bleak in the aftermath of the Soleimani assassination. Thank you.

  7. it is trudeau and johnson that look sedated. they are in fear! Even iran has not admitted what everybody saw on us satellite:which you English saw.Iran made a nuclear threat? irg sleeper cells?

    neptune;the curse of politics delusion and inertia.

  8. Drompf seemed unuslauuy “sedated” in his press talks about the down Ukrainian airliner. I was imagining someone about the stage controlling him like a puppeteer. More drugs applied to control his more outageous outbursts?

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