Lunar Eclipse – setting the tone for the year


The Lunar Eclipse on Friday at 19 degrees Cancer/Capricorn is closely entwined with the exact Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn, the only one for the year of those two heavyweight outer planets, whose effect is likely to linger. There’ll be a sombre mood with a sense of being hemmed in by restrictions. Progress will only be made after considerable effort and teeth-gritting perseverance. There is awesome strength and endurance in Saturn Pluto but little flexibility and less sentiment. It is sometimes referred to as the sign of the black magician, with an ability to wield occult power.

The eclipsed Full Moon is trine/sextile Neptune which may arguably soften the effect slightly. But it could also add a confused, delusional or megalomaniac streak. The ‘lucky’ Jupiter trine Uranus is still in orb though not tied into the eclipse.

Located to Washington, DC, it puts Mars conjunct the Descendant, stirring up a belligerent mood. There’s nothing much angular for Teheran.

The Saturn Pluto lines tied into the Midheaven fall through central United States and Canada. Saturn Pluto on the Ascendant runs through eastern Australia which makes sense of the blackened devastation there. Saturn Pluto on the IC runs through western India and up through central Russia.

8 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse – setting the tone for the year

    • How can I forget ….. the last eclipse was conjunct my South Node. Definitely feeling more like some old perspectives are shutting down.

  1. Thanks Marjorie. There’s quite a planetary pile up with this one it seems. It is Jeff Bezos birthday on 12th January, so eclipse opposite his Sun, following the December eclipse conjunct his Mercury in Capricorn. Amazon itself, founded 5th July 1994 has Neptune at 22 Capricorn, Uranus 24 Capricorn. This could be an interesting test of the astrology.

    The effects for the Royal Family seem to be surfacing already, with today’s announcement by Harry and Meghan. It’s interesting what Hugh says about the Queen Elizabeth chart with eclipse on the NN and her descendant. Or should that be descendants? Certainly it puts more focus on William and Kate, who are also experiencing eclipse effects this year as Marjorie has described earlier. There are echoes of the old Duke and Duchess of Windsor here I feel, in that H and M propose living abroad and stepping back from royal life. Although only echoes of course. I am curious to see if there are any astrological chimes there.

  2. Lunar Eclipse is close to the U.K. 1801 Moon and the Iraq 1958 National Sun. It is exactly conjunct the progressed Sun in the U.K. 1927 chart. The Lunar Eclipse is on the North Node of Queen Elizabeth II chart and close to her descendant.

  3. Saturn-Pluto runs thru’ Soleimani’s MH in my rectified chart for him…..birthtime 8:00:49 am, Asc 3Taurus02. Saturn-Pluto signifies murder, assassination.

  4. My Sun is at 20 Cap. I have a delicate eye operation on Friday. The eclipse opposite the massive conjunction has me worried. I wish I could tell my doctor.

  5. record highs in nasdaq. they are money aspects and indicate more money and power for the US mullahs of spy technology (5G; the drones ,) Bezos , the ridiculous deluded musk and the rest of the congregation .

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