Prince Harry and Meghan – less majesty


The battle Royal within the Windsors is getting tetchy with the Harry/Meghan camp suggesting the Queen doesn’t have jurisdiction over the word Royal when the edict that they have to drop their SussexRoyal branding was handed out. Normally dirty laundry is kept out of sight but it’s clearly not the Hollywood way with whining and puffing from the young couple that others in the family have earned money commercially while retaining their titles. Which is undoubtedly true but in their case was going to be so blatant that it clearly crossed a line that even the family-friendly Queen wasn’t going to accept.

While Meghan will undoubtedly get the blame, Harry should know better, having been brought up to understand the rules and protocols.

His relationship with his father is particularly dire over the next two years – with tr Neptune square the composite Mars for a longish phase of significant disappointment from later this month on and off till late 2021 as well as being opposition the composite Uranus. Tr Pluto is also in a challenging square to the composite Sun this year; and there’s an emotionally upsetting tr Uranus conjunct the composite Moon from July onwards. All of which looks as if it’ll get worse before it gets better.

Harry’s relationship with brother William is also severely stretched through this year with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mercury and tr Uranus square the composite Venus this year, Sun next year and Mars the year after – which again doesn’t look like a rapprochement any time soon.

Harry’s chart looks edgy, nerve-stretched and panicked this year; with tr Saturn moving downwards through his First Quadrant pushing him deeper into unresolved psychological issues and then he picks up heavy duty emotional and negative Solar Arcs in 2022/23.

His relationship chart with Meghan is already running into serious strains. That peculiar composite Moon square Saturn Pluto is under pressure from tr Saturn opposition the composite Moon from the final day of this month, on and off all year; with tr Pluto in a discouraging square to the Saturn from late this month as well, on and off till late 2021, followed by tr Pluto square Pluto in 2021/22 and then opposition Moon in 2022/23.

Her delusional dreams of a multi-billion dollar charity along the lines of the Gates, Obamas, Oprah Winfrey will run into the sand after a year or so when the untitled Royal schtick loses its glister.

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  1. Given the quick crumbling of the SussexRoyal brand dream, I believe Harry and Meghan should re-brand themselves as ‘Ginge&Cringe’ instead!

  2. I agree with the writer Julia. The monarch is outdated and useless. That they have an entire country to support their welfare state with adoration no doubt is amazing. According to the latest Sovereign Grant accounts that were published last week, taxpayers in the UK are forking over more money than ever for the Royal Family. The monarchy cost £67 million ($86 million) in 2018-19, a 41% increase on the previous financial year.Jul 1, 2019

    • Tia, your comment contains fake news and incorrect figures.
      The total Sovereign Grant for 2018-19 was 82.2 million (up from 76.1 million the previous year – so not 40%), this includes the upkeep of all the Royal Palaces, associated buildings and infrastructure. It is the equivalent of £1.24 per UK citizen per year.

      Members of the Royal Family were involved in 3,200 official engagements both here and abroad.
      160,000 guests were welcomed and entertained at Royal Palaces.

      This information is freely available with more detail on the Royal website.

    • Tia, you are obviously a republican and we live in a free country, you have made no mention that the Crown hands over the revenue from the Crown Estates at the start of every reign in return for the Sovereign Grant. The Crown Estates own some very lucrative real estate (Regent Street, St James’s etc) I don’t think that the nation does too badly out of that deal? Anyway we are to discuss astrology, not royal funding…thank you Marjorie very interesting and wouldn’t we all like to be flies on the walls of Windsor and Highgrove. I feel so sorry for the Queen, 93 a lifetime of duty behind her and her ungrateful grandchildren (and their other halves) throw it back in her face and are vindictive when they don’t get their own way!

    • Vielleicht sollten Sie mal lesen was die Queen und die RF jährlich für GB erwirtschaften
      Achtung!!! ca 2 Milliarden €.
      Warum glauben Sie kommen jährl über 40 Millionen Touristen nach GB? Warum verfolgen weltweit live 3 Milliarden Zuschauer Hochzeiten, Beerdigungen ect?
      In keinem Land Europas kann man Jahrhunderte alte Tradition so lebendig miterleben als
      sei die Zeit stehen geblieben. Und die Briten verehren ihre Queen und lieben ihre Royals.
      Und was die Auflösung der Monarchie für GB bedeuten würde, lesen Sie es einfach mal nach, Sie werden staunen

      Google translate: Perhaps you should read what the Queen and the RF generate for the UK every year. Attention! about € 2 billion.
      Why do you think over 40 million tourists come to the UK every year? Why do 3 billion viewers worldwide follow weddings, funerals etc. live?
      In no country in Europe can one experience centuries-old tradition as vividly as if time stood still. And the British adore their queen and love their royals.
      And just read about what the dissolution of the monarchy would mean for GB, you will be amazed

  3. Hi Marjorie,

    Another astrologer’s (of a more traditional bent) site suggests that Harry and Meghan’s marriage is headed for the rocks towards the middle of next year. Do you see anything similar?

  4. Marjorie, the Harry-Charles transits look more like emotional readjustments and innovations interesting to both except for the Sun-Pluto power tension in 2 years. Harry-William looks tough for sure with Mars Pluto and Mercury so tense. But Harry-Meghan seem to be all Saturn with a Pluto impacting power which is already evident t, which seems to be just some somberness related to this karmic thing they are doing.

    I dont agree they are trying to be billionaires but they definitely dont want to raise Archie in a ranch house unprotected, and possibly want their own large and secluded indoors and outdoors plus some luxuries that Meghan clearly has always loved, does not make her lesser for wanting them given her Hollywood upbringing it’s part of her DNA and Harry and everyone knew it..

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Harry and Meghan’s composite Moon square Pluto and Saturn doesn’t look too comfortable, although relationships are often a testing ground. But Mars in Aries will be transiting all of that later this year, and turns retrograde at 28 Aries in September, square the Moon. Plus the squares it makes with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto between August and January 2021 suggest recklessness and confrontations. The whole thing seems uneasy. The June eclipse on Prince William’s birthday also sits on the composite Moon’s Node in Cancer, square Venus and Mars. Maybe there’s another “family conference” of some kind coming up? If it’s correct that William advised Harry not to rush into marriage, then – unfortunately – I begin to think he was right.

  6. Julie, Marjorie’s U.S. readers may have an interest in this yet-to-be-announced charity because it’s virtually a given that these charities (like Trump’s foundation, which had to be dissolved in a court settlement) are notorious for scattering remnants to the poor and funding luxury expenses for their nominal owners. We always used published notices citing administrative costs to guide our charitable giving at year’s end. Now Trump’s ended the tax deduction for any charitable giving under $10,000, leaving many fine charities and mainstream churches whose members can’t tithe in extremely dire straits–and middle class donors get no break at all. Additionally, these published administrative rates requirements get the go-around from many of the private schemes. A common nickname for these celebrity charities is (for example) the Sussex Royal ATM, by the way. So Americans are quite cynical about H&M’s “exciting new charity venture,” just based on the Sussex pair’s avowed and publicly expressed desire to make money independently. I would be very interested in whatever Marjorie could tell us about activity in their “other peoples’ money” houses–the eighth, is that correct? And is there a marker to indicate whether the Queen might get tough and take “Sussex” away at some point to protect exploitation of the RF?

  7. Sorry, Marjorie but your quote is totally untrue and utter tabloid trash: “Her delusional dreams of a multi-billion dollar charity along the lines of the Gates, Obamas, Oprah Winfrey will run into the sand after a year or so when the untitled Royal schtick loses its glister.”

    Be factual please! Meghan nor Harry ever stated this outrageous ambition to be billionaires. They informed the public on their website that they were stepping back as senior royals and would strive to be financially independent eventually while serving the country and the royal family. That ambition sounds fair to me as other spares in this and other modern royal families are doing the same for years. Their site has just been updated. Interesting read!

    I wish the Sussex family all the best and a happy future together!

    • Julie, Manners. No intemperate accusations.
      They have said they want a ‘normal’ life – living in a borrowed $11 million house, flying private plane-wise to baby showers and to Elton John on the Cote D’Azur, mixing with the fabulously wealthy. You can’t keep up that lifestyle on the kind of money Harry has. It was Diana’s problem – she got a whacking divorce settlement of £17 million but private planes, yachts and the trimmings can’t be supported on several millions. You need extraordinary wealth to run those lifestyles.

    • I kinda agree with you given the fact that whenever they are in public it seems as if Harry is more passionate about Meghan than she is for him, but I think not only the fact that Harry’s being the spare but all of the rumors that he isn’t Charles’s biological son has made him feel like an outsider for a long time and getting married to Meghan was push that Harry needed to make his break from the family reality.

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