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Roger Stone, longtime Trump associate, convicted last year on multiple counts of lying to congressional investigators and on a count of witness intimidation, was handed a 40 month prison term after scathing comments from the Judge. Four prosecutors resigned after the Department of Justice countermanded their request for a longer sentence. Stone’s lawyers moved to disqualify the judge in his case, claiming her remarks at his sentencing rendered her unable to fairly rule on his bid for a new trial. There is also a fair probability that Trump would pardon him.

Justice in America!

Stone isn’t looking remotely cheerful with a couple of Neptunian sinkers through this month and March, followed by a disastrous tr Uranus opposition his Mars/Saturn midpoint in April plus a loss making tr Saturn opposition his Jupiter/Saturn at the same time. Some of these influences run on and off into 2021 as well.

But he does have a ‘lucky’ chart with a string Jupiter opposition Moon Mars square Sun – and a Jupiterian connection to Trump. Though his relationship with Trump is looking a touch separated this year with tr Saturn opposition the composite Sun Mercury.

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Roger Stone, a political strategist and long-time ally of Trump, has been arrested in Florida, charged with seven counts in the Mueller probe – for obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness-tampering.

The charges are linked to an alleged Russian-led hack into the emails of Democratic Party officials and their subsequent release by WikiLeaks in the run up to the 2016 US election. According to BBC’s Anthony Zurcher, ‘The move marks a significant development in this nearly two-year legal drama. For the first time a member of Mr Trump’s inner circle, albeit an informal one, is facing charges directly related to Russian election meddling – the central thrust of the special counsel’s investigation.’

Born 27 August 1952 in Connecticut, Stone is a political lobbyist and consultant having worked for Nixon and Reagan and other Republicans; and is a long-time business associate of Paul Manafort. He is a self-confessed ‘dirty trickster’ and says his MO is ‘Attack, attack, attack—never defend” and “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

He has a Virgo Sun but his chart is dominated by a fearsome, controlling and opportunistic Fixed Grand Cross of Mars (Moon) in Scorpio opposition Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto opposition North Node in Aquarius – ultra-controlling, not given to social niceties, will cut corners to get what he wants, stubborn to the nth degree and vengeful.

He’s unlikely to roll over and play nice for the authorities and giving in is hardly his style. But for all that despite a bullish front from tr Pluto trine his Jupiter through 2019, he looks disheartened, untypically panicked and facing a run of disastrous setbacks this July and onwards into 2020.

His relationship chart with Trump isn’t as beneficial as their long connection would suggest with a mutually unsupportive composite Mars Neptune conjunction; though that is balanced by an expansive Sun Jupiter. It looks on high alert at the moment till mid-February with tr Uranus square the composite Sun; and stressed from tr Neptune in hard aspect to the composite Mars/Pluto; with some relief in April, but mounting concern in June and on.


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  1. It’s worth to notice that Stone’s career are a “credible” political operator all but ended in 1996, when he was working for Bob Dole’s Campaign and caught posting adds on swinger magazines. After that, he became bit of a charlatan, even estetically speaking – he wasn’t this over the top earlier on. But really, while even his old pal Paul Manafort was able to monetarize his connections, Stone was forced to accept all kind of high visibility but
    low financial return gigs. Looking at Stone’s chart, the most evident passage in 1996 was, of course, Pluto square Sun. If that Scorpio Moon is correct – I think there’s a tiny chance he could have a Sadgittarius Moon with a late evening birthtime? -, he probably hasn’t recovered.

    Regarding coming transits, it’s also worth noticing his Moon and Mars would be hit by squares from Saturn around the time he should be released from prison. These are obvious “huhs” for me. I guess he might either try to evade and be caught, or be hit by new charges. Apparently, Julian Assange is collaborating with prosecutors at least in some points. This can’t be good news for Stone.

  2. Great post, Marjorie. Thank you (for both). Interesting that Stone has a “lucky chart.” That explains how he has gotten away with dirty deeds for so many years. It took a long while for it all to catch up with him. Similar to Trump in that respect, although it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Trump is the king of luck. He just keeps sailing through, flipping the finger at adversity.

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