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  1. Hello Marjorie,
    I wonder if you could take a look at Madonna’s chart. There are repeated reports of her struggle with a knee injury during her current tour, keeping fans waiting hours before her performances and what appears to be a general determination to ignore ‘getting older’. I vaguely remember a previous post from a few years back where you suggested she will struggle with coming to terms with getting old and keeping herself ‘body beautiful’. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello Marjorie

    If you have the time and inclination please can you look at Julián Assange and his legal prospects? Thanks if you do, Alex

  3. Yes, by the speed this is proceeding in Italy, The US will have the first major local outbreak VERY soon. I don’t know if there’s some kind of a contingency plan for Democratic Primaries in case places where voting is supposed to happen are quaranteened.

    Quaranteens WILL happen in the next couple of weeks.

  4. I found this reading interesting. Seems to have timed old Bern’s heart attack spot on. Quote: “transiting Uranus (sudden change and electrical forces) is putting stress on his natal Chiron/Pluto (health concerns). This cycle began in June of 2019 with a hit to his Pluto which will be in effect into the fall, and then hits again in April of 2020 in the midst of primary season.”
    Anything to add or disagree Marjorie? Seems to be in line with your forecast.

    • If I was Bernie/a supporter I’d worry not only about that bubble-bursting tr Neptune square Jupiter coming late March, plus the disruptive tr Uranus square Pluto also late March into April – but even more so the Solar Arc Pluto opposition Mars which is already within less than a degree and will shift to the same degree within weeks – that is totally road-blocked and high-risk.

      • Hi Marjorie
        I wonder if the Mars Pluto energy will manifest as the powerful and volcanic underground opposition to Sanders? The deep state, DNC, Zionists and the like, focussing their collective loathing and ire against Sanders, to in some manner deprive him of the ticket? He is the worst nightmare of some terrible people

      • Uranus will be on the exact cusp of his 6th house in late March too. Mars in the middle of March will square his 6th house ruler, Venus.

        • I think it might have somethig to do with health – I would say the coronavirus (that may be affecting the entire usa and the world by then).

          • Yes, by the speed this is proceeding in Italy, The US will have the first major local outbreak VERY soon. I don’t know if there’s some kind of a contingency plan for Democratic Primaries in case places where voting is supposed to happen are quaranteened.

            Quaranteens WILL happen in the next couple of weeks.

      • Technically, I have no clue what all if this means. I get the impression from genuine astros that the consensus is old Bern won’t be the nominee as his regression seems imminent. If I’m interpreting this right, then oh happy day! Wisdom resides in the middle ground, not extremes.

      • I think everybody will be coming after Bernie in the next Democratic debate, and he won’t fend himself well. He has that Moon conjunct Mars in Aries, so not the most controlled person emotionally. Which is probably why he blurts out things that have consequences for everybody but DJT. This actually is my main issue with him, rather than his policies, which are more or less from Nordic Social Democratic playbook. But truly, telling how Cuba had a great literacy program under Castro maybe isn’t the best strategy in an election where Florida counts. There are better ways to justify the stand he took during Cold War.

        • If Bernie is the Democratic candidate, i suspect the current president will have a good chance I think. Please let the Democrats get someone credible to fight the election.

  5. Hi Marjorie,

    I don’t know where to post a new post so here it is.

    What about Italy and Iran coronavirus cluster? Pandemic is coming?


    • I was thinking about Italy as well. I have friends in the area, and my daughter’s friend has one set of grandparents Codogno.

      This is also worrying because if a cluster like this formed in Italy, there are probably more elsewhere in Western World, and this is already closing businesses and effecting stock market. On the bright side, there was another manufactured political crisis in Italy last week, now it seems cancelled.

      • It looks like the coming Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus at the end of March, through April and May will coincide with the predicted (on this blog) downturn in the global economy as a result of the coronavirus.

        • Apparently, it takes a Pandemia scare to make markets notice certain trends. The fact is manufacturing has been down over 12 months Globally, and it becomes harder and harder for many companies to find a way to twist this fact (“usual” course being rearranging reporting to make things look better).

  6. Marjorie,

    So it looks like Sanders’s is possibly cruising to the nomination, and 70 % of all delegates are awarded by the end of March, so if his March is great, quite frankly it’s a wrap, the nomination is his. Can we get a look at his aspects from July to November? Let’s also possibly take a look at AOC and Pelosi as they’ll be highly affected during that period as well. I’m very concerned his year is a shitshow, because again if his March is truly amazing as you say, the nomination is basically his.

  7. Leo Varadkar with 5.30 birth time therefore has tr Saturn moving through the nadir of his chart in his 2nd house which is never a successful time. Plus tr Neptune is moving to oppose his 9th house communicative Moon soon – these are the two main indicators of lack of popularity. Plus of course tr Saturn conjunct his Sun and then Mars in Capricorn – but the two last wouldn’t be sufficient on their own to indicate failure. Though they would indicate discouragement, a reality check and an irritating setback.

  8. There is a lot of discussion across the net that Meghan Markle’s birth date is inaccurate and that she is much older (3-5 years) than she claims to be (an old Hollywood trick!). There is, allegedly, some evidence to support this – such as yearbooks, schoolmates etc – but nothing really definitive. I have seen one Youtube astrologer who did a chart on the current “known”date and was baffled as to why it didn’t fit what we already knew – so she did it again with an “older” birthdate and it was more in keeping. How do astrologers get their dates and can charts tell you when it is wrong?

    • I’m sorry, but this is just rubbish. There’s actually very little a celebrity can do nowadays to “lie” on their age if they went to school in The US. School records are public. In Meghan’s case, we can say she definitely did not start preschool at 11. 😉 Also, if she really was in her 40’s, wouldn’t you think her “wonderful” family who are constantly telling people what a big lier she is, had already used it against her?

      I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I’m sick and tired of how that “Birther Conspiracy” was used against Obama, and this is the same level of malign, even if in this case completely irrelevant, disinformation.

      • If you choose to re-read the paragraph, the Markle horoscope dates “issue” is an example to lead-in to a general question regarding sourcing dates, and to ascertain if a chart reading can indicate incorrect data.

        • The way astrologers obtain information varies from country to country, and even from state to state, because both the rigour in recording births and availibility of said records vary. In The US there are states which give access even to birth certificates of public figures, but generally speaking, easily accessable sources would include school and college yearbooks, and – this is where we often can thank investigative repoters – court filings. The best case scenario would obviously be a Birth Certificate for a hospital birth from one of the States that record time of birth (I think not all do). Sometimes this is not available, and even date of birth might be somewhat off, but in post-WWII US, unlikely by years.

          So, I at least tend to use Occam’s Razor on date of births. You can be pretty certain of them holding in Developed World from 1960’s onwards. But areas with conflicts are another thing. I always have felt, for instance, that for a reason or another, Vladimir Putin’s chart is “off”, and he might be somewhat older than his official records state. But this is also based to what I know about post-WWII Soviet Union. There were millions of orphaned and displaced children, and millions of parents who’d lost their children in traumatic ways. I think that in Putin’s case, his already elderly parents who’d lost his older brothers, probably kept him “unregistered” to keep him off school and military service for a year or two longer. He might even be an unofficial adoptee from his mother’s family (he looks remarkably like his mother).

    • Finding accurate birth data is the bane of an astrologer’s life. For which reason the late Lois Rodden (Astrodatabank) was such a godsend and meticulous about her rankings from dirty to A. But even triple AA rated birth certificate authentication is only as good as father’s memory a week after the happy event when he records the birth. Hospital records would be better but are usually not available. The Queen Mother’s birth wasn’t recorded for six weeks and who knows what the right day would be, never mind time. Astrotheme has birth data but no sourcing and can be iffy.
      In certain parts of the world there aren’t good records kept and if you were born in a mud hut – like Saddam Hussein – it’s unlikely anyone was calendar/clock watching so such charts should be regarded as suspect.
      Actresses were notorious for knocking a few years off their ages but that’s more difficult to do nowadays with better public records and internet info-swaps from old school mates etc.
      Having said that there are also irksome people who pop up and insist a public figure’s day, year etc is wrong – they’re on the whole just contrary and like causing trouble. Although some of it may also be they can’t find a reason on the chart for a particular event, which may be their failing.
      The example suggested that an older birth year for MeghanM threw up more relevant pointers. That is another oddity – that sometimes the wrong data will produce what appears to be the right answer. That’s remarked on by Charles Harvey in one of his books – and there’s no answer to that, except that a birth chart throws up a mountain of numbers and by coincidence some will fit.
      The one chart recently where it flitted across my mind there might be some problem with the birth data is Dominic Cummings – not so much from the characteristics indicated by the chart but the absolute lack of any cheer at his extraordinary wins. Quite the contrary – he looked thoroughly grumpy and set back on his heels. Time will tell when the memoirs come out as to what actually was going on.
      I tend to rate birth data on the results – what it shows up when major events occur. The China coronavirus much to my surprise didn’t show up spectacularly on the China 1949 chart but does on the 1912 chart. For countries the older dates tend to work better so that was an eye opener.
      You always have to keep in mind there may be question marks over accuracy but mainly if the events shows up on chart transits/progressions etc it means they’re there or there about.

      • “The China coronavirus much to my surprise didn’t show up spectacularly on the China 1949 chart but does on the 1912 chart.”

        I think this may also be because the event will, ultimately, be less consequental in China than elsewhere. The deathtoll from this virus seems to be in line with a new strain of influenza. And the psychological effect of having all sorts of restrictions would be greater in The West, where people are not used to restrictions of personal liberty the way Chinese would be. You can see this from the way markets reacted – there was hardly any reaction to half of China being quarantined or the virus spreading in South Korea. Italy lead to a market freakout.

  9. Marjorie,

    I was wondering if you had any further updates regarding Bernie Sanders. He won the Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus today. The numbers are still coming in…but Sanders has been declared the winner. Joe Biden actually same in second place.

    Anyway, the news is reporting Sanders won the Hispanic and Latino vote, the White vote, and the younger African-American vote in Nevada.

    • We’re in a middle of a Mercury Retrograde, and the best part of punditry seem to have lost their minds over Bernie’s expectedly good (his loss there in 2016 was narrow) showing in Nevada. 😀

      The way I see this happening is that Klobuchar and Stayer will drop out after South Carolina, and Buttigieg has trouble on Super Tuesday due to not having sufficient ground operation at places such as Texas. “Moderate” Democratic vote will consolidate behind Biden. Also, while this wasn’t still visible in Nevada, where most votes were cast before the latest debate, if Warren can keep up (and she should, she has raised tons of money) she will start to eat some of that “Bernie vote”. Apparently, she had a 20-25 point surge in some of the larger voting points in Nevada from early voting to votes cast on Saturday. Latest polls in California have her second, and this surge is coming from Bernie base, not moderates.

      Therefore, I still think that Bernie won’t arrive to 50 per cent of delegates, and it will be a Brokered Convention, probably between Sanders, Biden, Buttigieg and Warren.

  10. Would you mind doing an update and giving a thought as to whether or not he will be the nominee? I ask because, right now, he’s doing very well but your previous writing seemed to indicate he doesn’t really have a chance. I also thought, that this being retrograde, there might be some shocks in store for the candidates.

  11. Hi;

    can you do, please, an update of the coronavirus/covid situation? When will it – if ever – slow down?

    This is very scary.

    Best Regards,


  12. Dear Marjorie,

    Dolores O’Riordan’s birth time is 6.10 pm and Leo Varadkar’s birth time is 5.30 am according to Astrodatabank.

    Kind regards,


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