Prince Andrew – round and round he goes

  Is there a magic lever which allows some individuals to switch from negative to positive and transform the energies of their chart to develop themselves and their life? Conversely why do some refuse to change, running endlessly on the same hamster wheel until eventually they fall off seemingly having learnt nothing at all?  

  Profound questions to heap on the unworthy shoulders of Prince Andrew but he does stir up thoughts of the seven deadly sins and old style preacher condemnation. Stubborness, pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony and lust – and round and round he goes.

  One key factor in his chart is his yod with a focal point Uranus in his 1st inconjunct Saturn sextile Mercury. Tierney is worth quoting in full – “If mismanaged this yod suggests sudden repercussions coming from the environment that radically alter the individual’s lifestyle and often against his will. This turning point can be brought about due to the individual’s intolerance of convention, his excitable yet disruptive behaviour, his active rebellion against the norm or even his lawlessness.”

 His focal point Uranus was given a sharp elbow last year by that momentous tr Uranus conjunct North Node at 18 degrees Taurus which repeated at the Queen Elizabeth’s death (see post 17th June 2022). If anything was a wake up call that was it but it passed by without him blinking.

 The other developmental factor in a chart is the North Node, though many ignore it and remain firmly rooted in their unevolved South Node. His 2nd house Virgo North Node suggests a tendency to be overly dependent (sliding back into 8th house of other people’s money), be self-pitying and escapist. His redemption would come through service to others.  He  should not expect to grow through other people’s efforts and money but to learn resilience and independence. He needs to pay his own way.

  He does have a 7th house Pisces Sun opposition Pluto and a 4th house Scorpio Moon, both of which will tend to make him hang on for control but both are capable of insight and personal growth which seems to escape him.

  His 5th Harmonic is strongly aspected which can bring strength and capability. But the downside has a tendency to be sensationalist and self-indulgent. His 9th and 18th are heavily marked as well. 9H can be humanitarian but is also money-seeking and can be frivolous, immoral and irresponsible if not evolved. 18H can bring a character twist that is unfortunate. His self-defeating, self-inflicted disaster 16h is also notable.

  He seems to pick the negative of all the aspects which if turned the right way up could  put him on the road if  not to righteousness at least to a fulfilled life.

 His yod has been triggered since last year with tr Uranus square his natal Uranus and also by SA Saturn conjunct Mercury on one leg. His Progressed Mars will also conjunct his Mercury in 2025 giving his yod another almighty shunt; and his SA Neptune will conjunct his Saturn on the other leg in 2026. Life will offer him insights throughout, though whether he is capable of grasping the lesson is a different story.

  What is for certain is that the other senior Royals will finally decide enough is enough. From April onwards there are signs of upheavals between him and Prince Edward, Camilla, King Charles in June and Princess Anne across July plus Prince William all the way through. That coincides with tr Uranus in his 10th opposition his 4th house Scorpio Moon – a change of life’s direction, involving a house move and significant changes within the family. His SA Pluto conjunct hid 4th house Neptune exact late 2024 also hints at home and family muddles.

  Throughout it all he’ll bluster and bull**** with two Jupiter midpoints giving him that edge of confidence/arrogance that assumes he is entitled to special treatment.

  It remains to be seen whether tr Saturn through his 8th for two years through 2025/2026 when he is thrown back on his own resources financially and emotionally will drill some sense into him.

Helpful suggestions.

Places to settle – Moon on his IC eastern Europe down through Egypt, maybe Durban in South Africa.

Jupiter IC  – Kazakhstan, an area he knows well.

Sun IC – Myanamar, Phillippines,  Darwin in central Australia.

12 thoughts on “Prince Andrew – round and round he goes

  1. Thx Marjorie do you see any real legal jeopardy for him? Will he face a judge in the US or UK and is there a realistic prospect of an official guilty verdict? Also any good omens for Assange?

  2. I read some time ago that Epstein paid off some of Sarah’s debts but as I have never seen another comment on it, I am not sure if that is right.

  3. No worries, JY.

    I see that the April 8th total solar eclipse will conjunct the Andrew/Charles composite chart’s Midheaven to the degree. Moreover, the February 19th Chiron/North Node conjunction, not only conjuncts the Andrew/Charles composite Midheaven within 3 degrees but also happens to occur on Andrew’s 64th birthday. Interestingly, the April Solar Eclipse will oppose Sarah Ferguson’s Sun in Libra.

  4. He seems to possess no ability for self-reflection or awareness, hence there is very little chance of psychological growth. I have always been curious about his upbringing, seeing as QEII was a devout and conscientious ruler who understood the virtue of humility, at keast on the surface. One reads that as a child he would throw random objects on the floor and then demand servants pick them up. Why would you want your child to behave in such an odious way is beyond me. I am yet to read of anyone who had a pleasant encounter with him.

    “His 2nd house Virgo North Node suggests a tendency to be overly dependent (sliding back into 8th house of other people’s money), be self-pitying and escapist.”

    Neptune has been hovering around his South Node in the 8th for some time now. Though that has all the hallmarks of other people’s money and indeed his own security draining away, he could as Marjorie suggests redeem himself somewhat by doing charitable work or attempting some kind of gesture of contrition. This is unlikely since he shows absolutely no signs of remorse. I expect that wherever he ends up, his bizarre ex-wife will go with him. Such an odd, co-dependant relationship, involving a ton of Neptunian rose-tinted fuel, which I guess feeds his impermeable narcissistic personality.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if that Saturn through 8th transit is what does it. I’m just coming to the end of that – Saturn moves on just before Valentine’s Day for me. It’s not been all bad, but it’s a do or die transit for sure. It’s very serious energy. He will definitely be thrown onto himself, and his resources. I was given one piece of advice when the transit started which was to “not borrow money”, which I only sometimes took! He must be open to evolve during the transit, or he’ll degenerate irrevocably during, or soon after that point.

  5. In the case of Andrew, why would it be helpful to relocate to places on his Sun or Jupiter IC? Why not look at MC destinations? My knowledge of astrocartography is limited, and Marjorie if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be aware of it at all. Trying to expand my understanding of this interesting area.

    Andrew has an unusual relationship with his ex-wife Sarah. They seem like two peas in a pod, apparently bonded for life. Why wouldn’t he want her to have official status as his actual wife? Their arrangement keeps her on the outskirts of respectability. Seems not very nice, can’t be easy for their daughters to handle.

    • MC is where you are a success. We don’t want him successful. Down a foxhole and disappear which is IC = comfortable domestically Oddly his promiscuous Venus Mars MC is through Epstein’s favourite island retreat. Urgh.

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