Julian Assange – last throw of the legal dice

Julian Assange is facing a final chance to prevent his extradition to the US in a two day London hearing on 20-21 February to consider his appeal. He is wanted on criminal charges on 18 counts, including one under a spying act. Wikileaks released hundreds of thousands of secret classified files and diplomatic cables in 2010 which prosecutors say imperilled the lives of agents named in the leaked material. His supporters say he is an anti-establishment hero who has been victimised because he exposed U.S. wrongdoing, and that his prosecution is an assault on journalism and free speech. He spent seven years holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London and has been held in a UK prison since 2019.

 He was born 3 July 1971 3pm Townsville, QLD, Australia and has an 8th house Cancer Sun square Uranus with a hope-for-a-better-society (and neurotic) Neptune opposition Saturn with Neptune in a scandal-prone, unstable conjunction with Jupiter. He also has an obdurately stubborn 4th house Mars in Aquarius conjunct his campaigning Aquarius North Node and a hidden Scorpio Moon – not easy at an emotional level.

 Tr Uranus will square his 4th house Mars through this April which could suggest a domestic shock upheaval. And his SA Uranus is conjunct his Neptune within months which is highly strung and nervy. His SA Sun is square his Saturn on the degree within weeks and exact in 10 months which will be discouraging. Tr Neptune is also opposing his Pluto from April which will make him feel disempowered.

  He looks trapped and frustrated this year and next from tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars midpoint with the one stoke of luck coming from August this year from tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter (repeating into 2025). 2025 also had another lucky-break from tr Pluto square his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint into 2026 – so whatever happens he’s fighting on.

  London was a bad choice of a stop-over for him since it puts Pluto on his IC and Mars in his 8th – both trapped and infuriated.  New York or DC have Sun in the 4th which might be more settled. Not great for health with Uranus Pluto in the 6th. But might oddly enough be more amiable.

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  1. Poor Julian Assange!….. we can’t even leave a comment for this post!
    Although I do read some of the ongoing news of this man’s plight, I have to say, I just don’t get it.
    Or get something about “it”…. his whole story baffles me!

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