Prince Andrew – more millions, less remorse

Prince Andrew appears to have reached a settlement with Virginia Giuffre, on the eve of the court case, estimated to be over £10 million, without admitting much apart from regret at his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Legal experts say it would have cost him more money to avoid having to confess to meeting her which he has always denied. His sanctimonious pledge to help the victims of sex trafficking in future were reckoned to be a desperate attempt to keep a door open for a return to public life down the line. ???

  What was always mystifying about his astrology was the sprinkling of Jupiter around – a lucky break tr Uranus opposition to a Jupiter midpoint now till mid March; a Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his 7th house Sun, exact within weeks; and a go-ahead and usually successful tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint from early 2023 to late 2024 which will super-charge his confidence. In his deluded state he may feel he has escaped jeopardy.

   That’s on the upside.  On the downside – tr Pluto is in a frustrating, scary, trapped conjunction to his Mars this month and then his Venus, which will ramp up his emotional reactions – rage, jealousy, envy – on and off till late 2023. Given they sit in his 6th house, it could also have health implications, especially with his Solar Arc Moon moving to conjunct his Mars, exact within weeks, which can bring a shock, and then conjunct his Venus in 2023.

Plus his Progressed Moon is moving through his 8th house from a few months back and running on till August 2023 which is deep, a time of inner conflict, and can offer the chance of transformation through suffering. His Solar Arc Saturn is also moving through his 8th about to conjunct his hidden Mercury, exact within 7 months which could drag more murk into the open, perhaps financial, since there are questions over his money-laundering Kazakh buddies and how he supports a lavish lifestyle on minimal income at the moment.

  He’s also got a stressed and bad tempered April this year; followed by calamities late May to mid June, November and March 2023 as tr Uranus opposes his Mars/Pluto midpoint. Then tr Saturn in Pisces will conjunct his Sun and oppose his Pluto throughout 2023 which will be sobering.

  His future depends largely on Prince Charles and William, once he loses his mother’s protection. His relationship with Charles, never good at the best of times, has been jolted and jarred since late 2021, as he lost his final titles and patronages, right through till early April as their composite Moon square Saturn is being pounded by the tr Uranus square tr Saturn. There may be tense discussions about how much visibility he will have at Prince Philip’s memorial and the Queen’s Jubilee. Their relationship will remain wreathed in fog through this year.

  But it is William he has to watch out for. With his brother Charles there has always been a competitive irritation and emotional chill. But his nephew seriously dislikes him and that will become a major obstacle to any re-emergence. Their relationship chart has tr Pluto square the composite Sun in 2023/24 with worse to follow. There is a Yod in their relationship chart of Mars Neptune sextile Pluto inconjunct Sun Mercury, so it may be that William has a clear eye as to how his own destiny could be knocked off track by the antics of his rancid uncle.

  Sarah Ferguson, 15 October 1959 9.03 am London, is also looking strangely relieved in the near future. Though her prospects look anything but rosy in particular on the financial front in coming years. Andrew in the past has baled her out but that may no longer be possible as the purse strings tighten for him and her profligate spending and incompetent financial management land her in more trouble.

  Virginia Giuffre, who had indicated through her lawyer that she would accept a settlement only if he admitted guilt, may assume that a large enough sum handed to herself and to sexual abuse charities is vindication enough. But for all that she is not looking too happy. Tr Pluto is in a frustrated and trapped opposition to her Mars this month and on and off till late 2023, with tr Pluto also square her Pluto Saturn which is change under extreme stress. She also has a disruptive tr Uranus square her Leo Sun from late May on and off into early 2023. Tr Jupiter through her 8th will help, bringing money her way at the moment; as well as a sense of leaving the past behind. A trial would have been a punishing ordeal for her.

  More will emerge on this in coming days.  One question being raised is about justice for the rich – they can buy their way out of admissions by paying out vast sums. The other is who paid? – provoking questions by Republicans about the Queen’s wealth.

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  1. He’s reprehensible. I can only hope that somewhere in this sordid mess that ol’ Slick Willy Bill Clinton involvment gets fully revealed as well.

  2. Following on from my faint hopes and comment that some sign changes may lead to better prosecutions for sexual crimes, I found something interesting. In 1861 the Offences Against the Person Act (age of consent 12) was passed. It wasn’t that successful apparently. However, that year Neptune was still in Pisces, entering Aries in April. There was a Saturn/Uranus square with Uranus in Gemini and Saturn in Virgo.

    Then, in 1885, came the Criminal Law Amendment Act, which raised the age of consent from 13 to 16. This act was brought in as a result of campaigning journalism by W. T. Stead, who claimed he had bought a 13 year old girl from her own parents – for the purpose of demonstrating how easy this was in Victorian London, which was then a place of numerous adult sex workers, and very young child prostitutes of both sexes. That year, Pluto entered Gemini, and Uranus entered Libra – a descriptive trine I think – the law (Libra) and the media (Gemini). There was also a square between Saturn, newly in Cancer, and Uranus, newly in Libra. Neptune in Taurus aligned with Algol that year too, where the Moon’s Nodes are transiting now. I suspect Algol has a role to play here, but it would need further research. Also the Saturn/Uranus square may be significant.

    Sorry I don’t have dates for these Acts, but the planetary patterns offer a flavour of each of the relevant years when they were passed.

    • Jane,
      Nov 27 2021 post on Neptune in Aries:
      Last time round – 1861 – 1874
      The Bahai faith was founded as was the forerunner to the Salvation Army and the Geneva Convention established the Red Cross.
      ‘Neptune in Aries may be about individuals submitting themselves to a bigger cause than themselves. It does seem to coincide, in the Western world at least with an increase in individual rights and was one of advancements for formally disenfranchised people.’
      The first UK trade union was legalised in 1872 and in the U.S. the “Knights of Labor” was set up. The U.K. Education Act of 1870 bringing in elementary schooling for all children and legislation on child labour. The USA gave voting rights to all ethnicities. The UK Married Women’s Property Act allowed married women to retain their earnings and inherit.

      Both of the below Acts had a fair sprinkling of earth. Offences Against Person Act 6 August 1861 – Neptune in Aries. Pluto in Taurus trine Capricorn North Node trine Saturn, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo. Uranus in Gemini.
      Criminal Law Amendment Act 14 August 1885 – Neptune in Taurus trine Virgo North Node; Pluto in Gemini trine Uranus in Libra.
      We can but travel hopefully. I do think information sharing may well prove to be a modern weapon of great force in the good fight. As well as a force for evil as well, of course.

  3. Thank you Marjorie for fighting the good fight. It is psychologically hard to deal with such evil in the world – I recall being unable to read Amnesty’s reports after a while.

    As for VG, whatever the inconsistencies in her story, PA has not been able to explain why there is a photo of him with his arm around a young girl in London, in the presence of GM, no less – and the rebuttals he tried to give about eating pizza with his children or ‘not being able to sweat’ have been questionable.

    I wish she hadn’t taken the money after saying she wouldn’t, esp. because I was hoping to hear more about other possible victims, or other predators, if that should come up in the trial, but I can understand why she might just want to put this behind her, while obtaining some sort of vindication after all his denials.

  4. I did sort of wonder why VG seemed to be a one-off. Because it seemed odd that there weren’t more women coming forward, given all the publicity. Now it seems that the Royal family have been covering up for him for years, presumably paying hush money.

    But given all the publicity that has come out of PAs behaviour towards those who he considers inferior, you have to wonder if that might be one of the main motivators in pursuing him. So many of his victims practically implode with all the pent up frustration and rage, It doesn’t take a genius to realise that he must have belittled and humiliated her. It must surely rankle.

    Today, you can access various way to deal with a bully in the workplace. Generally Human Resources are geared up for dealing with it. But you can also approach one of the many trade unions (you don’t have to be a member) who will help you through the industrial tribunal process. You can also tell the police who now take hate crime extremely seriously.

    But of course VG wouldn’t have had access to such things. Many might consider bullying pretty minor stuff when considered next to rape or assault. But most victims suffer horrendously. And the effects can last years.

    Of course you are all free to disagree with my viewpoint. But given the amount of people that have been verbally abused by him, is it really that far-fetched that he would do the same to VG?

  5. In 1981 I spent a month with 2 people who had recently been expelled from Gordonstoun. They had been in the same year as Priince Edward and described him glowingly. They also told me stuff about Prince Andrew which suggests that the royal family must have had a fund for a long time for paying off those who came forward with stories about Andrew´s escapades. Well done to Virginia for bringing this into the open!

  6. What made a huge difference in campaigning against sexual abuse denial in the 1990s was the emerging internet. When I stumbled into the argument in 1994 (partly by mistake it would have to be said) I did not have email. Then I was put in touch (don’t remember how) with US researchers who insisted I get one – and there emerged a small international coterie – UK, USA, Australia etc. Three people fighting the good fight in Australia couldn’t make much headway but backed by information and moral support from elsewhere they could. It was also monumentally cheaper emailing research papers rather than faxing them.
    The coming Aquarius – Air and Fire energy – may help in information gathering and building up a critical mass. The media also has a crucial role to play which the internet also spreads far and wide. Look at #metoo – Ronan Farrow was the catalyst; and Julie Brown in the Miami Herald blew the whistle on the whole sordid Epstein story and cover up.
    Drama also has its part to play. Helen Mirren’s Prime Suspect which focused on abuse in UK care homes brought it into people’s living rooms in a more acceptable form – and may well have been a catalyst for inquiries that followed. With help from The Times and (I think) the Independent.
    There was a memorable line in that Prime Suspect as the detective is trying to persuade a messed-up ex-care home kid to give evidence against his abuser and he was refusing. Mirren said ’do you not think it is your responsibility?’. He said ‘No, it’s yours.’
    Until society steps up to get a grip, it will be almost impossible to shift. Why is it left to the most damaged to have to shoulder all the weight of the harrowing process of bringing it to justice?
    Rant for the day over.

  7. The fog of war has nothing on the pea-souper which descends at speed on any sexual abuse allegations. So by the end of it you’ve not the foggiest idea what’s true and what isn’t. Which is of course the objective for the sweep-it-under-the-carpet merchants.
    ‘Vanity Fair stated that Giuffre’s story was first publicized in March 2011 by the Mail on Sunday; the coverage included the photo showing Prince Andrew with his arm around her at Maxwell’s house in Belgravia, London.
    According to this Prince Andrew was in the frame from the start and also in her unpublished memoir, unsealed in court records – see:

    She was a brutalised teenager (since age 7) who was making the best of a bad job – known in psychology as sugar-coating the pill. She acted badly? Sure. Many of the kids raped and beaten in care homes ended up in prison having turned criminal. What a surprise. But she seems to have pulled herself away from that life. Ghislaine Maxwell never did.
    I’ll forgive a screwed up teenager a good deal – an adult not so much.

    • This begs a very fundamental question in such cases. When the events took place, who among all the individuals involved held the position of power at that time? Who could have stopped it from happening at that time?

      It was definitely not VG.

      • And which powers abetted covering it up since 2011.

        This also reminds me of the story that broke years ago about a so called investigation into an alleged paedophile ring involving young boys from care homes operating which involved many prominent powerful men and Government Minsters and senior police, allegedly, in the UK. Which to this day fell off a cliff. Don’t think it was satisfactorily resolved because apparently case files got lost, boys were scared, and threatened. Police investigation stalled. The whole shebang. To this day we know not what happened with that. That’s my fuzzy recollection of what I read.

        So sad what some children have to experience and then thats all they know and carry through life with them. Pavlov’s theory and experiment around conditioning is proven.

        I am neutral about VG taking the money cause we all know money is power. Look what those who have it can get away with. Whether I agree or not doesn’t really matter. What matters to me is that PA has been exposed nicely which was obviously something that needed to happen a long time before now. Good luck to her i say.

        I do wonder though if all those, who say no she shouldn’t have taken the money, were offered that they would turn it down? Hmm….! Just a thought or 10.

        • It is a truly dispiriting problem to be around since these ‘bury the sins’ situations happen(ed) frequently. And not only with high-profile, wealthy types.
          A professional wrote once (and I can’t find the exact words) about the odd phenomenon with sexual abuse cases where there is proven abuse yet after a while, once the smears and lies and denying screamers get to work, the whole thing just ‘seals over’ as if it no abuse had ever taken place.
          It is marginally better nowadays with Weinstein, Spacey, Cosby, the Rotherham abusers, RC priests, scout leaders, sports coaches etc being outed and in some cases nailed. And that is in spite of the police making a total codswallop of certain cases with such staggering incompetence even I begin to wonder if there isn’t a sinister motive. Probably not. They are just frighteningly thick.

  8. When I looked into VGs case pertaining to PA I found out that the very first book she wrote about her abuse during her time with Epstein, PA was not mentioned even once. Those who back her like the pilot that flew Epstein from Morocco to Epstein’s home never once laid eyes on his passengers, and just made the assumption that AP was Prince Andrew. It has since come about that Andrew was nowhere in either vicinity, but at a function with many people.. And that AP was someone else whose name began with those initials.

    Now she claims he was there. So now I have to consider whether she is lying or mistaken in the time frame. I mean she wasn’t afraid of naming Clinton, who in the scheme of things exerts much more power than a prince well down the succession.

    Then there is her visit to the UK where she claims she was brought specifically for PAs pleasure. She attempted to try and get him charged with underage sex, not realising that the age of consent is sixteen in the UK. Not rape or sexual assault. Meaning that at the time it allegedly happened, she agreed to do it and took payment for it.

    Now as I said before we don’t know about the time in New York because that has been taken off the table by them settling out of court.

    But assuming that all victims tell the truth and the men they accuse are automatically guilty because she said so is a dangerous precedent. In recent years the British police and justice system did just that. There was one case that sticks out where a student was accused and charged with rape. He went through hell and was expelled from university. It was only that his defence had the foresight to have her cell phone put into evidence, where it was found through her texting that she had bragged to someone about what she had done and how gullible they were to believe her.

    Obviously VG has an axe to grind and has a large pay-day in mind. And she has played it very cleverly by getting the press on her side, which wouldn’t have happened if she had been above the age of consent. It is obvious to me that she didn’t want to go to court at all. The court room is a dangerous place to be, because you can’t control the situation. But out of court is a different ball game entirely. Yes lots of guilty men settle and so do innocent ones, simply because it makes the problem go away, if only temporarily.

  9. Thank you Marjorie, it seems pretty clear that there are more women out and about keen to tell their story. Especially now. It’s never just the one. Epstein and Maxwell groomed many more than Guiffre. Now that Guiffre has opened up a pathway others will follow. The work isn’t over. And blowing the whistle on the powerful always costs so I am not surprised to see the astrology will continue to be challenging. Enemies will be piling in, sharpening their knives. There’s folks saying Guiffre is about the money, or that she’s responsible for her complicity, or whatever. The central point is that this woman has stood up to high status men and women who were determined to abuse her youth and forget her. This is not a popularity contest for Guiffre. Its about shedding light on abuse, even if it’s in “high” places.
    I hope we can use this to shed a light on the other issue that Marjorie brought up – the virtual decriminalization of rape. As the law is a blunt instrument how can we fine tune it so predators can be stopped?

    • Anita – Yes, we are seeing the tip of an enormous iceberg, and I do wonder if some of the many high-level perpetrators will simply disappear from view in this particular case. Very Neptune in Pisces really – smoke and mirrors. In a wider context, many drugs related crimes and burglaries are also going un-noticed by the authorities – more Neptune in Pisces?

      Re the apparent decriminilazation/failures to prosecute rape and sexual assault – I’m wondering whether Neptune (the victim/saviour) in warrior Aries might see a real change. Pluto will be in Aquarius, which at its best is representing humanity en masse. Even Saturn in Pisces may mark a helpful era regarding the law (Saturn) for victims (Pisces)? There is still a remarkable amount of victim blaming, and failure to listen on the part of the authorities – again, I wonder whether Saturn in Pisces might prove helpful here too. Probably being too hopeful, but surely some kind of change is on the way as these planets shift signs in the next few years?

    • I spent a gruelling five years in the 1990s campaigning to prevent the worst excesses of victim blaming and sexual abuse denial. My conclusions at the end as I fell out burnt out and frustrated was that the nasties, the pro-paedophilia lobby (they do unbelievably exist), could be defeated. What couldn’t be cracked was the great congealed mass of ‘nice’ people who make up the bulk of society who did not want to know. They would rather collude with the lies of the perpetrators than actually face the truth.
      They exist in the police, on the juries, amongst the medical profession, especially in psychiatry, in the legal profession, and even in the media – and to a large extent across the middle classes.
      Every so often the reality of the scale of abuse, child and adult, surfaces and society winces. Then the nay-sayers get to work, headline the odd fantasist liar; and because the never-happened story is more palatable people grab for it with relief.
      I stepped out of the arena for two decades and having recently stuck a toe back into the murky waters I found not a lot has changed.
      Child sexual abuse surfaced in the 1980s/1990s as Pluto in Scorpio dredged up the sexual sewers, only to be partially buried again. Then #metoo got going when the disruptive Uranus square Pluto was around last decade.
      The feminists really drove both these movements but this recent nutjob trans war has been a distraction.
      There’s no past precedent to look for but a shift into Air and Fire doesn’t instantly suggest a focus on sexual crimes. I hope I’m wrong. And social media does make a difference for people speaking out and getting heard.

      • “For evil to triumph, it is necessary for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

        Marjorie, the sad reality is that the very same “nice people” don’t want to know unless an unpalatable truth
        lands on their doorstep. As a former facilitator/trainer, many of the ideas myself and other colleagues
        proposed were mocked as “political correctness”. Years later, we were proven to be right when certain
        inappropriate incidents re-emerged.
        You can see the same sullen hostility oozing from the likes of the DT and DM in their deluded war against
        “Woke.” A word that has been cynically co-opted by the right-wing media at present.
        Those papers are read by millions of law-abiding people, but they are utterly disdainful in their treatment
        of females, minorities, LGBT, the working class, etc. It is still 1951 in their narrow mindset.

        My only comfort is that my children’s generation (born in the 1990s) will not have the corrosive attitudes
        of previous generations.

        • Yes, Robert, spot on…. read this in a New Zealand paper recently which I thought sums it up precisely…

          The Grand old Duke of York, he had 12 million quid,
          He gave it to someone he never met
          For something he never did!!!!

      • Thanks for this comment Marjorie. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about the “nice” people. I have experienced their responses (including blaming me) in defence of a perpetrator (a stalker) with a long criminal record. I was fortunate to eventually find a female police officer who had had experience of being stalked herself. She was wonderfully helpful. While I do believe redemption is possible for some, it is not possible for everyone as we see every day in the news. There is much sentimentality around, which obscures the truth and makes things more comfortable for many people. As a rather Plutonic person, I have little time for any of it.

        I agree about Air and Fire not suggesting a focus on sexual crimes. I just think that with the emphasis on the masses, suggested by Aquarius, and fighting, suggested by Aries, there could be a sea change eventually. Possibly Pluto in Aquarius may eventually expose the darker corners of the internet too. Not holding my breath though!

        • As a fellow Plutonic person, I have little time for it too. I remember being a teenage girl and hearing a good, churchgoing mother of a school friend state authoritively that women were raped because of what they wore and therefore it was their fault, you can’t blame the men. I’ve never forgotten how sick, disgusted and angry that made me feel inside as a 15 year old. Old, ingrained attitudes die hard.

  10. Reading the comments, i can only recommend you, if you want to know more about the epsteyn affair and its protagonists, to read the excellent book ” Perversion of Justice” written by Julie K.Brown, reporter at the Miamy Herald. Also recommended by the Guardian’s library.

    • She deserves several medals for dragging this out into the open. The poor Miami police who initially pursued it must have been tearing their hair in disgust and despair when Acosta and Dershowitz cooked up a deal to let Epstein off with a slap on the wrist.

      • Yes, she is a real brave woman considering the ” upper crust” involved. She had nothing to gain doing what she did. It is a huge and precise legal research what she has done. Also publishing the medical finding of epstyn death, quite different from the official conclusions and mainstream press publications
        As for giuffre , i would say, good for her if she makes money out of those bastards. They were exposed and shamed at last even if they deny everything. The world knows she spoke the truth, and that is what counts

  11. “The monarchy has its flaws but is definitely better than the alternative”

    Ok, this may be super obtuse, but isn’t the alternative Nothing – and how is that worse? (Meaning there is a government set up…)

      • Shame Princess Anne wasn’t first born, she’s as dutiful as the Queen, keeps out of the limenight, takes no **** but has the code of her mother. I’ve never thought the monarchy would cease to exist but there has to be a new order……looking at the vile conequences of unlimited weath and entitlement.

        • I seem to remember reading that many years ago it was reported that Prince Phillip made the comment “Of my four children Anne is the only one with any balls.”

  12. I am afraid that I agree with Emma. And I am someone who has been abused. Two of her claims have since been disproved, which has left the time in New York, which as it is now being settled out of court, we will never know.

    It does worry me how PA could ever had a fair trial with a jury. The presumption of innocence until proven guilty seems just an inconvenience to be ignored. It is probably a good thing he is settling out of court, for he would never had stood a chance of winning.

    Even Kevin Spacey who did win, with those who accused him, have admitted lying, hasn’t exactly won anything. I mean he didn’t get his job back for starters. Which proves is all that you need is an accusation and a friendship with someone who has been convicted of a crime, and for that person to appear wealthy, and you have got it made.

    The problem is that she accepted $10,000 or so the story goes, to have sex with PA. In my mind, this is not about him breaking any laws, because if he had, he would be up before a criminal court, anytime he stepped foot in US territory. In essence he could be found guilty in his absence. It is just about the money. If she really wanted justice, she would have gone after the perpetrator who stole her innocence, and that was long before Epstein!

    I would like to believe every person who comes forward claiming abuse. But when you bring large sums of money being brought into it: justice becomes blurred and seemingly unimportant. We have to believe her and not him, because he is such an awful person. So in that instance, because we don’t like him then of course he must be guilty. What a way to run a justice system!

    • Kevin Spacey is a hugely talented actor and it is a tragedy that his character flaws and the culture which indulged them brought him down. 30 individuals have accused him of sexual abuse/harassment. And he’s innocent?
      If we assume ‘proven in a court of law’ equates with reality then 98% of rape reports are nonsense since only two% end up in court. Sexual offences are rapidly becoming decriminalised. Which doesn’t mean all allegations have to be taken at face value. They need checked out. But the law is a very blunt instrument indeed for handling sexual offences.
      And proven innocent? Jeffrey Archer and Lance Armstrong were proclaimed innocent in libel trials and look where that ended up.
      Virginia Giuffre – what was disproved about her stories? That is a genuine question since I don’t know. I’m not saying abuse victims, which she surely was, are always accurate, but it is all too easy to trash their stories and bury the sleaze.
      ‘Giuffre credited the birth of her daughter on January 7, 2010, as the date she decided to come forward publicly and begin speaking out about her experiences of sexual abuse and trafficking, despite the risks’. Her non-profit organization Victims Refuse Silence aims to “help survivors surmount the shame, silence, and intimidation typically experienced by victims of sexual abuse”.
      It’s all very well to say blithely abuse victims should name and shame – but when the allegations are against the rich and powerful even journalists trying to expose the stories are threatened and intimidated into silence.

        • Yes, Thank you, Marjorie, it took guts to tackle these issues, especially in the Nineties. And Jane- I hear you- speaking of stalking situation seems to fall on deaf ears re “nice people”. I did some research on why, particularly women do nothing to assist- it goes right back to tribal roles and keeping the tribe functioning (not rocking the boat) which ensures their own safety. Perhaps these ancient energies are still alive and well in society, despite all the truths coming out which many in all roles and occupations, are keen to disparage. This may be how the Aquarius/Aries energies may play out- fighting for a futuristic society where personal safety/security are seen as reliant on the logic of Justice and it’s ongoing effect towards a healthier society.

  13. The whole shabby affair just underlines what a low rent bunch are the British Royals. I very much doubt that any of them would have achieved even moderate success in a meritocracy.

  14. Londinium Bear…I will do a bit of guess work here to, the monarchy will be a small house when Prince George is King and he will be the last King and more popular than his father. Just one of those things, nothing wrong with Prince William, but Prince George will have more charisma and be very beloved..but times change and the monarchy will not be as relevant to the coming generations.

  15. All around for the RF it is a terrible look. Low morals (I could say more, I won’t) and buy your way out of trouble. This absolutely helps the republican cause.

  16. ‘It’s all very well being sanctimonious and critical from a distance but these situations are a nightmare.’

    I really hope this and the following comments are not aimed at me, though they seem to be because i HAVE been there, otherwise i wouldnt have been in a position to see the grey in the situation. I will not be made to feel like crap by people who are being as judgemental as they claim I am being. What a bunch of spiteful mean girls you are, piling on, when you have no idea what my experiences are, i am horrified. You dont even have the good grace to call me out by name but leave passive agressive statements. I highly doubt any of you have had anything close to the experiences we are all talking about, there are comments on here that are just as potentialy ‘inflammatory’ as mine but you dont go after them do you because they are in your clique..

    Marjorie and many other people have stated that Ghislaine had to take responsibility for ensuring the abuse she suffered as a child and teen was not replayed out on others, its hypocritical of you all to claim that shouldnt be the case here – she groomed girls much younger than her, that is not ‘bad decision making’ its being self absorbed, money orientated and lacking empathy and that is all over her chart. I sympathise with what happened to her, but i absolutely will judge her for what she did to other women much younger than her.

  17. Now in news Prince Charles under police investigation for ‘cash for honours’ charity donations. Is there another royal turmoil coming up? Definitely not a good start for Queen’s jubilee year.

    • I read a book about Prince Charles and there was a lot of emphasis on his ‘work’ entertaining rich people and asking them for large sums of money for his charities.

  18. The Queen had two children before her father died, and then two more some time later, I wonder whether this influenced how they all turned out.

  19. The surprise about Virginia Giuffre is she is standing, talking and functioning at all given what has happened to her since she was seven years old.
    While the notion of nailing the bad guys to a wall with the truth and getting closure at a trial is appealing the reality is these kinds of trials are a) a lottery; and b) extremely re-traumatising for the victims.
    Look at Francis Andrade, dragged into court to give evidence against a music teacher. She got hammered by a jackass defence barrister, who called her a liar. He’s found guilty and she commits suicide days later, saying the trials was worse than the rape. One of the Rosemary West daughters mid way through several days in the witness box at her trial, overdoses but is rescued.
    50 girls gave evidence to police initially about Epstein and he gets a sweetheart deal with six months on a day-release programme. The notion that the law is a protective big daddy is a bad joke.
    I gather Virginia Giuffre did mention Dershowitz and is now getting sued for her trouble.
    It’s all very well being sanctimonious and critical from a distance but these situations are a nightmare. I heard from someone who early on saw the photograph that Andrew’s lawyer was trying to dismiss as fake – and they said it was on a cheap camera, difficult if not impossible to photoshop, and very believable.
    One final thought which isn’t a comment about Virginia Giuffre. Grim experiences don’t always, or ever turn, out adults who have perfect judgement or seamless character traits and moral probity. Abuse warps and perverts and it takes more than a lifetime sometimes to sort out the problems, if they can be sorted.
    She is getting rounds of applause from other victims of abuse who are relieved that someone stood up to be counted – and in these situations money is all that talks. You think the Roman Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts would have paid any attention to complaints about abuse unless it went with a hefty price tag?

    • I couldn’t agree more, Marjorie and I think if you haven’t been a victim you simply cannot imagine what that entails and how it overshadows your life. It effects the way you form relationships, the way you see and feel about your body (and I note today that the truly dreadful Victoria Hervey has attacked VG for her weight gain and appearance – what a nasty piece of work Hervey is) and your thinking processes, the day-to-day triggers you have to cope with, just a taste of the way those shadows from your past can continue to invade you. I think VG is a courageous person for taking on and challenging a patriarchal Establishment which seeks to allow powerful people to get clean away with this sort of behaviour.

    • Totally agree with you Marjorie. It’s very easy to judge and be sanctimonious about her actions unless we have been in her shoes. It’s never easy for an ordinary person to fight the mighty and powerful, no matter how fair the legal and judicial system seem to be. Credit to her for brining Andrew’s misdeeds to light and showing to the world what he truly is.

  20. Andrew is a horrible entitled person and guilty, he deserves everything coming to him. I think it likely he thought she wanted to sleep with him because he was such a catch in his eyes he is so thick and full of himself. It’s obvious Giuffre’s camp decided to go for someone outside of the US with a high profile who would pay up I doubt she was ever preparing herself for a trial.

    If she cared only about sex victims, she would have remained adamant about needing her day in court, this is her third payoff for the same crime with no daylight given to what happened. Why isnt she naming all the hundreds of American and other International powerful men? that would have helped other victims. She procured 13/14 year olds knowing what was ahead of them, she had a choice with that and when she told Epstein she was done working for him, he did not threaten her. She also had the clout and the legal support to have helped others involved get some financial compensation, but did not, with Sun in Leo and the first house.

    Her own luring into that life does not justify her doing it to other women, Mars Pluto is operating both sides here, she victimised others, she wasnt a lone victim.

  21. Thank you Marjorie. It’s interesting how those late Cardinal degrees crop up in these charts, all stressed by Pluto – either recently, or about to begin. Virginia Giuffre herself has that Pluto/Saturn square Mars which seems to be showing it’s relentless grip now. I believe she is suing lawyer Alan Dershowitz (1st September 1938) for defamation next. Perhaps that will contribute to all the stress and disruption in her chart that you write about here? He fits the late Cardinal sign theme with his Venus at 25 Libra.

    As for Andrew, I’d imagine there will be immense pressure from family members to encourage him to hide away. If he loves and respects his mother, he will comply and not spoil her Jubilee year.
    The May lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio is on his Moon, while April’s solar eclipse in Taurus opposes his 4th house Neptune. All the women in his life are emphasised, plus the hidden enemies and self undoing of the 12th house via the Moon’s rulership of that house natally, and Neptune’s traditional home in the 12th. As you say, “more will emerge” – and somehow I suspect there may be individuals out there thinking about selling their stories.

    • The full Moon at 27 Leo (yod with Neptune/Pluto?) plus the perfection of another Venus/Mars conjunction. Mars is now beginning to just edge past Venus, although they have the appearance of transiting together in a fixed conjunction. However, Venus will catch up in speed by the 24/25th and she will inevitably pull away after the Pluto conjunction. So perhaps there is a further twist in the tail. Or maybe it’s just the realisation finally hitting home that he’s still lost despite this settlement.

  22. In the last post, someone asked why VG was rehashing all this rather than get on with doing the inner work to put her past behind her. A reply suggested that someone had to chase down and hold the powers that be to account.

    Have to say, I am most disappointed she has taken the money. My idealistic 8th house Sag neptune wanted to see her follow through on her proposed action to get him to admit the truth. But no, in the end, she allowed him to pay her off which is no route to closure. And to me, that’s just a reflection of how she got into the problem in the first place when she was promised the ‘free lunch’ of trips round the world in Epstein’s plane as an untrained masseur.

    I doubt either of them come out of this with any personal growth. The settlement allows him to continue to rationalise and deny he did anything wrong. I wonder if she will go after someone else later. Or if someone else will come after him.

    • Hi Gnarly~Yes, I get the disappointment at not forcing him to the stand as VG originally intended. But I gotta say walking by the newsstand and seeing the payout headline just screamed GUILTY. Money does talk ( on both sides probably, as you mention – though I suspect the “problem” she got herself into came from her attempt to escape painful beginnings more than some crafty indulgence).
      It’s quite a tale, and surely not over . While I’m thrilled someone has paid for something – and sends a Beware message to twisted power players – I am also saddened that it feels unhealing…and somehow unhealthy ( in a way I can’t explain !). Certainly this illustrates the power and limits of financial resources.

      • Thanks for the reply. Indeed, “attempt to escape painful beginnings” is an equally valid way of looking at it. When I look at her chart with Leo Sun/Moon in the 1st; I see someone who is headstrong, wants to be treated like royalty and diving into new adventures and situations without thinking of the consequences.

        With the greatest of respect, I don’t think it took much grooming to get her on a plane. There is both carrot of adventure and the stick of getting away from the past taking her down that road she went down. Heck, what underprivileged teenager wouldn’t take that opportunity. I’m doubtful anyone could have talked her out of it – if anyone even tried to.

  23. Transit Pluto on Andrew’s Mars right now is hammering him, but when Pluto conjuncts his Venus it will also be on his Ceres which conjuncts Venus at the same degree (which I think is curious in itself). Surely this will be the end for him in terms of finance and the bail-outs he gets from his mother.

    • My recollection is he was left a chunk by the Queen Mother and possibly will be by Philip with his will being, unusually, kept under wraps. They really are their own worst enemy, the Royals.

    • Money from mummy Ceres. Pluto to Venus money, death money.
      He won’t end up in a council flat on the 20th floor with no lift, that’s for sure.

  24. My warped sense of humour sees a desperate Fergy having to take over the financials with yet another dodgy cash earning venture – this time an “Only Fans” account.

    Seriously though – I am no fan of either Beatrice or Eugenie but I do feel for them in particular at this time. Are their charts affected in any way?

  25. Bottle of whisky and a revolver. His buoyant astrology is the hubristic delusion he is on the way back. Wonder why the criminal authorities aren’t looking at him? Surely it’s one for the Feds or cops?

  26. The monarchy should be abolished now. Times up for the feudal system to continue. Millions are paid for their lifestyle through public money when none of them work. Charles and Camilla already planning his becoming King and her Queen which makes no sense in today’s times. End it all with the present reign of Elizabeth.

    • Actually they do work, some of them extremely hard. I have a friend of a friend of a friend who is sometimes around one of the seniors – and every hour of every day is scheduled to go here, go there, shake hands, plant a tree, be visible. Most of it stultifyingly boring. Sure there are perks but not a lifestyle I could stand for a nanosecond. The monarchy has its flaws but is definitely better than the alternative.

      • I appreciate people like Princess Anne working incredibly hard in boring service, but Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are huge, annoying liabilities to the monarchy. Possibly most damaging, if true, will be if Prince Charles has had the extremely poor judgement to have siphoned millions of Queen’s Commonwealth Trust funding (meant for young entrepreneurs) to give to BetterUp to give Prince Harry a job!

        The alternative to a monarchy already exists in Commonwealth countries in the form of appointed figureheads called Governors-General or “Queen’s Representatives” and, at least in Canada, provincial level figureheads called Lieutenant-Governors — all selected by local governments — to hand out ribbons, plant trees etc. In places like Ireland and Germany, such figureheads are called presidents but the title of Governor would certainly remain in Canada because: a) this title goes back to the 1600s when the French monarchy had a Governor of New France in present-day Quebec (with subsequent British rulers adopting the role and then spreading it to other Commonwealth countries) and b) to differentiate from the elected president in the U.S. to the south.

        Marjorie, could you look into the possibility of Charles embroiled in a huge SCANDAL which could indicate upset about him misappropriating funds from the Commonwealth Trust? Could you also see if there is any indication of William then being thrust in being King instead? Gratitude in advance!

      • Monarchs down the ages have tended to live in gilded cages where the power and privilege has been accompanied by a complete loss of privacy. Even an autocrat like Henry VIII when in his Privy Chamber would have been surrounded by people monitoring his every word and deed almost 24 hours a day. The modern Royals tend to have schedules that are tightly controlled and they are surrounded by people who essentially manage their lives. It is a job really suited to the dull and dutiful. The trouble starts when some Royals like Prince Andrew or Prince Harry crave something a bit more exciting and less restricted.

        With regard to Andrew the puzzle is how he was essentially allowed to go “rogue” for so long when there is a small army of officials and minders to prevent royals getting into scrapes. One suspects the only reason he got away with it for so long was that he was apparently Queen Elizabeth II favourite child. And there lies some of the problem as the monarchs reluctance to abdicate as she grew older meant that no one was really in a position to call him to order. Of course, there is a history of second sons causing strife for the monarchy down the centuries with some such as Edward IV brother, the Duke of Clarence actually leading rebellions against the crown. Needless to say Prince Harry has already taken up a similar role as second son becoming troublemaker in chief.

      • Mmm.
        Surely they promote tourism, and sell magazine covers, etc, as well as all the good deed tedium Marjorie describes.

        And zooming out from today’s news the Queen is quite the gift to us onlookers . What a steadfast character. A lady Pope, sez me, from all the way across the pond .

  27. One wonders also just how much (little?) of that money Virginia and her chosen charities will actually receive after all the laywers, advisors and publicists have taken their cut. Problem is that it won’t give her peace and all the above will just move on to the next high profile case. I understand why she settled but I wonder if she will wish she hadn’t?

  28. He’s just so yuk. And the awful thing, so removed from reality and so entitled he will see no earthly reason why he can’t just come back, now that ‘That bally nonsense is behind me Mummy’.

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