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Prince Andrew, erstwhile good friend to Jeffrey Epstein, has relied on respect for his mother, the Queen, to get him out of manifold allegations of consorting with the corrupt, financial and otherwise, in the past. But he may not manage to avoid fallout from Epstein’s trial on sexual offences with minors since he was so obviously part of the social circle.

What is striking about Andrew’s chart at the moment is not only tr Neptune conjunct his 8th house Mercury this year – sliding secrets out in the open – with one more exact hit mid August till late September this year. But more significantly tr Pluto is moving to square his Midheaven from early 2020 for two years. This brings a critical turning point in career or direction in life, will tend to lead to dented status and reputation as Pluto tears down old structures and to provoke hostility and resistance from others. It can also have health implications and given that both tr Saturn and tr Pluto are now moving through his 6th he will be under pressure on the fitness front.

His relationships with both daughters and his ex- and still-living-in wife Sarah indicate a raft of panicky moments from late this September right through till February 2020 as tr Neptune in his hard aspect to the composite Jupiter on Sarah and Beatrice’s relationship chart and the composite Sun on Eugenie’s.

Prince Charles is known not to get on with Andrew, which brotherly rivalry apart, is supposedly because of concern about Andrew’s questionable associations damaging the monarchy. Their competitive composite Sun Mars conjunction in the relationship chart is being severely rattled by this months Solar Eclipse and their composite Uranus by the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. And it moves into even more disruptive times from early 2020 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus – so there will be even more fallout next year.

The same is indicated on Andrew’s relationship chart with the Queen, though given her age, it should be treated with some care. Tr Neptune is square the composite Saturn from late March 2020 with major ructions and ruptures from late May onwards as tr Uranus rattles the central Mars Midheaven opposition Pluto.

It’s mystifying – astrologically speaking – as to why he’s regarded as the Queen’s favourite since their charts aren’t wonderfully compatible. With the exception of his Pisces Sun matching her Venus in Pisces, everything else is at cross purposes. Her Saturn is conjunct his Moon, his Saturn is opposition her Pluto, his Mars Venus square her Sun, his Uranus is conjunct her Moon and Neptune opposition her Mars and square her Saturn MC. If anything he’s a disruptive force in her life though his Pluto does fall in her 8th suggesting she feels trapped in some way by him.

Their relationship chart has a volatile, argumentative, needs-space Grand Trine of Mars trine Uranus trine Moon (Neptune), formed into two Kites by Mars opposition Pluto and Moon Neptune opposition Sun. It suggests a relationship that is power-based, very tied together though not by affection, but by who holds the reins and is also built to a degree on an illusion with such a strong Neptune. It was severely shaken by the previous kerfuffle that saw Andrew lose his trade envoy official role. And what’s coming up will have an even greater fallout.

Add On; Further thought on Andrew’s chart. He does have a Yod onto an apex planet Uranus in the 1st inconjunct Mercury sextile Saturn. Such a Yod tends to produce a personality that is wilful, rebellious and can be lawless, since convention will be kicked aside. It can be a trailblazer in a more evolved individual, but its intolerance and disruptive behaviour tends to cause rifts in their environment. This year the two legs of the Yod are being pressured by transits – his Saturn Return and tr Neptune conjunct Mercury. Usually fated changes of life’s direction occurs when a Yod is under pressure.

There is another sort-of Yod of North Node sextile a Scorpio Moon inconjunct his midheaven, which will be challenged by tr Pluto square his MC in 2020/2021.


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  1. Prince Andrew is not the sharpest pencil in the box is he ?

    With Leo Ascendant he is likely to be egocentric and think he knows best. Andrew wants to be the leading player but the truth is his life is only be a bit part actor in a bigger drama. I think he may instinctively understand that but resents it deeply which may explain so many of his poor life choices.

    As a First Decan Sun Pisces rule by Neptune he is likely to assume the shape of whatever environment he finds himself or who ever he is dealing. They are the most open to flattery and manipulation by those who wish to exploit them.

    With his royal associations and, to put it kindly, limited intelligence, that makes him an obvious mark for every con man, trickster and deceiver on the planet. I would imagine he would wander into every swamp he came across until the mud was up to his neck and still not recognise the fact. He has also shown a fatal loyalty to people like Sarah Ferguson when the wise course would have been to cut and run long ago.

  2. ‘Federal prosecutors have accused Jeffrey Epstein of witness tampering, claiming he wired $350,000 last year to two people who could testify against him. The claims in a court filing on Friday came as the Manhattan US attorney’s office sought to ensure the money manager is not granted bail ahead of a trial on charges of sex trafficking of underage girls. He has denied the charges. Prosecutors alleged Mr Epstein wired the money in the days after The Miami Herald in November last year published a series of articles that shined a new spotlight on a 2007 plea agreement in Florida that had allowed him to avoid federal indictment.’
    ‘Prosecutors attached two Palm Beach police department reports from 2006 that described apparent threats made against witnesses in the previous Florida case against Mr Epstein. According to the reports, one alleged victim of Mr Epstein told police she had been contacted by an unnamed person and told: “Those who help him will be compensated and those who hurt him will be dealt with.’

    Behind a paywall from the FT:

      • #metoo.

        Andrews priveliged position will almost certainly prevent him giving testimony or being charged with serious sexual offences against underrage girls. So his guilt or otherwise will never be tested. An underage Virginia Roberts claims to have had sexual relations with Andrew on 3 occasions.

    • Nice principle if the wheels of justice are well balanced. Where the rich and famous can tip the scales in their favour not so much.

    • From what I observe, the reality of our society is that people are mainly thought of as guilty until proven innocent, if we are really being honest about how we think.

    • So all the girls are lying? Epstein has been convicted. They found photos of naked underage girls at his mansion. Like Trump, Weinstein, And Bill Cosby they make death threats against accusers. Prince Andrew may not be guilty of a heinous crime, because he appears at best to be a creep.
      The behavior described by Epstein’s victims is consistent with grooming behavior followed by intimidation. Epstein’s astrological influences looks like he is going down.

      • I understand Epstein is a seriously undesirable and unpleasant individual! I think it unfair to call Prince Andrew a creep unless you are party to relevant information! I understand from several sources who have worked with him that he is pretty maligned and contrary to opinion quite effective in his day job. I thought this was a good and objective astrology column by Marjorie rather than a column focusing on character assassination! I loathe it when people who post and are cruel and unkind to others and glory in unpleasantness…I think it is called cowardice?

        • I don’t see any focus on “character assassination” in the comments, that’s just your own reaction to disagreement. You yourself have posted in the most unpleasant fashion, more than any other comment. You showed your own definition of cowardice by being cruel, unkind, and glorying in unpleasantness.

          • ??? Really… have you read the other comments if you think that makes me more unpleasant then so be it, I think that we obviously come from very different viewpoints. I have not been unkind or unfair. This is Marjorie’s very good astrology site

        • My impression from those who’ve rubbed up against Andrew is that he’s an arrogant, entitled prat. And attracted to dodgy money like a wasp to a jam jar. Have you looked at his wiki entry? Given that Epstein is clearly undesirable, Prince Andrew regularly mixing with him including after he’d been in prison for underage sex at that, is more than questionable. More will tumble out in due course I’m sure.

  3. Andrew’s handlers and those of the other “alleged” paedophiles in this grotesque tale are busy trying to save their client’s skin and to avoid his prosecution. Imagine going home of an evening knowing your days work has been to save the bacon of a privileged, unbounderyed, parasitic child molester.

  4. Virginia Roberts is the very young-looking blonde that Andy has famously been photographed with. She has been described as a 17-year-old “admitted prostitute”. It doesn’t matter what a 17-year-old may have “admitted” to. She sure looks underage in this pic. In photographs now, at the age of 31, Roberts is unrecognizably pudgy. Since a morbidly obese friend of mine was sexually abused as a child by a farm hand on her family farm, I’m assuming that Roberts’ weight gain is a reaction to abuse: becoming self-protectingly “ugly” so no man would again be tempted to sexually abuse her. NUTS to the rich, powerful and well-connected abusers of women — especially vulnerable young ones!

    • I read somewhere that weight gain and obesity has a high correlation to child sex abuse. Think I also read in Nick Ortners ‘The Tapping Solution’, of a woman he came across who had recently went from morbidly obese to slim and attractive but within months she put all the weight and more back on. He wanted to get to the roots as to why she would undo all that work.

      He found when she dropped all that weight she started to get noticed by men and the usual come ons and it made her deeply uncomfortable. Long story short, he found out she used to be regularly raped by her grandfather as a child. Nick went on to find through his work that a lot of child sex abuse victims often hide behind extra weight gain so as to prevent people being attracted to them. Losing the weight exposes the very thing they are frightened of, sexual interest by another person, because it was disturbing and frightening the first time around in childhood.

      To be honest, even with sex abuse aside, I think the fact obesity is such an epidemic is an indicator of a damaged society that hides behind food and drink because its a very easy way to stuff down ones emotions.

  5. IF he is guilty, then I do hope that he is treated accordingly, and not by which family he happened to be born. And that justice for these children, and they are children, is executed fairly.

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