Cori Gauff – a Pisces with fire in her veins


Cori Gauff became the standout story at Wimbledon when the 15 year old beat Venus Williams in straight sets and went on to win another two rounds before being knocked out.

She was born 13 March 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, with two sporting parents and took up tennis at 6. They moved to Florida to find better opportunities for her to train when she was 7 and she was home schooled with both parents giving up their job to focus on her tennis career. No pressure then. She won her first national tournament aged eight; and in 2014, aged 10 years and three months old, she became the youngest champion in history.

She’s a Sun Pisces square Pluto and Moon in Sagittarius – so two fairly controlling parents. Her Jupiter in hard-working Virgo is in an adventurous opposition to Uranus; in a sociable trine to Venus in Taurus balanced by a sextile to Saturn. Her Mars in Taurus which is unaspected by other panets is conjunct the Fixed star Algol making her uncompromising and leading to high energy and non-stop activity. Robert de Niro and Nancy Pelosi both have Mars conjunct Algol, as did Liberace.

She went into Wimbledon with tr Neptune square her Sun/Jupiter midpoint which tends to start with high hopes and then rather fizzles out which makes sense. There’s no birth time so no way of knowing the ups and downs of her career. Mid November to mid December look deflating, perhaps accident prone or with health issues as tr Neptune squares her Mars/Saturn midpoint. But she’ll then bounce up with more luck from mid December to early February. There’s nothing showing up as great success for some years – indeed 2020/21 may be frustrating with tr Pluto square her Sun/Mars midpoint; with an undermining 2022/23 as tr Neptune is square her Pluto and conjunct her Sun.

But she’s young enough to keep going. And she has already been signed up by racquet makers and a clothing brand as sponsors and is set to earn more than $1million (£791,000) in 2019.


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