Boris Johnson – tricksters running amok

Disgusted-of-Tunbridge-Wells doesn’t seem to be disgusted enough if the polls are correct as Boris Johnson sails unscathed by personal scandals and political chicanery towards No 10, even if only for a brief interlude. Not that his competition is up to much, but still. He has that slippery Geminian ability to shin up the greasy pole with no dent in his chances despite a heap of dirt on his CV.

Our very own, shameless, amoral, duplicitous, lying clown on the throne – all of which might be forgiveable if he was half ways competent which he isn’t.

Mulling over tricksters and their necessary function in creating the chaos out of which an ultimate benefit comes – he does have his Midheaven and Ascendant close to the UK’s MC and Asc with his Solar Arc Jupiter moving to conjunct the UK’s MC within a year. So he is key to something. And heaven knows, there’s enough chaos wrapped up in his chart with Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars in Gemini suggesting a vibrant, overly scattered, disorganized and self-interested personality who lives on the edge of nervous irritability and finds it difficult to focus or concentrate.

July 11th to August 22nd he picks up tr Pluto opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint, repeating mid November to mid December. Ebertin describes this as proceeding in a brutal manner or the misfortune of having to suffer violent assaults. From September 22nd till late January 2020 he has a run of undermining Neptune transits bringing uncertainty, paralysis, failure.

His relationship chart with the UK 1801, (birth times being sound), has an 8th house Mars opposition Neptune with Mars trine a 12th house Mercury Uranus. That looks capable of detonating a deep-seated anger, causing financial havoc, is certainly divisive, and will give rise to the sense that the UK’s interests and his are not the same. One wins the other loses is what Mars Neptune indicates. Tr Pluto will trine the deeply buried Mars during his tricky July/August and November/December patches; with tr Neptune casting smokescreens around at the moment and on and off in 2020 (if he lasts that long) with tr Neptune opposition the composite Mercury Uranus.

His relationship chart with the Conservative Party 1912 is friendly enough in essence; though with a non-mutually supportive Mars Neptune; and resentful Saturn trine Pluto. There’ll be significant disturbance in late October early November this year when Brexit is allegedly due.

His relationship with Donald Trump is super-ambitious as a twosome with a good deal of enthusiasm; though it’ll hiccup its way from late August, suffer a major setback in late September/October and be less than secure in 2020.

Who’d have thought repressive, authoritarian Saturn Pluto would throw up  archetypal Fools?


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  1. Boris, like Nigel Farage & David Cameron, is really a manifestation of the mid ’60’s Uranus Pluto generation. The explosive Uranus Pluto conjunction of the mid ’60’s is further accentuated by the opposition from Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, which all three have. I have heard the Uranus Pluto conjunction being described as an encounter between profoundly reactionary yet revolutionary forces. I think this is an apt descriptor for Nigel Farage, in particular, who has the Uranus Pluto conjunction exactly on his Virgo ascendant and who continues to gleefully terrorize the political establishment in the UK.

    Has anyone picked up on Boris’ quickness to anger and obsessive need to win at any cost? I thought this was very evident in his head-to-head with Jeremy Hunt on ITV. Boris has an explosive Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-square which can be endlessly psychoanalysed – feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness, buried rage etc. A recent article in the Times notes that ‘Boris Johnson can change from bonhomie to a dark fury in seconds… The all-out favourite to be our next prime minister has the fiercest and most uncontrollable anger I have seen. A terrifying mood change can be triggered instantly by the slightest challenge to his entitlement or self-worth’. Sonia Purnell, who wrote the article states that ‘a personality cult has veiled his true nature’. Is this not the trickster, dualistic nature of Gemini in play?

  2. The anger and mistrust that has driven this seem to come from three Saturnish areas:
    Media (inc celebrities and social networks)
    Finance and Big Business

    There has now been big Pluto type scandals in all these areas emerging in the last 8 or 9 years:

    Sexual Abuse:
    Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Savile and others (Media Companies and Celebrities);
    Abused girls in Rochdale and other northern towns (Political Correctness, Local Government);
    Jeffrey Epstein, Philip Green allegations (Finance/Big Business)

    Financial scandals:
    Tax Avoidance (Finance/Big business, Media Companies and Celebrities);
    Expenses (Politics)
    FIFA (Media, Big Business, Governing Body – Sport)
    Toshiba (Big Business)
    BHS Stores and others, pensions and debts (Finance/Big Business)

    Data, Surveillance, Manipulation and False Accounting:
    Phone hacking (Media);
    Facebook data (Media, Government and Politics);
    Volkswagon Emissions (Big Business);
    “Windrush” scandal (Government and Politics);
    Apple “batterygate” (Big Business);
    Kobe Steel (Big Business)

    I’m sure there is plenty I have missed.

    My big hope is for Jupiter to bring in some sort of holistic review of this. We also have fresh Mars and Venus retrogrades next year for changes of course and readjustments, good for zooming out and reviewing courses of action. Venus stationing in Gemini, hopefully, will reboot communication and negotiation.

    • Interesting that China is having its own Jeffrey Epstein moment right now. Billionaire property tycoon, Wang Zhenhua has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation and rape. Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn is having its finest hour on a global scale.

  3. Hi Marjorie (et al),

    What would you say are the functional differences between Neptune opposition Mars and Neptune conjunct Mars? Is the latter more salvageable than the other? I have the conjunct aspect in synastry with someone, but a more interesting (dire?) kite of sun trine pluto trine saturn opposition onto jupiter conjunct neptune, which, given your comments in this, as well as previous analyses, seems pretty horrendous. At the same time, I am also wondering if you would always interpret jupiter conjunct neptune as “heads in the clouds,” if those two play major roles in the respective personal charts (i.e., personal planets such as ascendant rulers or sun despositers)?

    • “Boris Johnston seemingly likens the Scots to the Jews. A verminous race, that should be held in ghettos and exterminated”.
      Would you care to clarify?

  4. And while they’re all focused on Brexit the United Kingdom is unraveling behind their backs. Well over 50% of Scots now say that if Boris becomes PM they’ll vote for Independence. The Scots haven’t voted for the Tories since 1955 but have had to suffer them anyway. Ruth Davidson’s Tories in Scotland have a measly 15% of the popular vote. Boris (Hunt et al) as PM will be the straw that broke the (Unions) camel’s back. Between Brexit and the loss of Scotland’s manifold and lucrative resources things ain’t looking good for the rUK at all.

    • “the loss of Scotland’s manifold and lucrative resources”
      Can you expand on this? Apart from oil and whiskey, Scotland has precious little in terms of resources.

      • I forgot fishing, though if Scotland rejoins the EU, that point is moot, as its fishing resources will not be its to control.

        • Oil and gas alone would be enough I would have thought, but here’s just a few others: renewable energy (25% of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal resources); textiles; massive IT/computer industry; banking/financial services; agriculture; education (St Andrews University is ranked second in the UK); tourism, of course. You mention whisky, which accounts for 25% of all of the UK’s food and drink exports. So you can see why Westminster doesn’t want to lose Scotland – and perhaps why it suits them to pretend it has precious little in terms of resources. Have a little dig into the figures, you’ll be surprised at what you find!

  5. Marjorie

    The Brexit agreement was completed during a Mercury retrograde which played its part in its failure to be adopted by Parliament. The election of a new Conservative leader and PM is also being played out during Mercury retrograde. So,what Mercurian chaos and confusion do you see in the election process and beyond?

    • To add to that, the 31st October extension deadline will also be during a Mercury retrograde.

      Marjorie, could you do a fuller article on the Mercury retrogrades this year and their impact on the Brexit and Conservative Party leadership elections? Also, what impact could a Mercury retrograde have on a potential election?

  6. The temple of Mercury in ancient Rome was close to the Circus Maximus……all those tricksters and traders and thieves! The Capricorn Saturn and Pluto years of austerity must have a release, and unfortunately its all gone on for so long the reaction seems extreme as we rush towards the Circus Maximus, ignoring everything else. Pinning some faint hopes on the transition of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius in late 2020.

    • Jane I think you’ll find the Temple of Mercury was on the northwest shore of the Gulf of Naples, a substantial distance from Circus Maximus, and today Circus Maximus still exists, (even has its own metro stop) and is known for the place where some stupendous open air concerts are held and enjoyed by very many people who come together to have some fun. So things might not be quite so bad 😉

  7. Who’d have thought repressive, authoritarian Saturn Pluto would throw up clowns?

    It’s the final stage in the decline of the British empire. The fool has the last laugh.

  8. Boris reminds me of the James Brown song “Talkin’ Loud And Sayin’ Nothin’ “.
    UItimately, the immovable issue of Brexit that brought down Teresa May will also break him
    as well.

    • Nobody can make a success of Brexit, it has destroyed the political careers of two PMs and I wonder how quickly it will destroy Boris. I quite agree Boris is a significantly empty vessel who thrives on making the most noise…I met him on one occasion and all he did was transmit, I also met Hunt who actually listened to what people were saying. You are so right Marjorie politics is a very mucky and partisan business and God help us all…

  9. “Who’d have thought repressive, authoritarian Saturn Pluto would throw up archetypal Fools?”

    It makes more sense when I remember that they just represent a two fingers up from those who endured years and years of austerity. They are a personification of the message and that is all they are. They have reached the heights of Saturn from the depths of angry, vengeful Pluto.

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