Rip Torn – a talent for kicking up a storm

Actor Rip Torn, best known recently for playing Chief Zed in Men in Black and The Larry Sanders Show in the 1990s, has died. He also had an illustrious stage career, best known for his dominating performances in many Tennessee William’s plays. He had multiple nominations for both stage and screen but relatively few awards and was known for his troublemaker persona almost as much as for his towering talent.

Born 6 February 1931 2.35am Temple, Texas, he was a Sun Aquarius with the generational Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto in Cancer square an innovative and rebellious Uranus which produced quite a few other notable prominent personalities. His Pluto in the 8th was conjunct a lucky Jupiter with Pluto opposition Mercury – so he’d be exceptionally intense and with a focal point Cardinal Uranus also defiant, overly assertive, impatient, a mould-breaker and status-quo upsetter. His Mars in flamboyant Leo was sextile a Libra Moon and widely trine his Uranus. Not a quiet personality despite his Libra Moon.

There were various on set conflicts throughout his career but he said he got less angry the older he got. He still managed to collect several arrests for DUI and one for breaking into a bank with a loaded gun when drunk.


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  1. Rip Torn lost the George Harrison role to Jack Nicholson after he pulled a knife on Dennis Hopper. Hopper was in a fog then, so the truth is in a haze. He played a psychopath in Naked City. He became a comedic star with roles in Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks and others.

  2. Thank you for this Marjorie. I enjoyed every role I saw Rip Torn play. His Lifepath is 22, so wouldn’t that imply he would have an overall effect on the collective?

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