Megan Rapinoe – a force for change


Meghan Rapinoe, the US women’s football superstar appears to be fireball, regarded as the Muhammad Ali of her sport and a ‘walking protest’ on everything from equal pay to gay rights and protests against racial injustice. Thousands of women across the US are evidently now adopting her tough-pixie, pink, butch hairstyle. She’s managed to get up Piers Morgan’s nose and Donald Trump’s so she’s not doing badly.

Born 5 July 1985 in California, she’s a combative Sun Mars in Cancer in a tough-minded trine to Saturn in Scorpio. Her Saturn is in a cool opposition to Venus in Taurus. Her Mercury is in an intense square to Pluto and an outspoken trine to Uranus. And she has that odd top-notch athletes’ mid Aquarius Jupiter. A force to be reckoned with.

She has a very marked global-star 22nd Harmonic.

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