Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz – attraction of opposites


Heidi Klum, former model and businesswoman, was married secretly this February to Tom Kaulitz, rock guitarist with the German band Tokio Hotel. She’s sixteen years his senior with a chequered emotional past including two marriages and four children, the last three with Seal.

Born1 June 1973 11am Cologne (astrotheme) she is a New Moon in Gemini with Saturn Venus Mercury also in Gemini – with all her Gemini planets in a high-energy square to Mars in Pisces, on this birth time on the 7th house of relationships, and trine an independent-minded Uranus and trine Jupiter in Aquarius. She’s very Airy, emotionally detached, adventurous and scattered with 7 Mutable planets.

Her new husband born 1 September 1989 6.20am Leipzig, Germany (astrotheme) is almost the complete opposite with a New Moon and Mars in Virgo and the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn. He’s very earthy, rooted in the real and material world as well as being rebellious, volatile. He has the Jupiter in Cancer opposition to his Capricorn planets, trine Pluto and sextile his Sun, so he’s talented, lucky and quite a whirlwind himself.

He does have Venus and Mercury in Libra which will connect with her Gemini planets, though her Uranus is conjunct his Venus so she’ll tend to jump backwards at times; and his Mars is square her Saturn and Moon which could get scratchy.

Their relationship chart, birth times being sound, has a composite New Moon which is good, making them feel more whole when together. With a Water Grand Trine of Sun Saturn Uranus which could produce a healing-bubble for them both; and an attention-demanding, entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine. With a power couple Jupiter opposition Pluto square Sun, though that could turn into a power struggle at some point, fighting for the upper hand. Plus passionate Venus sextile Pluto and sparkling trine to Uranus. And a showbizzy though perhaps ego-clashing Mars Neptune conjunction.

The strength of the Saturn will help to give longevity and two grand Trines have to be positive but it’ll require a fair amount of adjustment to make it work. The wedding chart of 22 February this year wasn’t too great with Saturn Venus Pluto opposition Node square Uranus. That looks subject to rolling changes and crises; with an explosive Mars Uranus and a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter square Neptune.

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