Pluto into Aquarius – shock waves through central banks

A global financial crunch looks likely around Pluto’s entry into Aquarius from late March 2023 onwards. It may not be the same as the 2008 Pluto-into-Capricorn crash but there is consternation writ large on several central bank charts.

   The US Federal Reserve has tr Pluto opposition the Neptune at zero degrees Leo in 2023/24 which usually indicates devastation of sorts and paralysis running for two years after; followed by tr Neptune square the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2025/26 which won’t be much better. The Bank of Russia has an equally blocked and scary tr Pluto square Mars at zero degrees Taurus in 2023/24.  The European Central Bank has Neptune at 1 Aquarius catching the tr Pluto hard aspect in 2024/25.

 The Bank of Australia also highlights 2024/25 as years of panic and uncertainty.  The Bank of China is nerve-stretched in 2022 and worse in 2024 to 2026 with tr Neptune and Solar Arc Neptune both in hard aspect to its overly confident Uranus opposition Mars Jupiter which will deflate confidence considerably.

  We are so used to thinking of Pluto in Capricorn as the transformer of all financial ills, deconstructing and reconstructing, that it’s a shock to consider Pluto into Aquarius may bring more even if of a different variety.

  Looking back to the last Pluto in Aquarius (1778 to 1799) from an economic standpoint there were several significant shifts. The American colonies revolted against Britain which was the world’s pre-eminent military and economic superpower of the time over taxation. In France the agricultural and climatic problems of the 1770s and 1780s led to great problems with a third of the population living in poverty. Wealth inequality led directly to the French Revolution (1792) during Pluto in Aquarius (opposition Uranus in Leo). In China the height of Qing glory and power had been reached and was slowly sinking into decline with corruption, court wastefulness and a stagnating civil society.

  None of the above shifted the global balance of power immediately.  Britain was increasingly prosperous with the Industrial revolution ongoing. China went into slow stagnation with next ruler post 1796 as Pluto moved into Pisces which coincided with a major downhill slide into chaos. In France it took a decade plus for the Pluto effect to produce results.

 From previous posts in 2018/19 and Hugh’s comments (below) it’s clear this combination of Pluto into Aquarius and Neptune into Aries has a profound effect on England – the split from Rome in 1533 and the submission to the Romans in 60 BC.

  End of an era may be more prescient than expected.

Previous Pluto in Aquarius phases:

1778 -1797: The USA had declared independence in 1776 so the Brits were in retreat, though elsewhere were fighting the French, Spanish, Dutch and Indians in different spats.  The French Revolution of 1793 had a dramatic effect and not just in France, though this was partially due to Pluto being opposition Uranus.  The Industrial Revolution was in full swing having got under way during Pluto in Capricorn. James Watts’ improved steam engine revolutionised production.

  Aquarius is scientific, so no surprises there were major advances in chemistry. And, with blissful syncronicity, William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius. Explorers, another Aquarian strength, were also out and about with Captains James Cook and William Bligh leading the way to ‘new’ lands.

  It was a productive period for philosophical and social thinkers – Emmanuel Kant and Thomas Paine (Rights of Man); with cultural highpoints from Mozart and Scottish poet Robert Burns, who later established a global footprint.

1532 – 1552: Henry V111 declared himself head of the Church in 1531 and was excommunicated in 1533 by the Pope. The RC versus Protestant schism got under way in earnest, which led to centuries of conflict.

1287 – 1307: Welsh Rebellion against the English. Edward 1 of England put John Balliol on Scottish throne with William Wallace rebellion following.

1041 – 1061: Macbeth succeeds to throne of Scotland. Great schism between the Western RC church and Eastern Orthodox churches.

796 – 816: Charlemagne becomes Holy Roman Emperor in 800. He unites most of Western Europe, laying the foundations for modern France and Germany. He dies just as Pluto is about to exit Aquarius.

551 – 572:  Mohammed is born.

   This next time round tr Pluto in Aquarius will march in time to Neptune in Aries (2025 to 2038) and initially to Uranus in Gemini (2025 to 2033) – so early on there’ll be a Uranus trine Pluto sextile Neptune after the mid 2020s – innovative and creative. Of the earlier historical happenings which might repeat, we can expect more advances in science and exploration (outer space/bottom of the sea/under Arctic ice?). For the rest – the US and France will have come full circle back to their first Pluto Return or the immediate aftermath, so significant shifts/adjustments, epochal events in both countries. Sometimes empires that rise on one Pluto cycle, fall on the next.

Hugh Fowler comments;

At the risk of becoming an ephemeris bore I have checked the 11th century to see what was happening in the run up to the Norman Conquest. The record shows Pluto ingresses into Aquarius in 1041 which was the year Edward the Confessor returned from exile in Normandy to become the heir to his half brother Harthacnut. The latter died in April 1042 and Edward became king almost precisely at the point of the Neptune ingresses into Aries in May 1042. Edward’s accession to the throne, his Norman upbringing and his failure to produce an heir set in train the series of events that would lead to the fall of the Anglo Saxon royal house of Wessex and its replacement by the Dukes of Normandy. Again the transition seems to fall at a deeply significant moment where a seemingly mundane event in the historical process kicks off changes that run very deep and last centuries. One final point it should be noted that however big the change Britain seems to always reset to old patterns. So while all the Norman and Angevin dynasties ruled for centuries by the end of the 13th century the kings of England were being titled Edward again.

As a quick addendum I have checked the ephemeris to see what was happening at the time the Roman province of Britain was created. It essentially began in 43 CE when Claudius army invaded. At that time Pluto was in Capricorn and Neptune was in Pisces. Rather spookily the conquest was essentially completed and made permanent for the next four centuries when the Boudiccan revolt was crushed between 60 and 61 CE. That was precisely the time that Pluto ingressed into Aquarius and Neptune into Aries. This transition does seem to echo down the centuries for the inhabitants of Britain. 

Scots are looking through the wrong end of the telescope at the astrology here. If the past is anything to go by Pluto moving into Aquarius and Neptune into Aries in the 2020 signals some sort of transformation of English identity and its relation to the world if the 1530s is anything to go by since that is the last time it happened. Moreover it all be generated internally (ie the English nation will do it to themselves for good or ill). I can’t even guess what is going to happen but as in the 1530s what triggers the change (Henry VIII lack of a male heir from his Spanish wife) won’t necessarily be as significant as the changes it brings.

8 thoughts on “Pluto into Aquarius – shock waves through central banks

  1. I enjoyed reading Hugh’s commentary. I searched a bit on the stories of Harthacnut. The 11th century was a fascinating period. Thank you!

  2. Checking the 1801 U.K. Chart. I noticed that the midpoint between the Sun and Pluto is 6 degrees of Aquarius. The Pluto will transit this midpoint in circa 7 years. This could coincide with a General Election. Neptune desolves. Yet Uranus will be the overseer of this Pluto/Sun midpoint Pluto transit. Money, Leadership and the psychological make up of this country could crash down. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. The state of our politics is certainly heading towards a nervous breakdown. Hydrogen is needed to prevent our country running out of Electricity. If Johnson’s green policies are properly catered for, the Grid will implode. Power of all sorts will be for most in this country’s mind. The Magna Carta was formed at the end of the realm of King John, the last of William the Conqueror grandsons of that conquering dynasty. Perhaps Pluto is the real bringer of the Age of Aquarius? A new form of Magna Carta has been muted. Both William and Charles appear to not be in the natural order of the Monarchists realm. Yet George does. It would be tie with the Monarchy rule, if George was a new King for a new era in this country.

  3. Just a thought in relation to Hugh’s comments: what are the astrological influences on the royal family at this time? Lots of scandals at the moment, perhaps this will presage a change in the way in which the monarchy is perceived and allowed to continue by the English.

  4. Pluto also rules fossil fuels, power (literally) and wealth from combustion; what the Industrial Revolution made possible. Canada, Australia, Russia, US, are economies especially based on FF extraction, as is the current global system, but these (and much of the Middle East) are especially exposed to big systemic shifts to a post-combustion world order. Pluto into Aquarius looks to me like a the end of the IR world; we are already starting the post Industrial Revolution era (as anyone in the north of England or the US rustbelt or the Ruhr can tell you). A post carbon energetic system means a post carbon economy.

    Britain was first in on the coal economy, and one of the first out, though the feint to gas means it is yet to be full switch from combustion to the grid, though this is clearly the trend, globally. Revolutions have winners as well as losers. The winners this decade may well be those economies ahead in the transition. Every energetic transition (and we’ve had many) also brings financial ones, as power shifts.

    Carbon taxes, carbon tariffs and other financial innovations (Uranus in Gemini), along with the already apparent revolutionary shifts in battery and generation technologies and their learning rates (plunging costs), likely mean Saudi princes soon unable to indulge their taste for gold taps and bonesaws with impunity, and huge stranded assets held by big carbon companies and countries.

    Don’t be Scotty Morrison, get ready for this future (there’s lots to like), betting on a big pile of dirty black rocks you can’t sell isn’t smart. All palaces are temporary. Power (Pluto) is electrifying (Aquarius).

  5. Thanks to both Marjorie and Andre. In an earlier post (Canada 2020) Marjorie highlighted the bank of Canada chart. Seems to also be affected.
    Interesting that O’Toole might have a chance at power. Few but the PM wanted this election. BC was burning and Delta variant surges.

    But then again, a lot can happen in two weeks.

  6. Pluto in Aquarius will hit Canada’s chart hard. Canada has a tight Pluto in Taurus opposition to Saturn in Scorpio in its July 1 1867 chart. Uranus is now approaching the conjunction to Pluto. The only precedent is 1939, when Canada joined the UK in WWII two years before Pearl Harbor. This time, Canada has just commemorated 1000 days of arbitrary detention for two Canadian citizens in China and may be about to elect a conservative prime minister who is a former military officer openly hostile to that country. Once again, transiting Uranus in Canada’s chart seems to point the way for the following Uranus return in the US chart.

    Pluto in Aquarius will complete a T-square with the Pluto-Saturn opposition. The last heavy Pluto transit to this opposition was when Pluto in Scorpio was conjunct Saturn in the 1990s. That was when Quebec held a vote on secession which obtained 49.5% in favor. Major constitutional issues are now resurgent for the first time since that referendum in the Quebec-Ottawa relationship.

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