Royals risking their legacy

Will the Royals survive to provide a symbolic anchor for the national psyche after the Queen passes? The present shenanigans of both her elder sons, Charles and Andrew, are raising huge questions and undermining the support of even the staunchest monarchists. Charles is described as a ‘spoilt brat’ with terrible judgement and Andrew is so beyond the pale he should have been banished into Kazakhstan exile long since. If the UK is moving into an-end-of-an-era phase will there be a knock-on effect on the throne?

  When Edward V111 abdicated in 1936 which shook the UK’s confidence in the Royals, tr Uranus was in early Taurus moving through the UK’s 8th house, which rules deep-seated transformations, and more pointedly the Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct the 10th house Cancer Moon, which has been traditionally associated with the ruler.

   Astrological influences rarely repeat exactly as in the past. However there is a collection of transits and Solar Arcs congregating into the 2030s which will bring many of the same pressures. The Solar Arc Pluto will square the UK Moon in 2032 with tr Neptune in Aries and tr Uranus in Cancer in hard aspect to the UK Moon in 2033 and 2036. All of which will put the monarchy under considerable pressure.

 Which does rather coincide with an astro-opinion voiced years ago that the Solar Eclipse which occurred on the day Prince William was born in 1982 was in a Saros Series (2 Old North) which finishes in 2036 – and for some reason this indicated he would be the last UK monarch. How much validity there is in that argument I don’t know, but it does look an edgy period.

  There are various suggestions about which chart to use for this monarchical family but the start of the Hanoverian Monarchy 1 August 1714 JC worked well over Edward’s 1936 abdication with the Solar Arc Saturn exactly square the Mars, tr Pluto square the Solar Arc Uranus, tr Neptune opposing the Virgo planets and tr Uranus approaching a highly-strung conjunction to the Neptune.

  Looking ahead on the Hanoverian chart, the Solar Arc Saturn is conjunct Mars on this chart in 2029 which looks like a considerable setback; with a grind-to-a-halt Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars by 2035.

 So it would fit the timeline.

  By 2036 Prince William has his Solar Arc Midheaven aiming to conjunct his Neptune and tr Neptune aiming to cross his IC into his 4th; with tr Pluto just over the conjunction to his Solar Arc Neptune and tr Saturn conjunct his Solar Arc New Moon with tr Pluto in opposition.  He will be uncertain about his direction and undermined in terms of home and family as well as career.

  In the immediate future the Queen’s Coronation chart has a panicky-failure tr Neptune square the Mars Mercury in 2021/22 so not a happy end to her illustrious reign. Though she made a better Queen than a parent, given the way the sons turned out and chickens will come home to roost eventually.

  The Royal women always were the stronger. The Queen’s mentor growing up was her grandmother Queen Mary of Teck of the kleptomaniac tendencies, a Gemini with an immoveable Saturn in Scorpio opposition Pluto in Taurus – and she did not have resounding success bringing up well-behaved sons either. Prince George, Duke of Kent had a wild and wayout love life and drug habits and Edward V111 was no example.

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  1. Rumour has it that Prince Andrew and Fergie are to remarry!! Shocking horrorscopes – their venus are clashing. Hers in scorpio and his aquarius.

  2. Marjorie, it would be interesting if you could do a follow up reading about this theme ‘Risking the royal legacy’ in the context of Queen Elizabeth’s natal and solar arc direction chart. In my opinion that explains a lot about the current unraveling of disruptive events in her reign and family.

    The major theme in her natal chart (to me) is her square triangle (Saturn on MC square Neptune in 7th and square Mars/Jupiter conjunction 1st house). This triangle has turned 30 degrees during her life and activates the natal triangle intensely, bringing Neptune on her MC conjuncting natal Saturn and the solar arc Mars/Jupiter conjunction on her IC squaring her natal Mars/Jupiter and opposing her natal Saturn/MC.

    This triangle is very accurate. When her solar arc Saturn/MC conjuncted her natal Mars/Jupiter in 2014 a government committee advised to end the regal consent (her and Charles’ influence on legislation) and she started to delegate more power to Charles to help with her duties at age 88.

    Queen Elizabeth is at the center of this royal legacy. She is the beginning and the end of an era. It’s her karma. Her family members are actors in her drama. Ultimate question today is: was it wise for her to rigidly put duty above family as we now see her family implode?

    • I tend to avoid too heavy a dependence on her chart since she is creaking on in years. It’s why the Coronation chart is as good a guide to her legacy. But agreed her own chart is under pressure.
      Her judgement on Andrew is seriously adrift and she’ll pay the price for that. I cannot imagine why she is giving him house room unless she has swallowed his denials and thinks its all a media and scammers’ plot. Bizarre.

      • Thanks Marjorie, I will look into her Coronation chart for comparison.

        Her misjudgment of Andrew’s situation may also stem from her solar arc Neptune on MC and solar arc Mars/Jupiter on IC squaring her natal Neptune at the moment.
        In fact with natal Neptune involved her solar arc triangle makes a Grand Cross in her chart. Heavy karmic stuff unfolding! It may be hard for her to see things clearly now.

  3. Legacy? What legacy? Who cares? It’s well past time the RF was disestablished and guess what, the UK will survive and be better for it-less stratified for a start. The Monarch is the Fount of Honors ad that’s was keeps everyone else in line. No modern nation has an RF as archaic and pointless as this one. As an Indian, I could bang on about monarchy but as a result of Indian Independence the various royal families of India-40% of its territory, voluntarily gave up their sovereignty for a united India. This is not only a step that has never received its due for its sheer extraordinariness, but India is not going back to monarchy and is doing OK. If India could do this, the UK could certainly do something similar. I simply do not understand all the hand-wringing about the RF. Get rid of them. Good riddance. Join the rest of the modern world. I grew up in the UK and I live in the US-I simply do not understand the sheer sentimentality around this topic on both sides of the Atlantic.

    • The RF is a key part of the history of this island for good or for bad. It’s their history and they are entitled to fight for it or not as they so choose. You may be British but your heritage is Indian so you may not see through their eyes, and that’s ok. They still have a passion for their RF and it will evolve how and when it should.

      • Some years ago the BBC in their lofty disdain decided that covering one of the Queen’s jubilees wasn’t worth it and ended up humiliated when millions turned out on the Mall/at Buck House, waving flags and cheering. Whatever their personal shortcomings they do provide a colourful centrepiece to British public life that is important.

  4. Two things strike me about the Monarchy today.
    One, the Queen’s long reign has given us a powerful, if comforting and useful image of stability and continuity, but has also inhibited innovation and change, in fact as well as attitude, since 1952.
    New monarchs, inevitably, would have moved things on, as current discussions confirm.
    The second is that their financial situation needs to be exposed and understood. It is time the secrecy governing their assets and machinations is stripped away.
    It’s time we knew who owns what, who pays for what, how much the state pays them each year, who pays for what. Royal Wills are now secret.
    Are their charities like film stars’ charitable trust funds, passed on through family members? Who really owns what at the end of all this?
    Norman Baker’s truly shocking factual expose of the RF’s power and finances in ‘And What Do You Do?’ including the major money grab of 2010/11, is gradually having an effect.
    While it hasn’t yet made me a Republican, it has made me deeply sceptical and appalled by the RF. Prince Andrew is the bad apple which shows. There is more to come.

    • *’the final who pays what’ should read ‘who inherits what’. Sorry.
      The rottenness of Prince Andrew shows, but also the Queen’s judgement.

      • I agree with your comments Zita. The fact Andrew can dodge legal papers by hiding behind tax funded security is the end of any respect I have. While not a royalist, I would be willing to compromise and would be content with a greatly slimmed down version, but the institution as it stands has been smelling very bad for some time now and with Pluto gradually edging into the early degrees of Aquarius in the next few years, hitting key players within the monarchy, it’s inevitable that that astrology will coincide with the final years of Elizabeth’s reign and it’s aftermath.

        • I too would welcome a slimming down of the monarchy but still prefer it to the heaven help us president Boris option!
          I believe that although Prince Andrew is officially entitled to state funded security it is now paid for by the Queen personally. Prince Charles had Beatrice and Eugenie’s state funded security stopped when they left university. We were paying for them to be protected as they travelled the world during their gap years!
          Even Princess Anne only has security when carrying out royal duties. I’d quite like to see Andrew kicked out of Royal Lodge too, after all the Queen bought him a house when he married which he later sold for way over it’s value.

  5. Why not use William the Conqueror 1066 Chart? This heralded the beginning of the a new singular Royal Kingdom. The Tudors and the Plantagenets combined.

  6. Re: the validity of Prince William’s Saros indicating the monarchy ending in 2036.

    Bernadette Brady discusses it in Eagle and the Lark saying that when the Saros began in AD892 it coincided with the beginning of the English monarchy. Wikipedia lists Alfred the Great as being the first of the unbroken line of rulers from AD886 – 899 …

    I believe the French got rid of their monarchy during the last Pluto in Aqua period. I suspect ours will become more like the ceremonial monarchies of the rest of Europe.

  7. Pluto in Capricorn has been shaking long-established political institutions such as the American Presidency, the Vatican and the British monarchy. During the last transit of Pluto in Capricorn, the Crown lost the US and the King went mad. The transit before that, the megalomaniac Henry VIII broke with the Pope. And the one before that, authoritarian Edward I invaded Wales and Scotland and expelled the Jews because he wouldn’t pay his debts. This transit of Pluto in Aquarius will bring the final triumph of the right to equality and the British people in the UK. I hope that Canada, where I live and where immigration is slowly creating a republican majority, moves before 2036.

    • The reason why this country did work so well was the Pomp of the Royals and Parliament. If you look at history, it is our Parliament and business men who used the Royals. It was the East India Company who had a private army originally, they brokered the deals in India. They needed the Royals for the India Royal rulers to speak with. Elizabeth I was a figuredhead too, used along with the other Royal. The Royals have always been manipulated. That is how the Magna Carta came about. King John could not muster enough support in the end. Behind every Royal there are the politician and businessmen brokering the deals and slapping each others backs. However, the uniqueness of a Royal having to countersign approval, is a way of slowing things down. If we had a President – look no further than Boris Johnson. I think without the pomp and our long historical ties with Royals this country would become at the mercy of each President. I actually think Wi The Royals have been intertwined with this country for over a thousand years. Perhaps the Royal Star that we should be looking at, and it transits with our country’s chart. Aquarius is co ruled . Both Saturn and Uranus have been linked to the sign.

    • Sorry a bit muddle towards the end. What I am attempting to say, that both Heaven and Earth has to be involved. Perhaps that is where the Divine King and the three stars comes from? Apologies I am always looking for the philosophy in Astrology.

  8. As an American I usually stay out of these discussions, but I like William and Kate. I also thought when we were having troubles here that I would do ok in one of the Queen’s realms (I was thinking Canada or New Zealand – I am in Tech). I don’t plan to leave the USA. I hope whatever happens it goes ok for the peoples of these realms. I have always liked the Queen.

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