Pluto in Scorpio and Sagittarius – the future movers and shakers

Pluto moved into Scorpio in 1984 staying till 1996 so that’s the generation who are in their twenties at the moment. Less flashy than the Pluto in Leo (1940 to 1958) or indeed in Libra (1972 to 1984) generation, they’ll be intense, fixated on sex (either too much or repressing it altogether) – AIDs emerged at this time and child sexual abuse avalanched into the open. They’ll be interested in how power is wielded, angst-ridden about being stuck in situations which they can’t control. Some will have great influence, others will feel stuck or tramped under foot.

Though really what was much stronger even than Pluto for the middle chunk of this generation was the triple conjunction in Capricorn – Saturn Uranus Neptune – between 1989 and 1991, with Uranus Neptune being conjunct till 1994. Some of these will be tinged with genius since Uranus Neptune, at best, is inspired; Saturn Uranus brings innovative changes; Saturn Neptune a hope for a better society or creative. But it can also be chaotic, fanatical, paranoid, autocratic. They are the ones who’ll make their mark, for good or for ill. Many of the ISIS foot soldiers are of this batch.

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation (1996 to 2008), just growing up, will be more studious, or open to new ideas if they were born before 2000 when Uranus and Neptune were both in Aquarius. This Pluto saw the rise of Al Quaeda so some will be dogmatic about religion or spiritual ideas. The world (Sagittarius = travel) will be a scarier place for them. They are likely to be opinionated and crusaders for their pet causes, keen on justice and reorganising the legal system as well as education.

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