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Carole Middleton, la grande matriarch, who now has one daughter married to the heir to the throne and the other about-to-be to a mega-rich hedge funder, is rightly or wrongly seen as the family string-puller. Born 31 January 1955, she has a highly determined chart, overflowing with initiative. She has an Aquarius Sun sextile Mars in pro-active Aries with a Taurus Moon; a formidably Fixed Mercury in Aquarius opposition Pluto square Saturn in Scorpio; and a lucky Jupiter Uranus in Cancer square Neptune; plus a Half Grand Sextile from the Mercury opposition Pluto, sextile Neptune sextile Venus in Sagittarius.

Undoubtedly she’s talented with immense endurance but not much flexibility, not one to confront in an argument since she’d never give way. She’s pushily confident with her Sun opposition her Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and her trail-blazing Uranus/Pluto midpoint.

She was in seventh heaven when Kate was married with her Solar Arc Pluto square her Jupiter; but suffered a shock of sorts last year when her Solar Arc Sun was conjunct her Mars, perhaps over the birth of Princess Charlotte, when there was a fuss about her being too first-in-the-queue before Prince Charles. She looks less than lyrical in 2016/17 with undermining midpoints and her Solar Arc Saturn opposition her Jupiter which will damp her enthusiasm; with a confused Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Neptune at the same time.

Father Michael, 23 June 1949, is a more flexible temperament, used to putting up with difficulties – a quirky Sun Uranus in Cancer, he has Saturn in Virgo sextile his Sun Uranus and square Mars Mercury in Gemini. He’s also got initiative, a capacity for hard-work, but is more understated. He also looks uncertain this year with tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting his Mars Mercury; with a considerable block coming in late 2017/18 when his Solar Arc Mars is conjunct his Pluto.

Kate with her Sun opposition Cancer Moon square Mars Saturn (Pluto) doesn’t look to have been given leeway for personal choices in her childhood from either parent, which is why she looks ‘too perfect’ and as someone remarked ‘on remote control’. If her birth time of 11.30am is accurate, then she’s very much directed by her mother’s ambitions.

Pippa, being the second child, maybe had fewer expectations placed on her and she’s got an adventurous Jupiter Uranus, a bucket load of Fire and an adaptable Virgo Sun, maybe Moon.

James, the baby of the family, is also fiery with Sun Jupiter Mercury in Aries and Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius; with a Scorpio Moon perhaps conjunct Pluto, with Pluto inconjunct Mars in Gemini; and his Venus in Pisces square Saturn Uranus – so a curiously unsettled mixture, good starter, not such great finisher, emotionally edgy.

Prince William, who clearly regarded a settled family set up with delight, seems to be less close to both Middleton parents this year and going forward. Either the shine has worn off or there are external pressures and circumstances changing.

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  1. Thanks very much for this. Still feel there’s a missing piece somewhere, but interesting comment on Kate. She’s unreal. Looking forward to the next instalment though! Thank you.

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