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Away from global politics, the fluffier media segments are all a twitter about Pippa Middleton’s wedding to James Matthews on May 20, with advice to would-be brides being handed out liberally. Favours for guests floored me – all invitees appear to need a goodie bag of sorts from the happy couple or more likely their soon-to-be-bankrupt parents. There’s also much excitement at seeing Princess Charlotte as a flower girl and perhaps even Prince George as a page, though that should be an interesting exercise in keeping him in line.

The chart for the day indicates the mood of the moment itself but also sets a tone for the marriage to follow.

Assuming early afternoon nuptials, there’s an ethereal, although evasive Moon Neptune in Pisces. It’s in a showbizzy and argumentative square to Mars; with a gritty, irritable Mars opposition Saturn and Mars inconjunct Pluto; plus a superficial charm-offensive Venus opposition Jupiter which squares onto Pluto hinting at a degree of control and also perhaps a signature for a power social couple. So looks to be bubbling with all manner of tensions beneath a glitzy surface.

Presumably mother Carole will be in charge of the day’s events. Both daughters, Pippa and Kate, look slightly blocked where she’s concerned over the happy event. And there’ll be more than a few panics and miscommunications between Carole and Pippa from now onwards for a few weeks. Carole looks marginally under the weather on the day itself or just after (depending on birth time.)

Indeed Pippa and James look less than lyrical on the day itself with tr Neptune opposition their composite Saturn which is panicky and uncertain. Though it’s generally a good relationship.

His Leo Sun is conjunct her Moon Venus Ascendant in Leo which is a lovely cross over; and his Venus in Virgo is conjunct her Sun. He was born at the time of the Full Moon which is perhaps why he’s taken so long to take the matrimonial plunge and his Moon is (probably) conjunct her Descendant which is also a good placing.

On the relationship chart there is an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction with Sun widely conjunct Saturn and sextile Mars – so hard-working, and fairly driven. Both do sports at a high level which may soak up some of the rougher edges of that. Though there is a composite Mars square Pluto which may cause some ripples along the way. His Uranus is conjunct her Pluto so there will be some adjustments needed as to who has the last word on lifestyle choices.

James doesn’t seem to click particularly well with either Middleton parent, Carole even less so than Michael. His cross over with Prince William is complicated – at one level laid-back and jovial, but not destined to be ultra-close. And it’s certainly getting a major jolt next year as tr Uranus squares their composite Sun.

In fact James Matthews’ chart shows 2018 as seriously jangled with tr Uranus square his Saturn and opposition his Uranus. His finance company Eden Rock Management was incorporated on 2 Nov 2004 and that chart is stalled in 2018 with Solar Arc Saturn square the Sun; with upsets really from now till late 2018 with tr Uranus opposition Mars and then square Saturn. The hedge fund/wealth management  world sounds great – until it isn’t.

Luckily Pippa has a strongly affectionate and supportive relationship with sister Kate with a composite Sun Venus Jupiter which will be a blessing.

9 thoughts on “Pippa’s wedding – a frothy distraction ** updated

  1. I think the middleton family are not innocent hard working people. They pursue the attention from the media. This is just my opinion!

  2. Thanks for this, Marjorie. They do have a strong composite, and outsiders looking in can never quite see what the attraction is – except for astrologers! Sun/Venus is esp good but the wedding thing looks a bit disruptive, I’m hoping for late morning rather than early afternoon. I do feel for the Middletons- they are hard working people continuously thrust into the arena….what must have seemed a heavenly tale, is now burdened with reality….but ghastly to have to play it all out in public. We should all revel in our anonymity……(except yours!).

  3. Indeed it’s nice to hear that this couple are indeed in love or whatever one calls it.However, how boring to have to constantly read about another ‘famous for being famous'( Pippa)person who once again is’nt known for any talent or achievement. Riding on the train of her lovely sister Kate is just absurd as she’ll never achieve great admiration or love by just being married to a very wealthy man

  4. Middletons are not just in-laws to a future King, but they ran and maybe still run a party decoration company. So, I suspect they won’t be paying full price for those giftbacks. And isn’t James wealthier than his parents? Parents are comfortable upoer middleclass, but James runs a hedge fund. With the Trump Rally he shouldn’t be lacking small change right now, either.

    But yes, it’s great to hear of a celebrity couple that doesn’t seem doomed from the start.

  5. It is a relief to be able to say there’s genuine affection around, rather than sounding bitchy and tearing the dream down before it even starts. But I know what you mean about splashy celebrations. Great wedding, pity about the marriage – is so often case. The one Hello wedding I attended years ago only survived for nine months thereafter. Mind you it was pretty obvious at the time. We were even bizarrely bidden to sing the coastguards’ hymn at the service -‘For those in peril on the deep.’ Apposite as it turned out.

  6. So there is some mutual support in the relationship! I’ve been so disappointed with celebrity weddings of late 😉

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