Paraguay – prospects threatened by popular revolt



There’s been rioting in Paraguay with police shooting one protester dead as moves to enable President Cartes to stand for election again in 2018 are causing popular disquiet. Because of a fear of returning to past time-unlimited dictatorships, the constitution limits presidents to a single five year term.

During his term the Paraguayan economy has stood out from other economies in the region because of its relatively high rate of growth. It improved in the poverty ratings from 11th to 5th out of 18 Latin American countries. It is the world’s fourth-biggest exporter of soyabeans and number seven in beef. Prospects for this year are deemed good as long as political instability doesn’t get in the way.

Horacio Cartes, a tobacco magnate, has often faced accusations that his wealth was fed by money laundering, cigarette smuggling and drug trafficking and he had allegedly been under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal agencies.

The Paraguay country chart, 15 May 1811, does have tr Pluto sextile Pluto and sextile Uranus this year, so unrest and pressure for change were inevitable. These run till late 2017.

His Presidency chart, 15 Aug 2013, certainly looks bubbling over with initiative, pushily confident and innovative, though also divisive. It’s in serious trouble around the April 2018 election with tr Pluto (conjunct Mars) exactly opposite the presidency Mars.

His own personal chart, 5 July 1956, has mixed fortunes over the 2018 election with a failure-ridden tr Neptune conjunct Mars; and a high-risk, accident-prone tr Pluto (Mars) conjunct his Mars/Saturn midpoint. And also tr Uranus trine his lucky Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

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  1. I feel like what’s happening in Paraguay is also happening right here in the United States. We too are living under a right-wing one party rule. Trump is acting like a dictator and his Republican cronies are helping him along. First, Trump decides to launch airstrikes in Syria without even consulting Congress and killing more innocent Syrian civilians in the process. Then, the Republicans just bypassed the filibuster and swore in a corrupt judge to the Supreme Court.

    • Chris, Amnesty International have stated that 6 soldiers were killed and they have no reports of the death of civilians. Apparently, Syrian State News reported the death of civilians, as if they care, so it could well be propaganda.

    • Chris, Republicans didn’t just bypass a filibuster, they passed a law that a simple majority vote is all that is needed to affirm a Supreme Court judge. This changes the bipartisan balance of the Court forevermore.

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