US Syria missile attack – Mars in Taurus magnified


Mars trine Pluto, this week’s signature influence, has certainly made its mark with the Russia underground bombing on Tuesday, a nerve agent gas assault against Syrian civilians and now the Trump strike against the Assad military airport believed to have made the attack. Heavy Pluto influences tend to hang around over several days in the run up as well as the exact aspect. And there’s a challenging Sun Pluto square this Sunday as well. Add on: And the Stockholm, Sweden four  deaths (to date)  from a vehicle assault with an Uzbek driver.

Trump has swung dramatically away from the anti-interventionist foreign policy stance he campaigned on. A tweet from two years back: “Obama must now start focusing on OUR COUNTRY, jobs, healthcare and all of our many problems. Forget Syria and make America great again!”

He seemed genuinely touched by the graphic images of dead children but justified outrage isn’t always a productive tactic – viz. David Cameron and the decapitation of Gaddafi which has left Libya a failed state. Never mind the faux outrage over Iraq.

However Trump is a great diversionary tactician and with a load of problems on his plate, failed policies, ominous questionmarks over his Russia connection and on the exact day of the Chinese premier’s visit, maybe he thought a shock and awe extravaganza might gain him the spotlight and some plaudits.

The strike was aimed at the Shayrat airfield in Syria at 4.40am local time. That gives a very complex chart with an emphasised/afflicted Mars – in a destructive and ruthless trine to Pluto and on the focal point of a Yod to Jupiter sextile Midheaven. Bil Tierney says of a Yod focal point Mars – :‘prone to plunge into activities without any sense of purposeful direction.’ ‘Aggressive, strong passions, self-defeating.’ ‘A mismanaged (Mars) Yod could result in fateful consequences due to rash or disruptive actions.’

There’s also an emphasised Jupiter opposition Sun Uranus square Pluto. Jupiter was opposition Mars square Sun when GWB launched the Afghanistan War in 2001; and at the Iraq War in 2003 Jupiter was inconjunct Mars and opposition Neptune. So Jupiter gives confidence, good intentions or self-righteousness but not always practicality. Admittedly in 2001 and 2003 there was the heavy war-like Saturn opposition Pluto, which is missing here thankfully.

Today for the US Tomahawk attack on there was also a Fire Grand Trine of Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus. Fire Grand Trines are spontaneous, impulsive, most often don’t think through consequences, give a strong unshakeable sense of self-belief, demanding of attention.

There’s a positive Saturn trine Uranus, so there is some potential for a constructive shift. Plus a foggy, wreathed in mystery Neptune on the Pisces Ascendant.

Putin’s spokesman condemned the attack, disputing that Assad’s forces were responsible for the sarin atrocity – not surprising since the Russian’s were theoretically in charge of destroying Assad’s CW supplies.

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    • “Back to Business”. Trump didn’t want to damage the runway – a nice cover for “oops, the Tomahawks missed” – so the Syrians simply dust off the jets and start ’em rolling.

  1. There are reports that the U.S. missiles targeting the Syrian airfield weren’t completely effective, falling far short of causing total destruction. Lesson: Never initiate an attack of any kind when mercury is stationing retrograde.

    • They never are. I can’t remember which Gulf War shock and awe display we all sat glued to on TV, but the pin point accuracy seemed to be wildly awry then as well.

    • Foreign articles citing only 23 of 59 missiles hit the target. Where are the other 39?

      If true, this was a bsd lesson for Trump – he’s just displayed to the Russians – along with the nutcase in North Korea and everywhere else – how poorly those weapons performed.

      • Meanwhile, sipping an after-dinner aperitif at Mar-a-Lago…

        Running the US is SUCH a draining job…this mess of a world I inherited…

      • Larry, which foreign articles? The British Department of Defence say the strike was effective and looking closely at the UK media, they report that the Russians cited the 23/59 numbers. Who to believe?

        • I certainly don’t believe my own country…do you yours?

          One can google “ineffective cruise missile syria” for details.

          It’s all about alternative facts. Now where is my golf caddie…?

  2. Note Neptune rising in this chart: same as in the Aries ingress chart for Washington. Significance: This is a smoke-and-mirrors time and event. Take nothing at face value.
    Note also Moon in the event chart conj. Mars and AC in DT’s chart: symbols appropriate to a bully’s acting out.

  3. Sun opposite Jupiter. Self aggrandizement for T. I do hope the eclipse in August removes him before more damage is done.

  4. You missed the part where Trump notified Putin of the impending attack. Low poll numbers and today’s negative jobs report plus his need to be center of attention motivated Trump, not compassion. If he were compassionate, he would take in Syrian refugees, especially the ‘babies’ that he purports to care so much about.

  5. And Yet Trump boasted just recently that he has ‘had the most successful 13 weeks in history’!!! You can’t write this stuff. Well, actually you can…personal dealings with Russia, the GOP using distraction techniques to keep their precious president in power or else face their political beheadings, turns Syrians away due to the Muslim ban yet desperate to look like the hero as he carpet bombs his way into the history books to save the little children, surrounds himself with white male sexual predators or those with suspicious Russian connections or both, happily sits back and brings down blacks and women and removes any advances they have made in society (same with the LGBT groups), destroys the policies that have served to protect the environment so far, etc…..Now he’s got his small, ugly fat digits on the nuclear codes to emphasize his pathetic male ego and god help us all.

    This is a missing piece of the manuscript to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series it seems.

    • GRRM is probably too upset to write those chapters, he is one of those oldschool US progressives shaped by Vietnam War.

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