Pippa Middleton – Sun Moon Venus; and Sun Venus cross overs

PM JM synPM JM comp



Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate and sister-in-law of Prince William, is to marry financier James Spencer Matthews next year. Born 6 September 1983 4.40am Reading, Eng (astrotheme), she looks a good match for her fiancé, born 21 Aug 1975.

His Leo Sun is conjunct her Moon Venus Ascendant in Leo which is a lovely cross over; and his Venus in Virgo is conjunct her Sun. He was born at the time of the Full Moon which is perhaps why he’s taken so long to take the matrimonial plunge and his Moon is (probably) conjunct her Descendant which is also a good placing.

On the relationship chart there is an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction with Sun widely conjunct Saturn and sextile Mars – so hard-working, and fairly driven. Both do sports at a high level which may soak up some of the rougher edges of that.  Though there is a composite Mars square Pluto which may cause some tensions and power struggles along the way. His Uranus is conjunct her Pluto so there will be some adjustments needed as to who has the last word on lifestyle choices.

She’s a live wire with her Virgo Sun square Jupiter Uranus in Sagittarius; while he has a Uranus opposition Jupiter in Aries square Saturn in Cancer, so although a risk-taker and keen on fun and variety, will like to be in charge.

2017 looks a touch stressful and confusing with tr Neptune opposing the composite Saturn, maybe just wedding nerves; or business pressures on his end.

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