Eris – vengeance of the have nots; outing liars

The dwarf planet Eris, named after the goddess of strife and discord (in mythology the opposite of Harmony), was discovered in 2005. It moves very slowly, entering Aries in 1926 and not exiting till 2047. Tr Uranus is conjunct at the moment and over the next few months as it hovers around 22 and 23 Aries, so the conjunction stays in effect until April next year.

Reading some of the other astrologers who’ve studied it more closely (writing some years back) – it’s fascinating how on the button it is.

Eris: pain & sorrows; lawlessness; bloodthirsty. Melancholia and sorrow mixed with raging anger. ‘Eris gave birth to energy that will punish perjurers or those who don`t honour their oaths. She will see to it that those who lie to win are punished.’

In mythology Eris was the uninvited guest to the party – disowned and exiled, the 13th fairy that cursed the sleeping beauty. She will take everyone down with her if she feels she has been treated unfairly or disrespected. She exposes hypocrisy and takes and eye for an eye.

She’s not all vengefulness and spite however. She’s also clever, good at stimulating the slothful to exertion and she uses positive envy as a motivation – other people are doing better than me so I should work harder.

9 thoughts on “Eris – vengeance of the have nots; outing liars

  1. Congratulations, AB. Best of luck with the novel. Trying to finish mine!! People like you (and Marjorie) are inspirational.

  2. Thank you Marjorie. I take comfort in your advice. Debut novel published this autumn. Maybe that’s something to focus in. Second Saturn return in sag with mars conjunction. Not easy.

    • AB, Hey, getting a debut novel published is no mean feat nowadays. That’s great. Maybe you’re just having first night panics before the launch. Your life will definitely change with tr Uranus crossing your Ascendant. So step out boldly and enjoy.

  3. AB. I have 19 Aries rising and Eris is 15 Degrees Aries in my 12th house. I also had Uranus transit and it will conjunct my Asc for the third time in December. You have my sympathies. I also feel like that, and it doesn’t help that I am also Sun conj Saturn conj Mercury so naturally melancholic. I think you need to accept you will always feel this way, and find ways to work with it. See the beauty in everything, find something to be happy about every day even if it is just the smell of the roses, the taste of your tea. I surround myself with colour, I like to have dark pink flowers in my lounge as much as I can, I buy really nice candles and reed diffusers that smell of roses, lavender, orange, and dot them all over my house. I have an emergency box, just like a first aid kit, with fabric (I sew), paint, clay (for children), dark chocolate, herbal tea, and numbers of charities that can help if I become really suicidal. I get this box if I feel low and do something creative with whatever is in it. It helps. I also recently completed therapy (my progressed moon is in 8th house- check your progressed moon too- and watch for transit Saturn chasing it). Try to have something to look forward to always: a film (rent a DVD from the library), a show, a nice walk- put inexpensive things in the diary across the month. You have to work really hard to lift yourself up, and see the feelings as a gift. I feel I can survive anything now, like I am a fortress. Good luck!

  4. AB, If you feel depressed and a failure, it sounds right up Eris’s street – left out of the party to which all the happier and more successful people are invited. You need to use that as motivation to get yourself out of a rut. The better side of Eris appears to be giving people a boot up the proverbial. Don’t hate or envy others who’re doing better. Be more like them.
    It also means you’ve got tr Uranus crossing your Ascendant which says you need to be independent-minded. For too long you’ve lived your life according to the expectation of others. Now you need to toss convention aside, ignore the tut-tutting of those close (and further away) and be YOURSELF. Uranus is a maverick, a rebel, an upsetter of the status quo.
    The problem with depression is it feeds on itself. The less you do, the less you feel like doing. Start in small ways. Tint your hair, take more exercise, do something new, anything that gets the juices and energy moving. You may not know what you want yet but if you keep asking the question, the answers – and help – will come.

  5. How does this work if you have Aries rising at 23degrees please Marjorie? I just feel depressed and a failure. Thank you.

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