Philip Schofield – stepping out bravely ++

Philip Schofield, one of the UK’s best-known TV presenters, has come out as gay after nearly thirty years of marriage with two grown up daughters. His family and the public are being supportive and it would take fair courage to speak out publicly as he has.

He was born 1 April 1962 2am Oldham England (from memory). He has a quick-witted and communicative 3rd house Sun with Mercury in Pisces also in his 3rd. He does have a tricky chart with his Sun inconjunct an 8th house Pluto and inconjunct Neptune – so sitting on the focal point of a Yod. This would make him feel he never quite fitted into his environment. His Pluto opposition Mars would give rise to frustrations and deep-seated anger issues; and his Uranus also in the 8th is trine a 4th house Venus in Aries so emotionally unpredictable.

Sexual inclinations can’t be seen on a birth chart. Although Uranus in the 8th can be experimental sexually; and Pluto there as well would suggest a degree of inner turmoil.

He’s been under strain recently because of his working relationship with his co-presenter – see post December 9 2019. At that point I wrote: “If Schofield’s birth time is accurate then I’d imagine he is struggling with a few unresolved issues courtesy of tr Saturn heading into the nadir of his chart.”

Just so. Tr Saturn now moving through his First Quadrant from late 2016 – a phase of around eight years – is when he would be forced to sort out personal issues. This time can be less successful because the psyche is intent (even against conscious will) to look at unresolved psychological tangles and find a solution.

Add On: Other indications of a major turnaround in his life are his Solar Arc Uranus moving to conjunct his Midheaven now with tr Pluto square both – and that heralds a massive change. Tr Neptune is also exactly square his Ascendant dissolving his old image and bringing a period ahead of uncertainty about his identity. It won’t be easy with his Solar Arc Sun in a blocked square to his Pluto this time next year with his Solar Arc Mars in a panicky opposition to his Neptune later in 2021. And maybe some financial costs with Saturn moving through his 2nd fairly soon for three years thereafter.

Oddly enough I know someone else whom I discovered recently had come out as gay after a longish marriage with children and he also has Uranus Pluto in the 8th and a stressed Mars – not that this is proof of anything but interesting.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. Saturn in the first quadrant is not much fun, for me it brought several unexpected deaths of friends and colleagues, along with some more “expected” ones of older people.

    It’s positive he has made this announcement, presumably with the support of his family. But so sad that even now people are scared of what reaction they might meet, and that the media still think they can “expose” gay people who have kept their sexuality private. I can’t say it was much of a surprise though.

  2. Ugh…this transit for me was a time of intense psychological upheaval, of loss, grief and disintegration.

    I notice in this chart that Uranus has been crossing the IC for the last few years. Not easy.

  3. Interesting that he chose to reveal this information in the public domain now. Transiting Pluto is square Phillip’s Libra MC. I have read that it was to pre-empt an expose by the Sun. No idea if that is true, but recently there were quite a few articles by the Sun, the Mail etc alluding to Phillip’s supposed bullying behind the scenes, maybe building up to a bigger story? It will be interesting to see what happens when Pluto squares his Venus at 26 degrees of Aries next year.

    • Also, Phillip’s SA Uranus is conjunct his Libra MC and tightly squares transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st house. Could it be said that a major upheaval in his public profile was strongly on the cards around now due to the astrology?

    • I despise it when the newspapers bully someone into revealing who they are. He’s hardly going around raping women or children, is he? It would be up to him when he was comfortable to let the public know, and to be frank its not really our business to know. They did the same with Rugby star, Gareth Thomas, I think twice. First, to break news he was gay, then second some years later, when they found out he was HIV. They did the same to Stephen Gately and I think George Michael and probably many others. Newspapers are totally disgusting entities. Either there to stir political propaganda, raise peoples fears, or feed off like vultures on the celebrity of the well knowns. The notorious lot I couldn’t care less if they fed off. But half decent people just trying to lead a life away from the public gaze should be out of bounds to these sensationalist profit diggers. I’m kind of glad the internet has helped kill off their circulation to a degree.

      • There are allegations circulating that the newspapers were approached by a certain individual, 30+ years younger and that this coming out was a pre-emptive move. PS began following this person on Twitter when they were 14 and they later became a runner on the show. All Twitter exchanges sent from Schofield to the person have been deleted.

        • Well, that is creepy. What 40 plus person would be into a 14 year old CHILD? If it turns out to be true, he deserves to be shot down in flames. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.

  4. Weren’t Holly – who I know mainly because she is endorsing M&S – and him conducting a skating show with celebrities? We’ve got a couple of seasons of that here, even British morning TV isn’t a thing. I must say I’m shocked he has been passing as a straight guy this long. Not that my gaydar is impeccable, but he definitely has a look that older gay men often aspire to. And no, it’s not a “showbusiness” thing. This is generally speaking more attractive to gay men than straight women, and the look so many “older guys” contacting my friends on Grindr have.

    • Yes. It’s only after the big reveal it kind of all makes sense. I think his straight self was pretty believable because he was married for so long and in the age of internet whispers, even I had heard nothing about Philip’s inclinations. So there was no need to ever ponder about it all. So I just assumed without question he was a happily married man with daughters. Who knew, lol?

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