Jean Spangler – the seamy underside of Hollywood


Rumours about the mysterious disappearance of Jean Spangler, an American dancer, model, and actress in 1949 have surfaced again with the death of Kirk Douglas. Her most recent work beforehand had been in a film in which he starred. He claimed he was in Palm Springs at the time and nothing further was ever discovered about her. She had been pregnant and intending to have an abortion, illegal in those days. and it could have gone wrong. Another theory was her connection to Los Angeles gangsters, another of whom vanished in the same week.

Born 2 September 1923, she was a Sun, Venus, Mars in Virgo; with a tumultuous Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Scorpio trine Pluto trine Uranus in Pisces, with her Uranus opposition her North Node Sun in Virgo. When she disappeared on 7 October 1949 there was a brutal and ruthless Mars Pluto conjunction in Leo conjunct her Neptune; with an enthusiasm-denting Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her Jupiter and a jolting tr Uranus square her Solar Arc Sun and a high-anxiety tr Saturn conjunct her Solar Arc Neptune. For her it looked extremely scary, depressing and panicky.

Kirk Douglas only admitted to kidding around with her on set and there’s no proof – though persistent allegations – that he had any further contact with her. Their relationship chart has an accentuated Mars which is conjunct the composite Sun, trine Pluto and sextile Saturn; as well as on the focal point of a composite T Square of Jupiter opposition Neptune. Mars in relationship charts starts off with sparky passion but tends to lead to arguments, sometimes violent. And that is a pretty heavy chemistry.

Her Sun, Venus, Mars fell in his 8th house which would provide an initial attraction, hooking by trine and sextile into his dominating Mars opposition Pluto.

He was undoubtedly rattled around the time of her death with the transiting Mars Pluto moving through his 7th house of relationship opposition his Uranus and trine his Sun; and tr Neptune hitting on two of his darker midpoints. Which doesn’t prove anything since there could be other reasons. Unless anyone spills the beans, if there are any, it’ll remain a mystery and a question mark.

Catherine Zeta Jones, 25 September 1969 2.40 pm Swansea, Wales, Kirk Douglas’s daughter-in-law, has a tough chart with an Earth Grand Trine of Mars in Capricorn trine Saturn trine Venus; with her Mars square a Libra Sun, Uranus – so quite volatile and used to difficult men. Her love life before Michael Douglas was peppered with tricky boyfriends – John Leslie, TV presenter who has a Mars Pluto Uranus in Virgo and seems to attract unproven rape allegations; Jon Peters, Mick Hucknall, before she landed with Michael, who had a reputed sex addiction.

She wouldn’t find Kirk Douglas remotely easy since his Mars opposition Pluto squared her Sun Uranus; and his disturbing Neptune Saturn fell in her 8th – not a warm connection. She’d find him teeth-grittingly irritating and a touch scary even at his advanced age.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. It’s quite likely that Jean Spangler was killed by Dr George Hodel, 10 October 1907. He was a chief suspect in the notorious Black Dahlia murder in LA. Jean Spangler looks a lot like the victim in that case. His son has done a lot of detective work on that case, and his father’s possible involvement. Hodel’s chart has the Venus square Mars that was being discussed a while ago. Venus trines Pluto. Plus Saturn square Pluto, amongst other aspects. He was a very well connected man, and managed to escape arrest twice, eventually dying at a great age. Back in those days the police were not always the sharpest, and there was a good deal of corruption. It is amazing that Hollywood has managed to cover up or erase so many crimes and scandals, while simultaneously selling “glamour” and Tinseltown fantasies all around the world.

    • Have you listened to the podcast, “Root of Evil” about George Hodel, the Black Dahlia case and the trauma inflicted on successive generations of the Hodel family? It’s extremely disturbing.

      • Where can you find Root of Evil? Is it free? I couldn’t find it in Audible. Might be a good listen. In the bright morning of sunshine, that is. Not late at night before bed!

      • Thanks, VF, no I haven’t listened to it yet. Although from what I have read, his son makes a convincing case. Plus, since he was more than a “person of interest” to the police I suspect he is responsible for more than one unsolved case. But clever and talented in other ways, so in a good position to escape justice. Fortunately, I believe such extremely sinister individuals are fairly rare. Something triggers them, when it does not trigger others with the same natal aspects. I suppose one might say the same about talent or abilities – do they remain as tendencies in some, or emerge in full bloom in others? I know someone with the same birth chart as me, a professional horticulturalist. We are very similar in many ways, with similar tastes and life experiences – but my love of plants, for example, is strictly a relaxing thing, while hers is professional.

    • George Hodel birth time 2 pm doesn’t have that scary or brutal a chart and there are less crossovers between him and Jean Spangler than Kirk Douglas. Not that it’s decisive but it’s not too illuminating. Thanks for the thought.

      • You don’t think Hodel has a murderer’s chart or do you mean when it crosses over Jeans chart there are no dangerous connections, Marjorie?

      • Thanks Marjorie. I suspect Jean had some sort of fling with KD – he did seem to favour casual sex with endless women, but so did many of his peers in those days in Hollywood. It was such a macho culture, one that pervaded everything. However, he did have a good alibi, so I don’t think he was responsible for this.

  2. Thanks, Marjorie. Poor woman, to have her life ended, however it did, frightened and in a state of panic. Even if Kirk is not responsible for either Jean and Natalie his treatment of women is despicable. Clearly from his own writings he loved to demean, dominate and abuse women to such horrifying degrees that he even admitted he had gone too far. But how far is too far in his book? One sex act he wrote about was disturbing, maybe he thought it was ‘rough sex.’ But anyone without stardust in their eyes could see it was clearly a rape scene. Disgusting man.

    All those aspects are nerve jangling. I had my experience of difficult and dominating men in my youth. As an adult, I’m so glad I love alone with a raft of pets for company! I’m quite happy on my own without the dramas of complicated demanding individuals with a heavy, toxic sexuality! I suppose i’m a typical Virgo stereotype in some respects.

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