Christopher Eccleston – an anguished life


Talented actor Christopher Eccleston has written a moving and tortured autobiography about his struggle with anorexia, depression and his hero-worship of his father. What’s intriguing astrologically is that he was born three days after Sarah Palin and has the same Sun, Mars, Saturn in Aquarius widely square Neptune. His father was clearly an angry man, tough and overly exacting in his expectations of his son.

Born 16 February 1964 6.58 pm Salford, England, his Sun, Mars, Saturn fall in his 6th house of health which has resulted in a lifelong struggle with dysmorphia, feeling that his bulky figure needed to be fined down. His Aries Moon is conjunct Venus hinting at an easier relationship with his mother though it is on one leg of a Yod sextile Mercury in Aquarius in his performing 5th inconjunct a 12th house Uranus (conjunct Pluto). His supportive 8th house Jupiter is also in an inconjunct to Neptune, so no surprises he has experienced a fair amount of strain in his life.

His Solar Arc Saturn was conjunct his 8th house Jupiter when he had a mental collapse and went into the Priory Clinic with the worst case of depression the doctor had seen. His Progressed Moon is going through his 8th at the moment but will emerge in a year’s time when he’ll bounce with more enthusiasm and a stronger sense of where he is going.

A complicated man who hasn’t had his troubles to seek. And while one shouldn’t diagnose off a chart without being asked, I have a sneaking feeling that if he peeled away his idealisation of his father he might shed some of his psychological burden.

Intriguing also to see how roughly the same chart can be lived in different ways viz the rootin’ tootin’ Alaskan cowboy Sarah Palin.

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  1. I have noticed that Neptune is a water singleton as well as a possible personal house singleton. Bearing in mind some astrologers would consider pluto to be a first house planet when it’s within 2 Degrees of the ascendant in the 12th house, which would make uranus a universal house singleton. Many astrologers tend to ignore singletons which I think is a mistake as they are often the most powerful planets in the natal chart as they ‘funel’ all of the energy to its position in the chart. A case and point would be the natal chart of Bono from U2. All of his planets are in water and earth signs, other than Uranus in 7th house leo. A double perhaps a triple singleton as he has his chart ruler Saturn within 5 degrees of the ascendant in the 12th house, making Uranus the only angular house planet, even though some astrologers say that a planet between 2 degrees and 5 degrees it should be considered as sometimes being a first house planet. In Bono’s chart singleton uranus in leo really transforms what could have been a bland earth water natal chart and is IMHO the most important planet in Bono’s chart. In Christopher Eccleston’s chart I think that it’s Neptune, followed by Uranus and then Pluto.

  2. Hi
    Interestingly, I was born at the same day as Christopher, but in Russia. When I was 16-17 I did had anorexia. I was and am suffering from low selfestim..I experienced depression in 1999. Is it a conjunction of saturn to my sun and mars
    I love and admire my father too who was workaholics, but gave me a great opportunity to study. I am a scientist and at odd with the world of science, I am too far apart of the current world, my papers written 10 years ago are very modern today. It is interesting to read about CE …I am looking like him as well but have a spot on the opposite site.

  3. I’ve noticed in other charts that Uranus in the twelfth can focus on someone’s ability to tune into the zeitgeist. It can be rather like having a radio receiver in the subconscious. So, hopefully, this book will open up discussions for everyone who suffers in this way and help men in particular – they often seem to find it more difficult to ask for help. Also, it would be positive if people realised eating disorders are not confined to adolescence.

  4. Hi Marj, this chart also doesn’t open when clicked on…..error message: parameters you provided are not valid. Ask Hugh what’s up with the chart.

  5. The Moon looks like it makes a difficult aspect to Uranus which could indicate instability around emotional and physical nourishment – a ‘cutting off’ from his needs. Further reinforced by the lack of water and earth planets in his chart – his chart is all air and fire. Pluto on the Asc. can indicate low self esteem issues, need for control/ fear of domination. There is tremendous self discipline (bordering on cruelty?) shown by the Mars, Saturn, Sun conjunction.

    • Yes, I have Pluto rising in the twelfth and Uranus in the twelfth, plus I am Virgo rising and have that generational Pluto/Uranus in Virgo opposition Chiron along the same axis as the Ascendant/Descendant. Like Christopher Eccleston, had depression, anxiety and Body Dysmorphic disorder all of my adult life (began aged 18/19). Obviously having an interest in Astrology I’ve attempted to try and understand my condition astrologically. I would say the Pluto conjunct ascendant can bring an obsessional nature to how you perceive yourself and the world around you. I do not want to control others and am not a bully or any other of the rather negative interpretations that Pluto rising gets. I was bullied growing up though, which I am sure played a part in the illness. Dysmorphia feels like an onslaught of intrusive, soul-destroying thoughts that you are not and will never be good enough which manifests in deep shame around your appearance, the perceived defects and obsessive grooming. The condition can be managed for me with meds, CBT and mental health support.

      I note CE also has Chiron conjunct within one degree of his descendant and I think this placement can be painful in how one relates to others. I also feel that Chiron plays a part in body and self-image isssues. I feel the need to make everything alright with others but I think it can be rooted in shame rather than real altruism. I know that Chiron is very active in my chart and that my experience of hard transits of Chiron have been very challenging. I think I will read this book as not too many people open up about this condition.

  6. I always thought Chris was an incredibly undervalued actor, as well as sometimes dangerously skinny, but had no idea of eating disorder. This is still very underdiagnosed in men and boys, unfortunately, so this is an important book.

    The one thing I can see making difference to Sarah Palin, other than Axis, is Moon. Sarah’s Moon is in Aquarius, right? It always gives natives tools to “detach” themselves, even if sometimes not in the healthiest way possible. Aries Moon has to tackle their emotional issues somehow. And yes, I’ve known at least two Aries Moons who’ve done it through eating disorder.

  7. It’s interesting that Christopher Eccleston’s chart is so similar to Sarah Palin’s. She’s not an actor, but was a “beauty queen” and as a politician was most certainly a performer – skilled at putting on a glossy, confident front. And possibly that Sun Mars Saturn in her chart might represent the men in her life to some extent? Her husband filed for divorce last year, after thirty one years. There are reports of her husband and son being involved in a drunken bar fight, plus other tales of violence about one of her older sons, while her youngest boy has Down’s Syndrome.

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