Peter Phillips and Autumn – another Hello bust


Peter Phillips, the Queen’s grandson, is splitting from his wife Canadian Autumn Kelly after she announced she was leaving. Although the media are making a great fuss he comes from divorced parents – Princess Anne and Mark Phillips – and there have been a handful of marital splits close to the Queen from Princess Margaret onwards and two of her other children as well.

Peter Phillips was born 15 November 1977 10.46 am London and doesn’t have an easy chart. He’s a Sun Scorpio square an 8th house wannabe-important Saturn in Leo; with an uncompromising and not always co-operative 10th house Uranus in a volatile square to an 8th house Mars. Although he has a helpful Jupiter on his Descendant attracting supportive partners, he would not find intimacy or flexibility easy in a close relationship.

Autumn, born 3 May 1978 in Canada, is equally stubborn with a Taurus Sun opposition Uranus square Mars in Leo, which is quite a bulldozer of determination with an independent-minded streak. She has a Pisces/Aries Moon and Venus in Gemini; while he has a Capricorn Moon square Pluto and Venus in Scorpio – in many ways both are too similar and too different.

Their relationship chart does have an affectionate composite Sun (maybe Moon) opposition Venus and Saturn; with a disruptive and argumentative Mars opposition Mercury square Uranus. Pluses and minuses. Tr Saturn in Scorpio in 2014/15 would put a damper on affection as it squared the composite Sun and Venus; with the tr Uranus square Pluto tugging vigorously as the composite Pluto. From this June onwards for a year tr Uranus squares the composite Mars which will bring outbursts and noisy arguments with a rocky patch thereafter with tr Uranus opposition the composite Uranus and square the Mercury and then Sun over the next few years – so it won’t be a quick n’ easy process.

He has tr Neptune square his Sun/Moon midpoint in 2021/2022 for a disheartening and disappointing marital experience; with a soul-searching and anguished Progressed Moon through his 8th from exactly now for the next three years. He’s also moving into his low profile phase with tr Saturn now in his 1st house and staying in his First Quadrant for several years ahead. He’ll have a few emotional issues to sort out during this time.

He’s always been involved in financial wheelings and dealings which don’t always come off from the splashy Hello wedding which raised eyebrows to more recently promoting Chinese milk.

One thought on “Peter Phillips and Autumn – another Hello bust

  1. “He’s a Sun Scorpio square an 8th house wannabe-important Saturn in Leo;”

    I somehow feel I should feel offended on behalf of all Saturn in Leos. 😉 Some of us are, by all accounts, important even with Scorpio or Taurus planet hitting that Saturn. For instance, out a prostatic nose on Benedict Cumberbatch, and he can channel this energy through his Leo Saturn/Venus square Scorpio Uranus in an upcoming movie. This was tongue on cheek, but I admit there might be a bit of frustrated performer in Saturn in Leo / personal planet in Scorpio combination.

    In any case, I agree it’s a long goodbye. They have two school age children, too. I think her just eloping to Canada is very unlikely for that reason, if not otherwise. Unless there’s truly something these women want to run away from.

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