Parkinsons & MS – the astrology varies

Medical astrology in ye olden days was one of the principal uses of the celestial art though it fell out of fashion with the advance of scientific medicine. Certain general attributes of parts of the body to particular signs and similarly houses to certain conditions appear to hold a grain of truth. But astrology is not a good diagnostic tool either for psychological or physical ailments.  Having said that, it is also not my speciality so feel free to pitch in.

  Parkinsons’ disease is a neurological disorder and should by rights be flagged up by Mercury, the ruler of the nervous system. Mars is also mentioned in relation to Parkinsons. But Michael J Fox, who was diagnosed with early onset P. aged 30, 9 June 1961 12.15 am Edmonton, Canada, has not much that is illuminating about his Mercury.  He does have a 2nd house Taurus Moon Venus trine Pluto, North Node in Virgo and opposition an 8th house Neptune square a 12th house Jupiter – so a fairly loaded Moon. But his Mercury does not look overly stressed.  His Sun is sextile an excitable Mars Uranus in Leo.

  Bill Connolly, who contracted Parkinsons in his 70s, born 24 November 1942 4.30am Glasgow, has his Mercury in late Scorpio conjunct Sun, Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter and opposition an 8th house Uranus square North Node in Leo. His Moon is inconjunct Mars and not otherwise well integrated into his chart.

  There’s nothing much that leaps out of either chart as similar or indicative of a chronic ailment.

 Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disorder and associated by the Hamburg School with Sun/Mars; and by researchers with suppressed anger.

Actress Selma Blair, 23 June 1972 8.30 am Southfield, Michigan, was diagnosed with MS in 2018. She is a Sun Cancer, with a 12th house Mars conjunct South Node trine a 4th house Scorpio Moon and sextile Pluto.

 Jaqueline du Pre, the cellist, 26 January 1945 11.30am Oxford, England, also had MS and died aged 42. She had an 11th house Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto, trine Uranus and trine Neptune – with a 10th house Mars in Capricorn conjunct South Node opposition a Cancer Moon. So a driving Pluto and a stressed Mars tied into the South Node.

  Nadia Carmichael, 14 August 1976 3.36 am Dunedin, NZ, who had MS and died aged 29.  She had a 3rd house Sun; with an Aries Moon on the Midheaven opposition Pluto, trine Saturn and trine Neptune as well as inconjunct Uranus North Node. Like Jaqueline du Pre her Pluto is the driving planet from a Kite, formed by the opposition to one leg of a Grand Trine.

  With the exception of Jaqueline du Pre none of these examples have anything in the 6th house. Some 12th house activity but nothing out of the ordinary.

  My recollection from the time that Jaqueline du Pre died was that her powerful though over controlled Pluto might be an indicator.  But many people have that without contracting MS.

  I’m none the wiser so any suggestions welcome.

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  1. My ex-wife died from MS complications. She was Taurus, b:May 10, 1955. Died: Sept 25, 2006. She worked as a nurse. In real life, a high anxiety personality, always had to keep up appearances, keep up with her classmates’ life styles of numerous children, expensive homes, high-end early 1980’s tastes. Following her MS diagnosis, her 2nd husband left her.

    Current best friend is an artist, born 9-10-1955. Virgo with cap rising and cancer moon. Another high-strung personality. You hv her birth data already and hv consulted from time to time, so feel free to inject any significators which might indicate MS. Presently losing her battle with MS complications.

    Her mother was institutionalized after my friend was born, her father committed siucude. Was raised by her Depression-era grandparents. Her grandmother was also seriously mentally ill, led to frequent beatings and other physical/verbal abuse.

  2. Astrology is thought to be ruled by Uranus, the upside down planet, the one that is different. True to form, at any given point there are a plethora of astrologers that device their own way of using astrology.

    Sandra Widener is one of them. She has done interesting work on mental and physical illness. If you have time to understand her unique astrological system, and are interested, here are the links for Parkinson’s

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