Paco Rabanne – from civil war hell to fashion flare

Paco Rabanne, the maverick fashion designer, dubbed the ‘second genius of Spain’ by Salvador Dali, who became known for his metallic ensembles and space-age designs has died. His geometric dresses fabricated from wood, plastic, metal and paper led the French press to brand him “Waco Paco” and Parisian traditionalists called him a fraud but Jane Fonda, wearing his creations in Barbarella, launched him to an international audience and his Paco Rabanne Pour Homme became the world’s bestselling men’s fragrance in the 1970s.

  He made paranormal pronouncements about his astral journeys and drew inspiration from what he said were past life visions. He claimed to have been an ancient Egyptian priest responsible for the murder of Tutankhamun; and a flying saucer pilot, a torturer during the Spanish Inquisition and an 18th-century Parisian courtesan. He predicted the end of the world would come in 1999 after the outbreak of a third world war in 1998. Though he was also also convinced that the Antichrist would arrive in 2005 and the golden age of Aquarius would begin in 2030.

  He never married, lived like a monk in a frugal and disciplined existence, in rented accommodation, never learnt to drive, had few possessions and lived for his work, giving away a good proportion of his earnings and did not smoke, drink or go to nightclubs.

  He was born 18 February 1934 in Pasajes, Spain with a possible 11.45am birth time though its accuracy is in question and I’d doubt it. His father was a Republican colonel who fought against Franco’s troops in the Spanish civil war, but was executed; and his mother was chief seamstress for Balenciaga in Spain. At the age of three Paco, living in a refugee camp along with the remainder of his family, survived the bombing of the village of Guernica by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italian forces acting at the behest of Spanish nationalists. The atrocity at Guernica, killing mainly women and children, was immortalized by Picasso in his outraged anti-war painting. The family fled over the Pyrenees into France and his mother  found work at Balenciaga’s Paris fashion house.

  As befits a maverick Paco had an Aquarius Sun alongside Saturn and Venus and North Node also imbued with revolutionary zeal. And a status-quo upsetting Pluto square Uranus (Moon) in Aries opposition Jupiter. He would not be short of confidence with Jupiter Pluto and delighted in rule breaking at least where fashion design was concerned. His Mars in creative Pisces conjunct Mercury opposed Neptune attracting him to a world of glamour and pzazz, even if his personal habits were austere.

  His 22nd global-superstar harmonic is exceptionally strong and successful as is his leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H and his spiritual seeking-and-searching and creative 7H.

  When aged 3 he was bombed at Guernica tr Uranus was exactly square his Venus and tr Pluto was square his Moon.

  I’d hazard a guess that he had to have had at least one outer planet if not several others in his 8th house.

He certainly survived a terrible childhood and marked his own path in adult life with inspired determination. A trailblazer.

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  1. I respect what you’re saying Tara but I think that statistically it is logical that some of the time you are bound to be right eg. one in every six people. Interestingly your theory doesn’t work with the other member of my family either. Perhaps it is, as you say , more to do with the type of people we associate closely with?

    • Yes Trish, that’s what I am saying, that there are patterns in associations and that they vary. You will have your own patterns, perhaps. I have studied statistics to a high level and have worked as an analyst – I understand what you’re saying about probability, you are right and I did consider that.

      As for applying it outside of my circle, it’s intuitive rather than based on empirical data and I’m quite aware that it’s not a certainty. It depends on how comfortable you are with that. I think people I know would be surprised that I have a hobby where I use this intuitive approach to data because a lot of my work is very much using the scientific method. But to me, astrology is not science, the patterns are symbolic and I am fine with that.

  2. You know it’s an odd thing that you say you suspect the 8th house without a birth time because I’ve noticed a weird pattern lately – almost every chart I know personally that has a birth time has their moon in the house number of their birth month (born in March will have a third house moon). About 25% of the time it will be in the opposite house, so a March birth will sometimes have a 9th house moon.

    It seems ridiculously simplistic and implausible, but it seems to be the case for 90% of charts known to me, so I’ve started putting the Moon in the birth month house number as a default when the birth time is unknown.

    • Not sure about that Tara. For example I was born in April and have a 12th house moon. Likewise a close family member is an October Libran with his moon in his second house. Someone else might know better than me but I find it a bit hard to believe that the majority of people born in either April or October will have a moon in either the fourth or tenth House.

      • I know, it sounds bonkers. I dismissed it for a long time, but it seems to work the majority of the time – for charts known to me. That is probably the key thing. I can’t imagine for a second that it works on every chart in the world. Still, if I’m drawn to a chart without a birth time I’ll use it as a default instead of noon. I think that there does tend to be patterns in the people around you

  3. His birth time is incorrect…..I rectified his chart to 5:08:28 AM, Ascendant 28Cp57. To verify the
    rectification I used his Lunar Return to Natal Sun in a biwheel…..notice how Uranus and Pluto
    line up for the death event. Both charts below.
    Marj is right, he has one outer planet in his 8th House, namely Neptune for psychic experiences.

    • it just makes me smile~

      never married
      lived like a monk
      slept in a rental
      never learnt to drive
      had few possessions
      lived for his work
      gave away earnings
      did not smoke, drink or go clubbing

  4. He was an architect. And it was while studying architecture in Paris that he started to make sketches for French fashion houses . A way to pay for his study.
    A man with a free sixties spirit. I loved his fashion. Very architectural and as fashion always is, mathematical in its geometry and volumes

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