North Korea – a possible topple-off-perch moment coming

The whacko North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un has been test firing missiles from a rickety submarine in what is meant to be a show of force. Though those most at risk are probably the poor sailors on board. His people are starving yet he’s sunk millions if not billions into military spending to boost his status. As well as bumping off an increasing number of high-level officials internally, leading some commentators to suggest that a breaking point for a mutiny or coup is coming sometime soon.

His Leadership chart, 29 Dec 2011 11.57am Pyonggang, does look at its most precarious through 2017/2018 as the control-freak Sun Pluto conjunction comes exact to the square to Uranus by Solar Arc. From mid 2017 tr Uranus opposes the Leadership Saturn and throughout 2017/18 tr Pluto will trine Mars – so high tensions erupting, and high risk.

The North Korea chart, 9 Sept 1948 5.27pm?, has a 16 degree Virgo Sun so is up and down this year with tr Jupiter conjunct and tr Saturn in square. There could be some movement towards improvements from mid 2017 with tr Uranus trine the NK Saturn though it’s unlikely to happen without major disruption. And by 2018 tr Neptune will oppose the NK Sun for an undermining time right through till early 2020. If he does go, what replaces him may not be that wonderful.

So not much respite for the poor downtrodden peasants, those who are still alive.

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