Hillary – only the FBI standing between her and the nomination

As Hillary Clinton draws closer to clinching the Democratic nomination, a possible FBI indictment looms larger, for use of a private email server to handle classified information when she was secretary of state. Immunity has recently been granted to an aide who set up her private email server, which in normal circumstances means charges are in the offing. Insider murmurs are that political pressure will be/has been brought to bear to side track any charges, since she is regarded as Obama Mark 3, leading some to suggest the FBI may leak their findings.

At the moment (April 21 to 7 May) she has tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Neptune midpoint which Ebertin describes as ‘nervousness, sudden excitements or upsets, crisis, mourning, illness.’ That repeats late October across the election. It could just be nervous exhaustion since Ebertin does tend to dramatise a touch.

However her relationship charts with FBI (26 July 1908); and FBI (22 March 1935) – both show huge stress this year, especially the FBI 1935 with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Sun through June to mid July. That could be make or break time.

Tr Uranus is also opposition her Solar Arc Mars Pluto conjunction from late May right through till early October, across the Democratic convention. That could overturn her applecart altogether. At the very least it’ll be extremely testing.

Whatever possessed her to do something that stupid??

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  1. Thank you Marjorie, for your expert interpretation of the planetary lineups and transits with respect to ALL the Presidential candidates in the USA.

    Don’t be offended by the negative feedback sent to you on this, it is very American (especially Republicans – think Dick Cheney, Ronald Rumsfeld) to attack viciously anyone who presents anything that is outside their thinking.

    Too bad some readers can’t distinguish the Doctor from the Diagnosis, or the Weatherman from the Weather. And these are the educated ones !

    Bravo and keep up the good work on this fascinating subject, where all the ploiticals pundits are confounded and failing, we can’t get enough of your analysis.

    Thank you

  2. Chris, I didn’t certainly didn’t mean to give anyone cause to characterize my text as a “hater” communique. Just want to make a few points:
    a) Latinos are no longer a minority in America; they are our fastest growing demographic
    b) Burlington, Vermont, far from being “dinky,” is one of the most exciting (and well governed) state capitols in America; you might wish to visit someday. It’s extraordinarily beautiful as well.
    c) the University of Chicago is one of the most selective universities in America, right up there with the Ivies, and ironically, is thought to be of a conservative slant; anyone admitted there is top tier
    d) Senator Sanders’ arrest at the demonstration to integrate Chicago schools is on film and has been broadcast widely; he’s got a 100% voting record in favor of minority outreach and civil rights. He has a strong moral core. Secretary Clinton has used civil rights group speeches as network building opportunities. She walks away from these exercises with potential donors identified–not a crime, of course; just an objective observation.

    My concern about Hillary Clinton is her judgment…and I am very concerned about that, as it has been scarily flawed. I would be fascinated to see what Marjorie has to say about this. This is an excellent ASTROLOGICAL forum. It doesn’t matter in the big picture what your or my perceptions of a candidate might be. There is a larger force at work here, and Marjorie is, in my opinion, a gifted interpreter of signals that are simply beyond the rest of us. I think she would be surprised and gratified to know many of those in the U.S. who follow her commentary. We value her articles because she’s a master of her craft, not partisan, and the news from her I DON’T like is of course as interesting as articles I might prefer. Peace to you and all who stand with you.

  3. I’m so done with all of the “haters.” Hillary Clinton is the most educated, intelligent, articulate, experienced and qualified candidate running in this race. In other words, Hillary Clinton is the MOST deserving. Hillary Clinton is the ONLY candidate with foreign policy experience. She’s the ONLY candidate who was a successful lawyer, a university professor, First Lady of Arkansas for 8 years, First Lady of the United States for 8 years, Senator of New York for 8 years and Secretary of State for 4 years.

    Now, let’s take a look at Bernie Sanders and his “accomplishments.” To begin with, he wasn’t exactly an “over achiever” (like Hillary Clinton has always been) and he was a “mediocre” student. Sanders graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree; he never furthered his education after that (and this man is running for president mind you). Sanders didn’t even have a job for many years. Then, sometime in the mid-1980s when he was already in his 40s, Sanders decides he wants to enter a life of politics. So, he runs for mayor in the dinky town of Burlington, Vermont. He later goes on to become an “Independent” senator and that’s about it.

    We minorities are not fools; we know Bernie Sanders has never had much of an interest in looking out for us. The Clintons have ALWAYS had a relationship with minorities and they’ve done so much to help this country. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have done wonders for our society. I know Hillary Clinton will too.

  4. Our family supported Sanders. It isn’t just an e-mail server; Hillary Clinton (and Bill) have a habit of disregarding rules, laws, and moral codes whenever it suits them–though they angrily prosecute anyone else who makes the mistake of impeding their ferocious ambition. If the day ever comes when a serious, transparent examination of the Clinton Foundation can be made, the e-mail server scandal will look like pale beer. We’d be awfully interested in Marjorie’s take on Hillary’s judgment, which is currently much discussed in the U.S. She’s awfully hawkish and had interventionist positions re: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, plus a history of major enabling of big bank and brokerage speculation, despite her current backpedaling. Her son-in-law’s a hedge funder. Very experienced, but we fear, very poor judgment. And her mistakes typically cost U.S. taxpayers about a trillion. (By the way: she still hasn’t promised not to use a private e-mail server in the White House.)

  5. Oh come now! Everybody makes mistakes. Besides the whole e-mail thing wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter and I couldn’t care less about her “damn e-mails” – as Bernie Sanders himself said in the very first debate.

  6. “Whatever possessed her to do something that stupid??”

    Guess she felt the rules don;t apply to her. After all, she has quite a powerful mentor as a competitor…Mr. Trump.

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