Jordan and King Abdullah 11 – on the borders of conflict

Jordan, one of the west’s closest allies, is almost at ‘boiling point’ over Syrian refugees, numbering possibly a million, who have fled the fighting there. This is in addition to the 200,000 Iraqis they have taken in; and 2 million Palestinians. Refugees make up about 20% of the country’s population, putting an enormous strain on the infrastructure and economy.

The Jordan independence chart, 25 May 1946 12am Amman, looks thoroughly blocked at the moment with Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto; with tensions mounting to boiling point with tr Uranus square Saturn late April/early May and again in December 2016. The situation will worsen in 2018/2019 with tr Pluto opposing Saturn which can mean war or deprivation/hardship.

King Abdullah 11’s swearing in chart, 7 February 1999 3.30pm Amman, looked swamped in 2015 with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the Aquarius Sun. This year looks stuck and uncertain, economically and otherwise, with tr Saturn and tr Neptune both in hard aspect to the Pluto and Venus. But the greatest challenges will come from mid 2017 when tr Uranus will conjunct the Saturn in Aries. That often brings tensions up to eruption point with conflict between the status-quo-ers and the reformers; and certainly hints at a change of direction.

On both this chart and the Jordan country chart there are heavy Pluto Jupiter influences in 2017/2018 which can suggest conflicts with authority.

King Abdullah 11’s personal chart, is very Fixed with an Aquarius Sun conjunct Saturn on one side and Venus Jupiter (and Mercury) all in Aquarius on the other. With a Scorpio Moon Neptune and Uranus in Leo. So he’s built for the long haul.

Tr Uranus will square his Mars in Capricorn, his only Cardinal planet, from mid 2017 till early 2018, at the same time as tr Uranus is conjunct Saturn on his reign chart – so that will be a time of significant crisis for him.

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