Nigel Farage – an explosive agent for change in the UK

Nigel Farage is back on a roll after languishing in the backwaters since his Brexit victory with the furore over his bank account being closed because of his political beliefs. He’s extracted apologies from the BBC, the resignation of the NatWest CEO and is now calling for the entire bank board to go. He has also catapulted the government and Treasury into clamping down on the banking industry to stop any future blackballing.

  Like him or loathe him, Farage does have an extraordinary effect effect on the UK as a catalyst or demolition expert depending on your viewpoint. He presses the plunger and the situation explodes. Not a man to cross clearly. Though he was right in this instance.

   It is blissful when the astrology is spot on – which in this case it is.  Farage, born 3 April 1964 4.30pm Farnborough, England has an 8th house Aries Sun on the focal point of a yod to Pluto sextile Neptune. The yod would give him a sense of being an outsider, always out of step with the consensus, with an awkwardness stemming from a variable sense of self-esteem – too much ego and then too little.

  But what is instructive is his Aries Sun is conjunct the UK’s 7th house North Node in Aries. That was what was being triggered running into the Brexit referendum with the revolutionary/anarchic tr Uranus in Aries square tr Pluto in Capricorn in place. The UK’s 7th house Aries Node hints at innate challenges when it comes to cooperation with neighbours.  Farage’s 8th house Sun was in there with laser-like intensity, widening the cracks.

  Farage’s Sun is also conjunct the NatWest’s Saturn and opposition the BBC’s Saturn – which will hit both in a way that damages their sense of self-worth.

   He’ll continue to be a thorn in someone’s flesh for a long time to come. Though he’ll hit a blockage or two into 2024.

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  1. Does anyone see proportional representation coming back on the agenda?. If in the current political two party system the Conservatives and Labour are seen to have similar views on the economy and other major issues like the NHS, environment and immigration to name but a few, perhaps it could be time for more radical change in politics. It would ultimately be the end of the ancient and expensive house of Lords too.

  2. As has been mentioned Farage mainly exerts his power by the indirect influence he exerts on the behaviour of the Tory Party.

    Farage’s chart impacts the Conservative Party 1912 Chart in a number of ways . His Saturn at 1 Pisces is exactly conjunct the Tory 1912 Chart Moon at that degree and is Sextile its Venus at 3 Taurus. Farage’s Mercury at 1 Taurus is conjunct the Conservative Venus as well. His Neptune at 17 Scorpio at opposes the 1912 Tory Party Sun at 19 Taurus. Farage’s Jupiter at 29 Aries is Sextile the 1912 Conservative Pluto.

    Farage seems to articulate certain sections of Conservative voter thinking more powerfully than the ESG group on the Tory right. The obvious parallels are with Enoch Powell who was born in 1912 and shared many natal planet placements with the Party 1912 chart. Farage is far less cerebral in his approach to articulating his political agenda which might account for his greater success

  3. His Chiron in the 7th is interesting suggesting his weak spot is close relationships – alcoholic father fled the childhood home early and he has had two marriages, both now split. Sometimes people project their personal issues onto the world. I’ve known people, wounded in the area of relationship who are obsessive about splitting others up – as indeed he did with Brexit. Pluto magnifies the darkness.

  4. How do the astrology of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and current social Justice movements in the UK and USA relate?Eg institutions like stonewall, chairman Mao, birth of the leap forward movement. There seem to be so many parallels with the cancel culture movement

  5. The reason that Farage finds it so easy that disrupt political life is the simple fact that politicians and political governance are now so poor in the U.K. It would be comforting to think swapping from a Sunak government to a Starmer government might rectify that situation but I suspect that is just a delusion. It is going take more than a bit of body shopping at Westminster to change the situation.

  6. Like many populists Mr Farage is good at identifying what issues trouble the public, however it is the solutions that populists offer that are so controversial.
    It is to be remembered that his early forming influence was Enoch Powell.
    However, his contribution to politics cannot be ignored, it has been pivotal for 30 years at least.

  7. I was thinking the same thing today when I saw him . Farage really creates change in the UK. He’s the most significance Uk politician of the 21st century.

  8. Interested to see what the approaching Saturn Neptune conjunction square his Moon (orb?) has in store, with Neptune conjunct his Sun due at the turn of the 2030s.

    Re-enter politics? He’s never been elected an MP. Though it might stop him whipping up hate for organisations like the RNLI for five minutes.

    • Farage has been a long time politician, just not in Westminster. He was an MEP for just over 20 years, winning 5 elections. He was a founder member of UKIP, it became the 3rd most popular party by vote in 2015, ahead of the Brexit vote in 2016 – and look where that ended up. He left UKIP after the Brexit vote (‘job done’), then in 2019 launched the Brexit Party because he felt Brexit wasn’t happening fast or far enough. So yes, Farage re-entering politics is likely to have an effect!

  9. Another observation is England has St George the Dragon as its Patriot, celebrating it in April. It is ironic that Farage’s fiery Sun is conjunct the Uk’s North North (Dragon’s head) in its Chart. As it was England’s Brexit vote which Trumped (perhaps not the best word to use) in the UK’s Referendum. Very symbolic indeed!

  10. Thanks Marjorie. Very interesting to see the Nodal links, and watery UK Neptune with his natal Neptune, suggesting the historical notion of “Brittania rules the Waves” amongst other things. This furore is the second time I find, to my personal astonishment, I agree with him. The principles involved here are so important, and a bank cannot appoint itself as judge and jury over anyone’s views. Coutts, in particular, have other famous customers who are not exactly squeaky clean…..The UK and Farage’s Nodal return approaches slowly. Be interesting to see what that might bring up too.

    The first time I agreed with him was over rural train lines, and restoring them once again after all the cuts way back when in what, the 1960’s? I see we both have Moon in Sagittarius, which may account for it. Although his is a real conflagration with Jupiter trine (gambling?), and mine is not.

      • Thanks VF! I suspected that. Also some other well-known and dubious people…..but the principle holds. As does the right to privacy. Just because we dislike or even despise someone, doesn’t negate any of that, and this, for me, has been a good case for a bit of brain wrestling! Extending this out a bit, there’s also the issue of money laundering etc, and our global banking system…..Farage, like the Aries he is, is very visible and audible. Others with Coutts accounts are not. Very unwise of Coutts to draw attention to themselves in this way….

        Very interesting what you say about Cromwell too. Another catalyst character, another transitional phase in our history.

        • Yes, the hypocrisy stinks whichever way you look at it. Coutts’ clients included the likes of General Pinochet and Mafia boss, Emilio Di Giovene who laundered millions in cash through Coutts. Despite Coutts accusing Farage of links to Russia, the bank has clients including Moscow bankers and has laundered cash from Russian oligarchs and persons connected to the FSB.

  11. Transiting Pluto squares his Mercury on and off next year. His Mercury is in the 8th house of politics, which also Governs other peoples money as well. His 8th house Mercury, is ruled by Taurus – his own money or receiving money. As with all aspects, they can be portrayed as positive of negative. Interestingly the 8th house in his Chart has his Aries Sun and Jupiter placed in it. Quite a formidable placement, as Jupiter can bring luck by being backed by large sums of money. He also has his Aries Mars/Taurus Mercury midpoint – sitting on his Jupiter; making for a head strong, fiery talker with large doses of luck. Along with a Sun/Moon trine in fire. Like the Summer heat the Mediterranean is experiencing, Farage has turned up the heat in this country too. My money is on him returning to Politics, as in many ways, it is a too good an opportunity to miss.

  12. I find there are certain similarities in the charts of Oliver Cromwell and Nigel Farage. Both Mars in Aries, both have Venus at 29 Taurus and Cromwell has a Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Aries as does Farage in Virgo – uranus/Pluto conjuncts Farage’s Ascendant whereas it occurs in Cromwell’s first house. Both charts have an Aries/Taurus emphasis.

    I’m very interested in the English Civil War at the moment and the many dissenter groups which flourished alongside it. I do see certain parallels to our own polarised times.

    • Can’t see Farage cancelling Christmas though! Although he may cancel the Conservative Party’s Christmas if he returns to Politics.

      • Haha! His chart is pretty lucky on the whole and Jupiter is currently in his Sun sign, 8th house too. I don’t think he’s going away any time soon.

    • Cromwell was much more militaristic and ruthless chart though certainly the Aries/Taurus planets were the same. Don’t see Farage aboard a tank let alone a charger flying into battle.

      • Indeed Marjorie, Farage lacks the Mars/Saturn-ness of Cromwell. His weapon is the megaphone rather than the pike and one struggles to picture him as a member of the Sealed Knot, let alone the New Model Army.

  13. Nigel epitomises his sun sign and I admire his candour and resolve. Anyway, glad Nigel saw this through.
    I never knew the UK had an Aries north node. How interesting.

  14. Ah, Farage, He has done so much damage to our society and he has got away with an extraordinary degree of lying and hypocrisy and political influence, for someone who has never had the courage or electability to actually work as an MP. Although the manipulator has been manipulated…. he has been very useful to those in politics bent on destroying the good in our society and environment.

    What a self interested and indulgent chart he has. That Pluto-Uranus over the ascendant suggests someone who enjoys disruption and destruction. Also noted that his Neptune (lies and illusions) is conjunct with that of the UK. Certainly a scary proportion of people seem to find that Farage’s lies tally with the lies they tell themselves – about immigrants, Europe, empire and Little England.

    • Your comments seem to have little to do with the issue in question or the astrology. It does, however, say much about you!

        • Yet the Planetary Gods (for want of a better description) have placed him in a commanding position. He could possible be King Maker again. He was pivotal in the Brexit Referendum and could be a huge disrupter in next years General Election too. As Pluto will Square his Mercury. It may not be a “turd” yet there may be a lot of mud around, concerning next years Politics, in the UK, becoming “bogged down” again with the threat of Farage taking votes from both the main parties. The Dragon may rise again with plenty of ammunition in his tongue. The Banking Board who sought to stop him, may have unwittingly ignited him again.

          • Hi Helen. Isn’t Pluto transit trine Mercury? It will square Mars tho, interesting territory for a chart where both planets are so strongly placed. Also note second Saturn Return.

          • Ah sorry I take that back- responded too soon gazing at chart on tiny mobile phone! You are right. Pluto square Mercury (important with that Asc) and sextile Mars

        • Wow think you have serious problems with Farage ……what parts of your chart does his chart hit that makes such a display of hatred from you That would be an interesting astrological study

          • There are very many decent people in the UK who have a serious problem with Farage, simply because of the way he has behaved and the things he has done.

  15. Not a big fan of his views but I’m sure he’d be interesting company over dinner. I agree he was correct to call out his treatment by Coutts – massive error of judgement. He’s latterly been a vocal advocate of the Proportional Representation electoral system(s) which I also would like to see replace the First Past the Post system we have in the UK – I might not like his views but if the electorate wants him as there MP then he should be although my guess is he’s better as an activist and actually has quite an influence over the Conservative Party. It’ll be interesting to see how his life unfolds over the next decade he’s not likely to be quiet.

  16. Like him or loathe him, whether your politics are left or right, the conduct of the CEO is a disgrace but she was supported by the whole board of NatWest which suggests they condoned her conduct. Mr Farage is right, the whole board should indeed resign.

  17. Could you offer any insights on his Mercury-Pluto conjunction on the Ascendant opposite Chiron in the 7th? His Mercury also conjuncts the UK Pluto, which seems to get triggered by national identity crises. I’m thinking in particular of Queen Mary 1, whose Sun at 8 Pisces in the 1st conjuncted the England 1066 Pluto at 3 PI (uncanny how that position features in both the 1066 and 1801 charts). Mary’s reign coincided with the England Pluto return and Mary’s persona and relationships were profoundly linked to the Plutonic crisis of faith that engulfed England in the 1550s. Does that Mercury-Pluto contact indicate that Farage is a mouthpiece for a deeper national identity crisis?

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