New York New York – brand new start is a ways away


New York is doing comparatively well and opening up in stages with the virus death toll down to single digits in recent days, after a three-month long siege during which more than 22,000 New Yorkers died.

The city was incorporated on 1 January 1898 and the hit from the pandemic is clearly marked with the Solar Arc Saturn opposing the NY Jupiter this year and squaring the NY Capricorn Sun in 2021, dampening the normally rambunctious New Yorker approach to life. The Solar Arc Neptune is also square the NY Mercury in Capricorn this year for confusion and uncertainty with the additional pressure of tr Pluto hard aspects on both till late this year.

The December Sagittarius Eclipse will also conjunct the NY Venus Mars for a flurry of arguments and financial upsets. So the immediate economic damage is likely to drag on through at least next year – and almost certainly longer. What is worrisome is that transiting Neptune at present squaring the NY Neptune will move to hard aspect to the Mars and Venus/Neptune midpoints and then the NY Venus and Mars from 2022 to 2024 which will be disappointing financially and will tend to lower confidence. 2024 is also the year when tr Saturn in Pisces squares the NY Uranus Saturn and Pluto for an edgy and blocked year; in 2025 squaring the Neptune and Venus Mars for more of the same.

Along the way tr Pluto in Aquarius from 2024 will sextile the NY Uranus for the start of more radical changes with a ‘lucky break’ Solar Arc Uranus opposition the NY Jupiter in 2025. But it’s going to be a long haul.

A similar timeline is reflected in the New York State, 26 July 1788 chart – with this year high uncertainty and worry from Solar Arc Neptune square the Saturn; and a jolting Solar Arc Saturn square Uranus; and a panicky and undermining tr Neptune opposition the Mars this year and next. 2022 to 2024 will be years of jolting change with tr Uranus square the Pluto, Mercury and then Venus; with a blocked and frustrated Solar Arc Mars square Pluto and Mercury in 2025.

This follows a pattern of country charts where the economic pain is likely to extent on to the middle of the decade.

There are charts for Manhattan, May 16, 1626, 8:56 AM

Manhattan, New York (NY); and Brooklyn, June 22, 1636, 2:15 PM

Brooklyn  – but I don’t know whether they are OS or NS calendar and being astrotheme it doesn’t say.

From previous post: AUGUST 1318

New York could be creeping towards a mood redolent in some respects of 1929/30 as transiting Saturn conjuncts the New York Inc Capricorn Sun and squares the NY Jupiter; and Solar Arc Saturn squares the Sun and opposes the NY Jupiter.  Saturn tends to have a discouraging effect and hitting on Jupiter usually has negative effects on finances and enthusiasm.

The Saturn transits come exact this December; and the Solar Arc Saturn hard aspects pick up from late 2019 through to 2020.

In 1929 for the Wall Street Crash Solar Arc Saturn was square the NY Jupiter and conjunct the NY Sun in 1930. With the additional jolt of Solar Arc Uranus hitting on both the Sun and Jupiter in 1930; and the devastation of tr Pluto conjunct the Solar Arc Neptune – neither of which are around this time. So not quite as bad.

The NY Inc chart, 1 January 1898 has, in addition to four Cardinal planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and perhaps Moon) providing a wealth of initiative and ambition, also six highly-strung, changeable Mutable planets. The generational Neptune Pluto in Gemini with Pluto in a tough-minded opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius (conjunct Uranus) and Neptune widely opposition Mars Venus in last degree Sagittarius/

At 9/11 the war-like transiting Saturn in Gemini opposition tr Pluto in Sagittarius hit the NY Pluto, so pulling out its formidable resilience. When the Lehman Brothers collapse of 15 September 2008 occurred tr Pluto was conjunct the NY Mars Venus; with the economically-unstable tr Uranus in Pisces opposition tr Saturn in Virgo hitting on the NY Neptune and Pluto – a considerable whammy. Plus the Solar Arc Saturn was square the NY Mars Venus in the aftermath.

Whatever is coming up is a natural progression from the Lehman collapse and aftermath as the Solar Arc Saturn has moved off the NY Mars Venus and is near the exact square to the NY Sun.

Stock Exchange charts are not always reliable but for what it’s worth – NY SE 17 May 1792 11.30am. This has slightly similar influences to 1929 with tr Pluto in aspect to the Mars, exact this September/October and the Solar Arc Sun in both 1929 and late this year has outer planet hard aspects. Though 1929 has additional negative influences as well.

Doesn’t mean there will be exactly the same but it does look downbeat that’s for sure.

Add on: The Wall Street crash occurred with Pluto at 19 degrees Cancer with tr Uranus in first decan Aries and tr Saturn in late Sagittarius. That would pull together into a Pluto opposition Saturn square Uranus for the start of the Great Depression which followed. Saturn Pluto is bleak, accompanies hardship and deprivation. Saturn square Uranus is usually economically unstable. Uranus Pluto is disruptive.

There are some similarities in so far as the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn drawing close from spring 2019 running till early 2020 will most likely accompany a recession and perhaps a more significant war globally. But the Saturn Uranus is missing as is the Uranus Pluto (which we’ve had 2012 to 2016.)

There is a repeat of the 3 South Eclipse in late 2019 which was around late 1929 and late 2001 as well. That cycle also occurred in late 1947 when the Cold War was hotting up and the House Un-American Activities Committee (commies under the bed) got under way. In late 1965 when the Vietnam War and anti-demos were escalating. And in late 1983. On all of those times there were contributory pressures from e.g. Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto in Virgo in the mid 1980s; and the Saturn Pluto in Leo conjunction in 1947; and Saturn Pluto in Scorpio in 1983.

All of the 2019 Eclipses in Capricorn (beginning and end of the year) and Cancer midway will hit on the USA chart with its Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Cancer. Ditto the UK and the EU and Germany all with Capricorn Suns.

All looks like a bumpy ride though nothing like as poleaxing as 1929 and beyond.



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