Lady Colin Campbell – telling tales about the Royals


Lady Colin Campbell, the Jamaican-born aristo-wannabe, has another Royal book out this week – Meghan and Harry, the Real Story. She has previously cornered the market in marginally salacious Royal books, spilling the beans about Diana’s affairs, casting aspersions about the Queen Mother’s parentage and the Queen’s marriage amongst other titbits. None of which has made her popular in the inner circle of courtiers and Royals.

She came to public prominence on Celebrity Jungle a few years back, where she fell out with two of the other contestants and claimed she was bullied. She was born on 17 August 1949 to a wealthy department store father in Jamaica, with a birth defect which labelled her as a boy until she went for corrective surgery in her late teens. Her father was moody with a turbulent temper and her mother was narcissistic and cruel.  A brief early marriage to a younger son of the Duke of Argyll gave her a title and she has never remarried.

She is a Sun Pluto in Leo with Sun inconjunct Jupiter in socially and materially ambitious Capricorn. Her Moon either Taurus or Gemini probably squares Saturn in Virgo; with communicative Mercury and Venus also in Virgo.  She also has an excitable, assertive, focal point Mars in Cancer in a showbiz square to Neptune opposition North Node in Aries.

Her chart does not sit easily with Meghan’s despite both having Mars in Cancer, Venus in Virgo and Suns in Leo. CC’s controlling (and contemptuous) Pluto is conjunct Meg’s Sun – and both being Leo both will want all the attention. CC’s Uranus is also square Meg’s Moon Saturn which will be tension-inducing and fractious. The relationship chart has a disappointing and slippery composite Sun square Neptune; as well as an aggravated composite Mars trine Neptune sextile Uranus, Venus, Pluto, Saturn – so not mutually supportive as well as being hostile and blocked. Their connection isn’t under happy stars this year with a dip when publicity started to surface recently and continuing on into 2021 which in an odd way looks worse.

If anything she is more of a problem for Harry since her Pluto, Sun, Saturn, Mercury all fall in his intense 8th house and her Sun Pluto squares his Midheaven and Saturn in Scorpio. Their relationship chart is edgy and panicky at the moment, worsening through 2021/22.

Lady Colin’s own chart looks chipper and upbeat this year with tr Pluto conjunct her Jupiter – good for money and success; and in particular now over the launch and all the publicity with tr Uranus opposition her Sun/Jupiter midpoint. Though with the Solar Eclipse conjunct her Uranus and July’s Lunar Eclipse hitting her Mars – it won’t go without flare ups, dramas and unexpected twists. 2021 looks much less enthusiastic for her.

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  1. I loved reading about this lady – do her friends call her Colin? Does the book’s title ‘The Lioness Unleashed’ tell us she has a Leo ascendant? My guess is that she has the Moon in Gemini as Sun (esp with Pluto) in Leo and a Taurus Moon would make her very uppity…she looks extremely mutable especially facially and Julia says she’s hilarious so I’d lean towards Gemini, esp beign mistaken for a male early on – Gemini can be sort of asexual appearing but a Taurus Moon would have a far different take on her character and make her more introspective I think….Pluto’s her vocational indicator conjunct Sun so she’s a whole hogger, and won’t mind some controversy or drama a bit…she has 9 planets rising if the chart is anything near about 4.30 a.m. ish – so totally in charge of her own life, I expected a load of fire but she is mostly earth and water……she’d be great company though – who cares about the rest?

    • She’s certainly a character and if you like gossip she spills it out in all directions – though I confess I prefer my gossip to be accurate. I hate lies or mistakes being bandied around.
      I met her years ago and my immediate reaction was that she was – not sure of the word – unsavoury, attracted to sleaze and it was fairly off putting. That makes me sound prim and I don’t mind out and out rogues and brigands, but she left a rather unpleasant taste behind.

      • Wow, Marjorie, the stories you could tell…and don’t! Noblesse oblige….well, that article made me absolutely certain she’d consulted an astrologer, because her progs and transits indicate more publicity……please enlighten me by saying what she called herself?! Can’t imagine… must be odd though to be a kid, and know from a young age you are not the sex ‘they’say you are…God, I was taught by nuns and can just see her going up to one saying Í’m actually a boy!’and the wrath that would come down on her….in those days especially!

  2. Thank you, Marjorie! Lady C is running hilarious weekly vlogs in lockdown from her home in Castle Goring, West Sussex with her handsome friend, Prince Leo of Croatia. She’s absolutely outrageous and a terrible name -dropper. I guessed she was a Leo but not a supercharged Sun/Pluto/MC one.

    There’s an ongoing spat with MMs publicity team. As I’m stuck at home sick at the moment it’s better than Dallas: Is baby Archie a doll? Is MMs team behind the rumour that she is transsexual in order to gain sympathy for Meghan plus publicity for her new book? (Lady C’s answer – laughter + ‘there is no barrel so low which she will not scrape’) I think this is set to run and run. Battle of the Leos.

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