Steve Bing – couldn’t bear to be corralled

The weirdly dystopian dramas of the one percenters have thrown up a sad ending with the apparent suicide of Steve Bing, Hollywood playboy, multimillionaire real estate heir, filmmaker and philanthropist. Left a mega fortune when he was 18 he became a Vegas high-roller and strip-club aficionado who used his wealth in part to involve himself in the movie business, producing Get Carter and Polar Express amongst others. He was buddies with Bill Clinton, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger and did give generously to charity.

He came to public prominence via his bitterly disputed paternity suits over Liz Hurley’s son Damian and former pro-tennis player Lisa Bonder’s daughter Kira and eventually had to concede they were both his children though he had little contact with them in later years aside from financial settlements. Lisa Bonder at the time of conception had been in a 28-day marriage to multi-millionaire Kirk Kerkorian and it was his aggravation over child support claims that led him to find the truth about the parentage of Kira, using the services of the infamous investigator Anthony Pellicano, who ended up in jail for wire-tapping and other offences.

Liz Hurley and Steve joined forces recently to fight Steve Bing’s father Peter who was trying to cut out-of-wedlock children out of his will – and they won.

Steve Bing, 31 March 1965 in Los Angeles, no time sadly, was a charming Sun Venus in pro-active Aries with a volatile collection of Mars Uranus Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn square North Node in Gemini – he would have a depressive and acutely frustrated streak which he channelled into his free-spirited, can-be-wild Gemini North Node. His Node would make him unwilling to shoulder responsibility. He also had an indulgent Jupiter in Taurus in a head-in-the-clouds opposition to Neptune.

Damian Hurley, 4 April 2002 12.22pm London, is also an Aries with Sun, Mercury there, in an expansive square to Jupiter in Cancer. He was born with the unyielding Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto in place, which collided with Bing’s Gemini North Node and squared his father’s Virgo planets as well.  Damian also has his Node in Gemini as does Liz Hurley (and indeed Donald Trump). Liz Hurley’s Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini all connected with his North Node, 10 June 1965. And she also has Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo opposition Saturn – so it would also have been a passing flare that couldn’t last.

Lisa Bonder, 15 October 1965, a Sun Libra also has a Gemini North Node opposition a passionately enthusiastic Mars Venus in Sagittarius square Saturn which opposes Uranus Pluto – so another combustible mix.

Her daughter Kira, March 1998 is a Sun Pisces with Mercury, Mars and Saturn spread out through Aries; and a confident Jupiter opposition a Virgo North Node square Pluto. All of them have their Nodes tied into their charts fairly tightly – so central to the zeitgeist of their time.

Bill Clinton also has a Gemini North Node and Warren Beatty has a Sagittarius Node, which latter also has a dislike of commitment in early adult life and tends to swing around in the breeze.

When Steve Bing was originally fighting Liz Hurley over paternity support he said they had not been in an exclusive relationship and that it was ‘her choice to be a single mother.’ It would have to be said I have some sympathy for him. I’m not sure why in these days of feminist equality a few errant sperm should come with a hefty price tag attached.

All the money in the world and it didn’t do much for him at the end of it all.

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  1. Years ago an astrologer told me that I had a Jupiter-Neptune aspect coming up on a specific day of a specific month. She said that meant a windfall. Lo and behold, I came into a very nice, totally unexpected piece of financial luck around the time of the Jupiter-Neptune aspect. Can’t recall if there was any disappointment connected with it. In a couple of years Jupiter will be transiting my second house in Pisces (Neptune is also transiting my second). Looking forward to some windfalls but with eyes wide open lest I get duped.

  2. Unbelievably, he had money worries having to sell his jet and house. He lost a lot of money in ventures that did not quite take off.

  3. Looking at his chart, I see Mercury and Venus were not well-supported. Mercury in Aries 22* had only a semi-sextile to the Moon in Pisces, so he wasn’t the strong, iron-willed type but great for generosity [disclaimer: I have Moon in Pisces]. Venus in Aries is conjunct the Sun within 3 degrees, which is reflected in the many descriptions of his charm and philanthropy. But, aspect-wise, unless something connects his Asc. to Venus, that’s it for Venus; as one “friend said, “he liked beautiful women, but it never worked out.”

    Born anytime that day in NY, he had the heliacal setting star Regulus which gives all that glory, success, hobnobbing with the glitterati, even military honors [Clinton and the jet rescue of the women in China in 2009]. But Robson and Bernadette Brady warn of the downside of Regulus. In cahoots with Liz Hurley, he lost a big inheritance battle with his own father that ended with his estranged children being made inheritors of great fortune. Wonder if it was at a great cost to his family of origin relations. His chart and the troubled relations with his children reflect those inner planets’ paucity of aspects.

    • My bet is he had a Cancer or Leo rising. I tend to think more Leo rising. As he’s described by many as wildly generous, energetic and friendly.

  4. Hi Marjorie (posted 1st time in the wrong place)

    I’ve always wondered why you say on numerous occasions ‘………. Jupiter in Taurus in a head-in-the-clouds opposition to Neptune.’ ? Very curious as to what it means or looks like?

    Much thanks

    • Jupiter Neptune – daydreamers, prone to over optimism, delusions and illusions, believe the best of certain people, tendency to exaggerate or over promise, wasteful, idealistic but not realistic. Visionaries and hypocrites, speculators. Traditionally the sign of ‘false happiness’ – over hopefulness that leads to disappointment.

      • I could wax lyrical on this planetary combination. My mother has a T-square on Jupiter involving Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, thus a double dose of Neptune so to speak. I grew up watching her being taken advantage of by a host of so-called friends and hangers-on, some of whom were absolute narcissists to whom she dedicated an excess of emotional energy and support for absolutely no reward – they would discard her when she was no longer useful to them. She had little judgement and discrimination when it came to friends. It was easier for her to do this than look at the problems within her own life. On the other hand she was musical, artistic and imaginative and a great storyteller. So every time I see Marjorie’s “head-in-the-clouds” description for this combo it strikes a chord.

      • Donald Trump has chiron between these two planets! In the second house! Exagerating his wealth due to some sort of inner wound, perhaps.

        • There are a variety of ways it can operate. There is an economic aspect to Jupiter Neptune which may be dreams of avarice or contemplating gargantuan sums of money, and you find it quite often in financiers’ charts.
          Why I got interested in it was because I didn’t find the traditional meanings made much sense of my stepmother who had Neptune Jupiter in the 2nd. She was an academic political economist. Certainly not one for being taken advantage of, or what I’d describe as naïve. Cold, narcissistic though that may have been other aspects in her chart – a Sun Venus in Gemini with Pluto in the 12th. Not quite on Trump’s scale and not acquisitive in a trade sense, but certainly not one for sharing generously and not exactly a friendly soul. Fairly non-religious though it can turn up in the charts of guru-chasers.

          • Marjorie, is there a planetary aspect, midpoint or planet could balance out that ‘head in the clouds’ tendency? The person could consciously develop or lean on? What do you think or is it hopeless for them?

  5. “When Steve Bing was originally fighting Liz Hurley over paternity support”

    It’s wrong. She fought him for DNA test. She said she didnt want any of child support/money. Her Indian ex-husband is the only father that Damian ever had.

    google Steve Bing Liz Hurley DNA

    • Hi Marjorie

      I’ve always wondered why you say on numerous occasions ‘………. Jupiter in Taurus in a head-in-the-clouds opposition to Neptune.’ ? Very curious as to what it means or looks like?

      Much thanks

  6. Personally, I think if he wasn’t in an “exclusive relationship” with Hurley and that it was ‘her choice to be a single mother,’ he should have been having protective sex considering he had a hefty fortune. It was very naive and arrogant of him. Hurley had/has a reputation for social climbing. Children would have been part of the elitist privileges she desperately craves. He had to take responsibility for his part in this potential problem. You can’t go through life spraying your sperm around then bemoan the fact some ambitious woman who would like to climb the social ladder with your money via your child pops up and makes your life a misery. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world where integrity and sincerity matters. He should have kept his swim team under lockdown. People with money are very much targets of this kind of behaviour from people, unfortunately, just as people with money like to ‘buy’ a good looking object (woman) to show off to the world. It really is the one percenter problems in the world.

    • Agree! Running with a fast crowd who seem to be in it for the good times. Very sad though. Don’t understand why he did it.

    • I agree with Jo, Bing got “caught out” twice spreading his sperm, resulting in 2 children.
      If he didn,t want kids, he should have taken precautions. Why leave it up to the woman
      In the relationship?

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