New UK government – getting lost in a Neptunian fog


Theresa May’s new government was kicked off just after 12.30pm on June 9th with an exact Full Moon square Neptune conjunct the Descendant, which is hardly auspicious – impractical, disorganised, lacking will-power, a tendency to give up or give in too easily rather than meet problems head-on, prone to self-deception, lacking in commitment to alliances (or unreliable partners).

To some degree that weakness may be strengthened by the Saturn conjunct Moon opposition Sun, which is the driving rod of a Fire Grand Trine of Node trine Saturn trine Uranus. But it looks all muddle, guddle and panic frankly. With an unhappy populace given Saturn in the 4th.

There will be activity in fits and starts with an ambitious (and bossy) 10th house Mars; and a forcefully confident, grandstanding 5th house Pluto square Jupiter – but it’s all very disjointed. And will, in the short term, lead to toxic disagreements as tr Mars moves to oppose Pluto on July 2nd and then square Uranus on July 18th. Plus tr Neptune will square the midheaven along the way of this year and next, depending on the exact agreement time, which is undermining.

She’s now hauled Michael Gove, a definite Brexiter, into her Cabinet, presumably with an eye towards inclusiveness, and to keep a dangerous rival off the backbenches. But there’s no way any cohesion is going to be achieved with such a split cabinet – the Scots Tories don’t want out of the single market, the DUP want an open border with the south, Philip Hammond has acute worries about the economic effects of a hard Brexit etc etc. Her relationship with Gove is angry and blocked from mid July to early Sept, and late October/November this year.

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  1. Marjorie current events have very strong echoes of what was going on in the UK from 1973 through to 1975 when there was a major economic crisis, much uncertainty over the relationship with Europe, frequent terrorist outrages, a Prime Minister calling an early snap election in search of public backing over a major issue only to receive a rebuff at the polls and a minority government struggling through part of it trying to hold things together. Do the astrological charts for the two periods have anything in common because what is happening now is certainly stirring my memories of that time ?

  2. This close of polls is a fascinating chart, considering the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of everyone turning 50ish around now. That conjunction at 18deg Virgo activates the grand cross on the angles in mutable signs. That to me augurs a very volatile situation that is at the mercy of strong unconscious energies. The Moon, the public, is sitting at the nadir, so are the public’s concerns going to be overshadowed by pure politics? If you can get a hold of the dark Plutonian energies, then they can work in your favour… Pluto trine Pluto of the sixties conjunction generation. Neptune is also sitting on the Saturn of the same sixties generation. There’s a depth here if anyone is game to go looking for it. The rationality, energy and ego, seems to be a bit tight and rigid if the deeper power is not acknowledged. Flexibility would seem to be a key asset here and what is Jupiter going to increase?

  3. Thanks Marjorie does May’s own chart chime or jar with this one? Is there a synchronicity, can that be discerned?

    Some talk that the appointment of the appalling Gove was engineered by his mentor Rupert Murdoch. I guess having one of his own Herberts in cabinet will be a useful conduit for Murdoch. As a behind the scenes major string puller in uk affairs I wonder how RM feels about May’s dreadful performance at the GE?

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